What Students Are Saying About Lowering the Voting Age

What Students Are Saying About Lowering the Voting Age

I would argue that no, the voting age shouldn’t be extended to sixteen, due to the necessary teenage development that takes place between the ages sixteen and eighteen. Being a teenager of age seventeen, a teenager who would gain the right to vote should the age threshold be lowered, I have witnessed firsthand the actions of my friends and classmates — actions which unfortunately, I don’t think leaves my class deserving of such a privilege. Just yet. The voting age of eighteen allows time for students to start thinking for themselves, to start becoming more independent and to start acting more like adults. Even just two years earlier, the immaturity of people around this age is astonishing. Biologically, teenagers need the time to develop into more mature adults. In other words, why mess with a system that already works? There are plenty of other ways to get young members of society used to political science; testing our already very delicate democracy with rowdy teenagers is not the way to go about doing so.

Bennett, Glenbard West High School, Glen Ellyn, IL

I personally do not agree with having the legal voting age lowered to 16. I say this because we are in a world where so much information and where young people such as myself have so much information, whether it’s true or false, is thrown at them from social media apps … Voting is a very powerful and important thing that I’m not sure most people younger than 18 are capable of.

Mason, Pennsylvania

As a 16 year old, I stand by the idea that my peers should not be allowed to vote, especially in presidential elections. While it is very important for youth to have a voice on issues that concern them, we are more likely to be pressured by our peers into having a specific view on any political or social aspect. This can be said especially for students voting in school board elections. Students are more likely to base their vote off the portrayed freedom they may receive rather than the true educational aspect, whereas adults who are either running for a position or voting are truly concerned with the child’s education, and have had more experiences than the youth that can shape their mind to help form a proper decision.

Hannah, Cumberland Polytechnic High School, NC

No, the voting age should not be lowered because 16 year olds are influenced by the media very easily. Once the media has made up their mind and something starts trending, everyone will want to do the same. For example a rumor happened that Kanye West was going to run for president and many teens were willingly going to vote for him as a joke. I don’t think they are mature enough to realize how important those types of things really are. It’s all jokes and games until they vote somebody for totally not fit to be our president.

Jeanelle, Valley Stream, NY

Voting is something that is serious, because it can change the world you live in. In my opinion, I think the age of voting should be around 20-21. I think this because when you are older, this decision will apply to you more. When someone votes to choose a new president, it applies to older people, not so much to 16 year olds.

J.R., Vanden High School

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