Satisfaction Festival Unites International Talents, Showcases Kazakhstan’s Creative Industry 

Satisfaction Festival Unites International Talents, Showcases Kazakhstan’s Creative Industry 

ASTANA – Satisfaction open-air summer festival on July 15 attracted over 10,000 people from Kazakhstan, Central Asian countries and Europe, inviting top DJs and artists as headliners. 

John Newman at the Satisfaction Fest. Photo Credits Daniil Glotov.

Satisfaction festival, organized with the support of the Kazakh Tourism national company, is a distinctive open-air music event showcasing the talents of renowned international artists, including Adam Clay, DJ Reef, John Newman, and Minelli. Beyond the captivating musical performances, the event offered a gastronomic program, engaging competitions, and outdoor entertainment activities. 

Irina Kharitonova, director of the Creative Industries Development Department at Kazakh Tourism, said the festival provides a platform to showcase the ingenuity of domestic designers and craftspeople by exhibiting their products. 

She mentioned they anticipate creating a similar platform exclusively for Kazakh artists the following year. 

Adam Clay, Kazakh Tourism, organizers of Satisfaction Fest and Media at the press confernce. Photo credits: The Astana Times.

“I am delighted to witness the increasing quality of such events in Kazakhstan, providing an authentic experience for the audience. These well-received events are culturally and environmentally conscious, generating genuine interest from the public. As our society becomes more cultured and knowledgeable, our aspirations evolve towards more advanced and developed endeavors, developing creative industries,” Kharitonova told a press conference in the run-up to the festival. 

The press conference with Adam Clay. Photo Creadits:

Kharitonova said the creative industries help unlock the creative potential of young talents and established artists, with skilled crafters playing a vital role. During the last festival in early June, Kharitonova personally came across a new jewelry brand inspired by the style of Pandora. The designers produce exceptional merchandise and products while studying and seeking inspiration.

Adam Clay, a renowned Barbadian-Italian singer, producer, DJ, and the mastermind behind numerous international hits, spoke about what attracted him to participate in the major festival in Astana and shared his prospects in the field of music. 

Adam Clay at the Satisfaction Fest. Photo credits: Daniil Glotov.

Clay told The Astana Times that the name of the festival caught his attention, referring to the positive energy it represents. Among other reasons, he mentioned that he had never visited Kazakhstan, and he felt fortunate that his music allowed him to travel and explore interesting destinations that he might not have otherwise visited.

Addressing early career musicians, Clay emphasized the importance of conveying a positive message through their music. 

“In the world of problems, avoid listening and producing songs about negative things and violence. Your songs should help people to feel good and confront their problems,” said Clay.

Adam Clay. Photo credit: Arman Mustafin.

He stressed the need to approach music as a dedicated profession rather than a hobby. He added music “is not a hobby, it is hard work.”

“It is not only shining lights and concerts. It is constant education, learning music, going to vocal lessons, etc. It is full-time work. You can’t expect to be a successful artist if you take it as a hobby and work simultaneously,” said Clay. 

John Newman at the Satisfaction Fest. Photo credits Arman Mustafin.

The third edition of the Satisfaction festival will return to Astana on Aug. 13. 

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