TIUA School of Business Honors of Distinction Celebration Weekend

TIUA School of Business Honors of Distinction Celebration Weekend

Dr. Brandi Harvey
Dr. Brandi Harvey

Atlanta, GA – June 6, 2024 – This past weekend, the picturesque Chateau Elan hosted an extraordinary event that left an indelible mark on all who attended. From May 31 to June 2, 2024, Trinity International University of Ambassadors Florida (TIUA) and TIUA School of Business celebrated the Honors of Distinction Weekend. This annual event, which honors outstanding contributions in business, philanthropy, community, and ministry, held special significance this year as it marked the 10th anniversary of Dr. Jacqueline Mohair’s visionary leadership.

A Decade of Honor and Inspiration

Under Dr. Jacqueline Mohair’s transformative guidance, the Honors of Distinction Weekend has grown into a prestigious celebration that embodies TIUA’s core principles rooted in the Trinity: the Father, the Son, and the Holy Ghost. Her unwavering commitment to spiritual depth and purpose has cultivated an environment where individuals can grow and empower others. Over the past decade, Dr. Mohair has dedicated herself to honoring those who make a difference, creating a ripple effect of positive change.

Honoring Icons and Trailblazers

This year’s honorees included a remarkable group of individuals who have made significant impacts in their respective fields:

  • Tameka “Tiny” Harris, a multifaceted talent in the music industry, was recognized for her achievements as an artist, songwriter, and television personality.
  • Brandi Harvey, known for her work in health and wellness, was honored for empowering individuals to lead healthier lives.
  • Kinnik Sky, an accomplished actress and singer, was celebrated for her dedication to the arts and her inspiring journey.
  • Jackie “International Boxing Hall of Fame” Kallen, a trailblazer in the world of boxing management, was recognized for breaking barriers and setting new standards.
  • Regina Love, celebrated for her powerful voice and contributions to the music industry, moved the audience with her talent.
  • Darwin Hobbs, a renowned gospel singer, whose music and ministry touched hearts, was honored for his spiritual contributions.
  • Christal Jordan Jennings, a publicist and media expert, was recognized for her impactful work in communications.
  • The Esteemed Graduating Class of 2024 was celebrated for their academic achievements and future potential, marking the culmination of their hard work and dedication.

Legacy of Civil Rights Leaders

TIUA has a proud history of honoring civil rights icons whose legacies continue to inspire. Previous honorees include the Late Rev. Dr. C.T. Vivian, Late Congressman Dr. John Lewis, Late Dr. Joseph Lowery, Late Dr. Rita Samuels, and the Late Dr. Juanita Abernathy. These leaders’ unwavering commitment to justice and equality resonates deeply with TIUA’s mission.

Empowering Through Education

TIUA’s holistic approach to education focuses on spiritual and professional empowerment. Offering globally accredited programs in biblical studies and supporting grassroots businesses, TIUA equips individuals with the knowledge and resources to thrive. One notable initiative, the Trinity Girls Network, empowers young girls in the United States and Zambia by fostering their entrepreneurial spirit and building sustainable futures.

Looking Ahead

The Honors of Distinction Weekend not only celebrated past achievements but also served as a beacon of future aspirations. Attendees were inspired by the stories of perseverance and triumph, and they connected deeply with TIUA’s mission and vision for the future.

For more information about TIUA’s programs and future events, please visit www.trinitybusiness.org or contact [email protected].

About TIUA

Trinity International University of Ambassadors Florida (TIUA) is dedicated to holistic education, integrating spiritual and professional development. Under the leadership of Dr. Jacqueline Mohair, TIUA continues to empower individuals and communities through education, advocacy, and support.

The Honors of Distinction Weekend was an inspiring and transformative experience, celebrating a decade of excellence and looking forward to a future filled with hope and determination.