Team of McDonald’s staff collect 48 bags of litter to protect environment

Team of McDonald’s staff collect 48 bags of litter to protect environment

A group of 10 crew members from the Dudley Street and Penn Road McDonald’s restaurants came together to volunteer their time for a clean-up around Wolverhampton.

Franchise owner Ash Raju, who worked his way up from the fry station to running restaurants across the nation, said: “The litter pick event saw an impressive 48 bags of litter collected, with several crew members collecting 5 bags each. I have a strong passion for protecting the Wolverhampton environment.”

Picking litter in a McHurry

He added: “McDonald’s is tackling litter in local communities, both by litter picking and reducing the amount of waste its restaurants produce. The brand was the first restaurant company to introduce litter patrols in the UK in 1982, and its franchisees and employees have cleaned up irresponsible discarded litter dropped in towns and cities across the country for over 40 years. Crews across the UK cover a total of 5,000 miles each week on litter patrols, collecting all litter, not just McDonald’s packaging. This equates to 260,000 miles, or the distance from Earth to the Moon.”

The Lea Road restaurant reopened in March after a major refurbishment and redesign.

Ash added: “Since re-opening the McDonald’s at Lea Road the response from Customers and the Crew and Management Team has been incredibly positive. The restaurant looks stunning and is getting and the transformation has relieved the traffic pressure on and off the site.”

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