Washougal honors community’s Hometown Heroes

Washougal honors community’s Hometown Heroes

Steinbronn added that the award-winners were nominated by their peers.

“But I know that there’s a lot of good work that goes on every day,” Steinbronn said.

Washougal City Manager David Scott, along with Stuebe and Jewell, gave kudos to members of the City’s art, salary, planning and civil service commissions; parks and cemetery, and lodging tax advisory boards; ReFuel Washougal; the Camas-Washougal Salvation Army; Unite! Washougal Community Coalition; East County Citizens Alliance; Washougal Senior Association; Washougal Business Association; and Meals on Wheels People.

“These are heroes of the city,” Stuebe said. “We cannot run the city without these people. These are people that just volunteer and really care about our city. They’re why our city prospers. We have so many groups that do so much.”

The City leaders also praised the efforts of Washougal School District students Abril O’Brien, Angel Plaza, Hannah Arnold, Jacob Larzalere, Charlotte Cardona, Laura Perez, Emily Monroy-Perez, Daniel Wood, Duke Bachelder, Hunter Racliffe, and Xavier Pineda-Gutierrez, who assisted with City events in 2023.

“Our Christmas parade is getting bigger and bigger and bigger, and we needed people to man the parade route, and the school district really stepped up to help us,” Jewell said. “They’ve also helped us with serving hot dogs at the ‘Hello! Spring’ event.

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