World Entrepreneurs Day 2023: Endeavoring to Propel Growth to Create A Better World

World Entrepreneurs Day 2023: Endeavoring to Propel Growth to Create A Better World

Why is the development across the globe so prolific today? Is it the ideation that is doing all the magic or something more is there to it?

Well, in this increasingly advancing world, where economies have profusely globalized and the growth is extensive across industries, we owe it all to the significant entrepreneurs and leaders who are leading the headway to better world with great business and its expansion. Entrepreneurs have a great hand in spurring the evolution and transforming the industry sectors now, sensing and seizing opportunities, recognizing new markets, and leading through innovation and proper market & audience tapping. There are many entrepreneurs whom we celebrate and applaud for their dynamism and cognitive thinking for required and needed contribution in world’s realistic development.

“Entrepreneurs in India are never far behind when it comes to building a start-up ecosystem driven technology. India has witnessed a surge of pioneering ventures that harness the power of GenAI to reshape industries across the spectrum. These visionary entrepreneurs are not only harnessing cutting-edge technology but are also enabling a culture of innovation that leverages India’s rich pool of talent, and diverse perspectives. The focus of Indian entrepreneurs on GenAI highlight their ability to not only adapt, but lead in the global AI revolution, forging a future where this technology becomes an integral part of economic growth offering democratised solutions and enabling access to every person.

According to a study by NASSCOM, as of May 2023, the Indian Generative AI landscape had more than 60 start-ups dedicated to offering solutions and services to customers across various industry verticals. More than $590 million in funding has already flown into this space, with 2022 being the year with the heaviest funding inflow.

India’s GenAI entrepreneurs stand as torchbearers of innovation, spearheading initiatives that blur the boundaries between human creativity and machine intelligence. As they navigate the intricate landscape of AI ethics, data privacy and responsible innovation, they lay the foundation for a new wave of economic prosperity, where AI augments human capabilities and unleashes previously untapped possibilities”, shares Jaspreet Bindra, Founder-MD, Tech Whisperer Ltd.

“We wholeheartedly applaud the courage and dedication of each and every entrepreneur who accepts risk and embraces optimism in the face of uncertainty – becoming powerful and proud contributors to the India growth story”, shares Rajesh Uttamchandani, Director, Syska Group.

“World Entrepreneurs’ Day is a golden opportunity to acknowledge and honour entrepreneurs across the globe. It recognizes their tremendous dedication as they work tirelessly to build their ventures. At GOVO, a brand propelled by young and inventive minds, we keep the spirit of entrepreneurship alive through consistently striving for excellence and exploring new domains. As a challenger in the audio tech space, developing innovative solutions reshaping the sector, we feel a sense of kinship with the courageous disruptors and risk-takers who are enriching the entrepreneurial landscape. We wholeheartedly applaud and celebrate the immense contribution of entrepreneurs towards shaping a prosperous future for us all”, Piyush Jalan, Co-Founder & COO, GOVO.

“Entrepreneurship isn’t just a label, it’s a commitment to creating a brighter future. On this Entrepreneur’s Day, I proudly embrace my role as an innovator and change-maker. Aarika Innovations’ journey is a shining example of the endless possibilities that entrepreneurship offers. Through cutting-edge technology, we’ve crafted customized safety solutions, providing a secure haven for employees across different industries. Our team’s unwavering determination drives our fearless pursuit of innovation. As we celebrate, let’s remember that every venture starts with a bold idea. In a world full of challenges, entrepreneurs remain fearless and driven by a transformative vision”, shares Swayam Agrawal, Founder & CEO, Aarika Innovations.

She adds, “Let’s recognize the strength, enthusiasm, and dedication that reshape industries as we embrace the entrepreneurial spirit. Today, we honor not just individuals but also the driving force that propels humanity ahead. Happy Entrepreneur’s Day to all dreamers and creators! Let’s keep sparking change”!

