School board candidate Owen-Michaane seeks reelection to ensure ‘our district can continue to focus on high academic achievement for every student’ – Pelham Examiner

School board candidate Owen-Michaane seeks reelection to ensure ‘our district can continue to focus on high academic achievement for every student’ – Pelham Examiner

Editor’s note: This candidate statement was provided by Pelham Board of Education Trustee Dr. Michael Owen-Michaane, who is seeking reelection. The Pelham Examiner publishes statements in the form received as a service to the community.

Dear Pelham friends and neighbors:

You elected me three years ago to focus on education and deliver high academic achievement for every student. It has been my honor to serve as your School Board President. I’m excited to share our accomplishments and my vision for Pelham’s educational future. 

Three years ago, I joined the School Board not only as a concerned citizen, but as a parent worried about the effects of the pandemic on my kids’ education. My daughter Abigail was entering first grade then, struggling with her reading and math. Her challenges sparked my commitment not only to her success, but to the success of every student in Pelham. Today, Abby is a thriving third grader, nicknamed “Abby Einstein” by her friends for her newfound strength in math—a testament to what our schools can achieve with the right focus and resources. I am eternally grateful to her teachers. 

Following the pandemic, to guarantee high academic achievement for every student, we added more reading and math interventionists in the elementary schools and middle school and established drop-in math tutoring in the middle school and high school, which helped Pelham students not only to catch up, but to excel. 

Our work, however, is far from over. My vision for the future focuses on five key areas: 

  1. High Academic Achievement for Every Student: As a father of five, I understand that each child has unique learning needs. We will continue to push for high academic achievement across all disciplines—be it in STEM, the arts and humanities, as well as athletics and other extracurriculars. I will always be a strong supporter of Special Education.
  2. Modernizing Facilities: We are finishing a long-term facilities plan, to address cafeteria space in the high school, improve accessibility, and add necessary amenities like air conditioning. Having visited every cellar, boiler room, and nook and cranny of every school, served on the Facilities Committee, and reviewed the detailed recommendations from the District Architect, I have the knowledge and experience to begin the hard work of implementing this plan.
  3. Strategic Planning: We are on the cusp of finalizing a five-year strategic plan that promises to set new benchmarks for high academic achievement for every student. Your support will ensure continuity and stability as we turn these plans into action. 
  4. Financial Prudence: With experience in overseeing three 90-million-dollar tax-cap compliant district budgets, I am committed to upholding fiscal responsibility to sustain the high quality programs and hire and retain the best teachers for your kids. 
  5. Health and Wellness: Leveraging my background as a physician, I will advocate for the best health and wellness programs for all Pelham students because health is the foundation for both academic success and the happy lives we all want for our kids. 

Your continued support at the polls ensures that our district can continue to focus on high academic achievement for every student. With proven experience and a clear plan, I am prepared to keep steering our schools towards a future where every student has the support they need to succeed in all aspects of their education. 

Let’s maintain the momentum and ensure that our schools remain a beacon of excellence and a source of pride in our community. Thank you for your continued trust and support. 

Please VOTE for me, Michael Owen-Michaane, on May 21st in the Pelham Middle School Gym, because I will continue to work hard as your Board of Education trustee to deliver high academic achievement for every student. 


Michael Owen-Michaane, MD

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