Social Service Advanced Individuals Honored in Shanxi

Social Service Advanced Individuals Honored in Shanxi

Two Christian leaders from Shanxi Province were invited to attend the commendation meeting for advanced individuals in social service at Yuncheng Municipal CC&TSPM.

A total of 10 believers in Yuncheng City were commended on April 25, as they have made contributions to rural revitalization or social services, reported CCC&TSPM. Among them, some women leaders have helped nearly a hundred women become wealthy by selling local specialties on the Internet. A young Qin musician has taught and funded apprentices to establish new shops, from site selection to opening. A person in charge of the elderly care company has cared for the elderly for more than ten years without changing their original intentions. A calligrapher who has been engaged in calligraphy writing for more than 60 years passes on traditional culture by promoting calligraphy. A director of a nursing home has been dedicated to serving the elderly for more than a decade.

Jin Yuting, executive vice-chairman of the provincial CC&TSPM, presented them with certificates of honor, stating that these individuals have made good testimonies to help develop Christianity in the Chinese context and that the recognition meeting was the first of its kind for Christians in the province.

After the meeting, a research team inspected the reconstruction and functional layout of the Hengshui Church in Jiang County. Damaged and collapsed during the flood disaster in 2021, the church is currently being rebuilt with the help of other churches and local staff.

– Translated by Abigail Wu

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