“Entrepreneurship is a way of life. You wake up every day to solve a problem – a problem you feel for and want to solve by constantly imagining a world without it. Once you are an entrepreneur, you will keep chasing problems because that’s who you are. DrinkPrime was started to solve a problem – the lack of hassle-free and affordable access to safe drinking water in the country. It has been seven years since Manas (Co-founder & COO, DrinkPrime) and I started on this journey and now we have more than one lakh people trusting us for their daily drinking water. We envision a world where access to safe drinking water, which is a fundamental right, is not a problem”, says Vijender Reddy Muthyala, Co-Founder & CEO, DrinkPrime.

“Embracing challenges, chasing dreams, and driving innovation – that’s what being an entrepreneur is all about. Today, we celebrate the relentless spirit that fuels startups and businesses worldwide. Our journey at Dhiway has been fueled by innovation, determination, and a vision to empower the digital ecosystem with absolute certainty and assurance. To every dreamer daring to disrupt, every innovator igniting change – your resilience drives progress. Let’s keep pushing boundaries, embracing challenges, and shaping a future where possibilities are limitless”, shares Sreevidya Satish, Co-Founder & VP Operations, Dhiway.

“Let’s commemorate World Entrepreneurs’ Day by paying tribute to the trailblazing businesspeople who in addition to their extraordinary success have encouraged us to dream big, take calculated chances, and challenge the status quo. India is a pioneer in the technology industry, with the experiences of innovative leaders serving as role models. The pioneers represent the entrepreneurial spirit, paving the way for a brighter future not only for India but for global technology breakthroughs”, shares Dhruv Agarwal, Co-Founder, Easydesq and Doctor Insta.

“Entrepreneurs are the architects of innovation, shaping the future with their visionary pursuits. On World Entrepreneur’s Day, let’s celebrate their unwavering spirit, resilience, and transformative impact on the world. Keep dreaming, keep building!”, asserts Mohammed Saleem, Founder & Chairman of Trescon.

On this Entrepreneur Day, I am feeling proud to be an innovator and founder of Uplifters, which provides students with a platform to advance their professional skills and job opportunities to start their careers. The journey of the Uplifters is a result of my passion and ingenuity towards society, which I always wanted to repay in some way. Entrepreneurship is not just a job title; it’s a promise to create a better tomorrow, and that’s what I want to do through Uplifters. Entrepreneurs are strong in the face of challenges because their motivation comes from a creative dream, and World Entrepreneur Day marks the celebration of audacious dreams. To all the pioneers and dreamers, Happy Entrepreneur Day! Let’s Bring Light!”, says Umang Sangal, Founder, Uplifters.

“On this World Entrepreneur Day, I proudly step into the realm of possibilities of Innovations and Inventions. Our journey echoes the boundless opportunities that entrepreneurship unfolds. Through cutting-edge technology and unwavering commitment, we’ve woven an automotive aftermarket ecosystem that redefines vehicle service dynamics. Entrepreneurship is full of challenges and opportunities which give a chance to us to make a contribution to society. It’s a dedication that crafts a future illuminated by our vision. Our team’s energy fuels our quest for ground-breaking ideas and pushes us in the direction of an innovative horizon. Let’s inscribe this fact in our hearts as we begin today’s celebration- every great endeavor begins with a bold dream. Reshaping an industry starts from the courageous, decisive, and unyielding spirits, as we honor the very essence of entrepreneurship. On this occasion, we acknowledge not just individuals, but the force that propels humanity toward progress. To all who dream and dare, Happy Entrepreneur’s Day. Together, let’s spark a conflagration of change!”, shares Amit Kumar, CEO & Co-Founder, RAMP Global.

