Serhiis Quest: New Tech Bolsters Ukraines Cultural Preservation

Serhiis Quest: New Tech Bolsters Ukraines Cultural Preservation

Practical Workshops: A Crucial Learning Tool

One of the significant elements of Serhii’s professional development has been his participation in the UNOSAT training programme and the practical workshop at the end of the training week. The practical workshop was designed around a practical exercise to try out the theoretical knowledge learned during the training. Serhii emphasised the utility of this hands-on exercise, noting that it gave him a deeper understanding of the tools and techniques essential for his work.

The UNOSAT training programme facilitated not only the acquisition of new skills but also the practical application of these skills in real-world scenarios. For instance, during the workshops, Serhii learned to integrate various data sources into GIS, conduct spatial analysis, and generate detailed reports that inform decision-making processes. This practical approach helped him to internalise the learning and apply it directly to his projects, thereby improving the efficiency and effectiveness of his work.

Collaboration with the Ministry of Culture

Another aspect of Serhii’s work is his collaboration with Ukraine’s Ministry of Culture. This collaboration is essential for the protection and preservation of the country’s cultural heritage, especially in the face of ongoing conflict and destruction. Serhii’s role involves close coordination with the Ministry of Culture to ensure that cultural sites are identified, documented, and preserved.

Moreover, Serhii plays a key role in communicating with international partners and stakeholders. He explains the impact of preservation projects and the necessity for funding the necessary equipment.

By effectively explaining my work and its impact to donors, I help ensure that vital preservation efforts continue, he said.

This communication is crucial for securing the financial support needed to sustain preservation activities.

Continuous Learning, Adaptation, and Advocacy

When asked about future training opportunities, Serhii expressed an openness to exploring new technologies and tools. “I’m always looking for new technologies and new tools.” His response underscores a commitment to continuous learning, which is essential in a rapidly evolving field like cultural heritage preservation. He also acknowledged the potential benefits of follow-up courses that could provide deeper dives into specific applications relevant to his work.

Serhii would also recommend such courses to his colleagues, particularly those in surveyor roles. “I would recommend they become aware of this kind of training. It could help them collaborate with different actors.” He believes that the awareness and skills gained from these programmes are invaluable for effective collaboration and project execution.

Serhii’s Impact on Cultural Heritage Preservation

Serhii’s story is a testament to the resilience and adaptability of professionals working in challenging environments. Through his dedication to learning and collaboration, he is playing a vital role in preserving Ukraine’s cultural heritage. His journey from mastering GIS tools to effectively communicating with international donors illustrates the multifaceted nature of his work and its profound impact on cultural preservation efforts.

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