Turkish institute eyes expansion of film ties with Iran

Turkish institute eyes expansion of film ties with Iran

TEHRAN- In an effort to develop cultural and cinematic exchanges between Iran and Turkey, the Turkish Yunus Emre Institute in Tehran, has set its sights on promoting joint activities and co-productions in the film industry.

In an interview with IRNA on Sunday, the institution’s director, Ibrahim Furkan Ozdemir, highlighted the importance of strengthening ties between Turkish and Iranian filmmakers.

“We believe that joint activities and even co-productions between Iranian and Turkish cinemas should be expanded, and we intend to contribute to this by collaborating with the Iranian Youth Cinema Society,” he said. 

Established in over 65 countries and 100 cities worldwide, Yunus Emre Institute has been actively engaging in cultural and artistic activities with various institutions, he explained. 

In addition to promoting Turkish language education, the institution has also been organizing film festivals and workshops in Asia, Europe, and the Balkans, he added. 

The Turkish cultural institution has been collaborating with Iranian cultural activists for over 10 years, participating in various festivals and events in Iran and Turkey, he noted.

“Some of these events have taken place in Tehran, while others have been held in other cities like Kermanshah. These collaborations have often taken place within the framework of cooperation with the Iranian Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance and relevant cultural institutions.”

The institution’s recent workshop on virtual reality and artificial intelligence in Tehran was a major success, with Kenan Subaşı, a professor from Istanbul University, delivering a keynote speech on the impact of new technologies on cinema, he explained. 

In the near future, Yunus Emre Institute plans to host a short film festival in Iran and simultaneously host an Iranian short film festival in Turkey, he stated. 

“The institution aims to continue fostering cultural exchange between Turkish and Iranian filmmakers, believing that joint activities and co-productions can bring about a stronger bond between the two nations.”

According to Ozdemir, institutions like Yunus Emre play a crucial role in bridging the gap between Turkish and Iranian filmmakers. By providing a platform for cultural exchange and collaboration, these institutions can help create a sense of unity among filmmakers from different countries.



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