“On this special day, Tezos India would like to thank all the blockchain believers for their constant innovation and path breaking Dapps (decentralized apps) on Tezos Blockchain. Our 75000+ strong community is an astounding statement of successful blockchain adoption in India.  I am proud to be an entrepreneur, and I am inspired by the work of other entrepreneurs who are using blockchain technology to make a difference. Tezos India is committed to nurturing the next generation of ‘Block preneurs’ who will use this technology to solve real-world problems and build a more equitable and sustainable world. We believe that India has the potential to be a global leader in blockchain innovation. We are excited to be a part of this journey and to help make India the center of block chain innovation”, avers Om Malviya, President, Tezos India.

“An entrepreneur creates something valuable from nothing. It’s about the courage to take risks and the determination to achieve their business goals. I want to celebrate the entrepreneurs who are changing the world with their Blockchain and digital asset ventures. Even during the funding winter, Web3 entrepreneurs kept going by cutting operational costs some of them going to the extent of letting go their salaries just to keep their company alive. The Startup India program has been instrumental in creating a fertile startup ecosystem in India where great ideas are nurtured and turned into global businesses. The new breed of Web3 entrepreneurs is using cutting-edge technology to solve real-world problems and create new opportunities for young talents. I admire entrepreneurs who are deploying digital assets and blockchain tech to deliver financial services to the unbanked population around the world. Entrepreneurs need the support of regulatory authorities and the establishment to turn their ideas into reality and we are hopeful that the upcoming G20 meet will engage in a constructive dialogue around policy framework for digital assets”, says Shivam Thakral, CEO, BuyUcoin.

“Today, on World Entrepreneurs’ Day, I am filled with gratitude for the journey that we’ve embarked on in Hybrid Shifting. Our vision was to revolutionize and empower the packing and moving industry, and through relentless innovation, we have succeeded in bringing technology and efficiency to the forefront. Blending B2C and B2B services, we have not only relocated belongings, but also transformed experiences.

At Hybrid Shifting, we dared to challenge conventions, embracing the uncharted territories of technological advancement in a traditional sector. Our success is a testament to the unwavering dedication of our team and the trust of our clients. As we celebrate entrepreneurship worldwide, let us remember that it’s not just about business; it’s about pushing boundaries, fostering growth, and leaving an indelible mark on industries. With each relocation, we are not just moving items; we are moving towards a future where innovation knows no bounds”, shares Rahul Pillai, Founder & CEO, Hybrid Shifting.

“On this World Entrepreneurship Day, let us recognize the immense potential that resides within our dynamic youth. Along with positive government policies & TiE Bangalore’s mission of fostering entrepreneurship, it’s time to accelerate a nurturing ecosystem where this youth potential can thrive and flourish. India, with its distinction as the world’s top three startup economy, stands a testament to the prowess of our entrepreneurs.  

Today, as we celebrate their determined spirit, let us reaffirm our resolute commitment to empower, uplift, and propel them towards success. Entrepreneurs in India are destined to be the driving force and the engine that propels our nation forward”, shares Madan Padaki, President, TiE Bangalore.

“An entrepreneur is always only as good as the team he builds. In my perspective, the process of building is best at work, when the tide is low and you are thrown off guard, which often happens in any business. Like most businesses, we innovated the best during COVID. We have been growing very fast thanks to the growth spurt in the ecommerce industry. I just feel great that the pack at ODN today is leading the game when it comes to e-Commerce content. In an industry that’s so dynamic, it’s a great game to play, though not an easy one. Let’s keep up!”, asserts Narinder Mahajan, CEO & Co-Founder, Open Doors Now (ODN)

“Entrepreneurship is a higher calling. It is about moving society forward. From the time of the explorers to more recent entrepreneurs such as Frederic Tudor, who laid the foundation for using temperature control for food storage, to Edison, to Westinghouse, to our own Jamsetji Tata and Dhirubhai Ambani, entrepreneurs have sought out persistent problems that were keeping society from advancing. It is time the new generation of entrepreneurs take on the issues of climate change, income inequity and other problems that are holding back the advancement of society. We owe it to the future generations of entrepreneurs!”,  says Jeby Cherian, Chairman & COO, Blubirch.

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