Turkic leaders commit to cultural preservation at Baku summit

Turkic leaders commit to cultural preservation at Baku summit

On April 30, leaders from Türkiye, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, and Kyrgyzstan convened in Baku for the Turkish Cultural Heritage Foundation Council Meeting.

Aktoti Raimkulova, President of the Turkish Culture and Heritage Foundation, hosted the event, which saw the participation of Azerbaijan’s Culture Minister Adil Kerimli, Kazakhstan’s Minister of Culture and Information Aida Balayeva, and Kyrgyzstan’s Deputy Minister of Culture, Information, Sports and Youth Policy, Cingiz Esengul Uulu.

Türkiye’s Deputy Minister of Culture and Tourism, Serdar Cam, along with Türkiye’s Ambassador to Baku, Cahit Bagci, also joined the meeting.

During the meeting, Raimkulova discussed the crucial role of the foundation in a world losing its cultural identities. She emphasized the foundation’s commitment, stating, “In a world where cultural identities are gradually being lost, our foundation’s role in preserving and promoting Turkish culture is more crucial than ever.”

Raimkulova further urged member countries of the Turkic States Organization (TDT) to unite based on their shared history, culture, and roots.

Minister Kerimli spoke about the foundation’s origins, initiated by Azerbaijan’s President Ilham Aliyev and backed by a joint decision of the TDT member country leaders. He pointed out the foundation’s primary goals, asserting, “Our main objective is to strengthen the unity among Turkic states and enhance the recognition of Turkish culture worldwide.”

Kerimli pledged continued support for the foundation, promising to “continue to support the Turkish Cultural Heritage Foundation to expand its activities and undertake significant projects that promote Turkish culture.”

Deputy Minister Cam affirmed Türkiye’s ongoing support for the foundation’s activities, emphasizing the foundation’s mission to safeguard and promote the heritage of the 300-million-strong Turkish world. “We are committed to enhancing the institutional capacity of the foundation and developing a bureaucratic system that meets certain standards,” said Cam.

Cam also linked the importance of cultural preservation to broader humanitarian goals, such as establishing peace and tranquility. He referenced recent struggles in the Black Sea and Mediterranean regions, stressing the Turkic world’s role in striving to end conflicts and relieve suffering.

The council also discussed the Turkish Cultural Heritage Foundation’s Activity Plan for 2024-2025 and the preparations for the Turkish Cultural Heritage Agreement.

Source: Newsroom

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