Philanthropy in Focus: Leveraging Business Acumen to Address Significant Social Issues Like Housing Affordability

Philanthropy in Focus: Leveraging Business Acumen to Address Significant Social Issues Like Housing Affordability

Christian Gore worked in various private equity shops before founding his own firm in Dallas. One of the most important lessons he learned was to look forward, not backward. That’s why G1 Capital Partners uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to gather and analyze data for better clarity real estate investments.

AI technology brings up-to-the-minute data instead of metrics or content months or sometimes even years old. This strategic use of technology enables his firm to make informed decisions about where and why to invest. Christian Gore’s time working at some of the biggest companies showed him that too many firms are still mired in the past, using outdated data collection and analysis systems.

“To be honest, you would be surprised how outdated some systems are for large firms that are managing billions in real estate,” Gore explains. “We utilize data companies that are relatively new startups, which, I feel, give us an edge.”

AI analytics of the data Gore and his team have collected throughout Texas show that real estate supply is increasing. It’s common knowledge that an increase in supply lowers prices. Capital markets are changing rapidly, Gore points out, so even booming Texas is beginning to feel a pinch as budgets contract and layoffs occur in the tech industry in Austin.

Another important lesson Gore learned in his early years was the power of community. Housing real estate is a big focus in Texas these days, and affordable housing is a significant issue for the state, with Dallas, Austin, and San Antonio especially hit hard by real estate prices and housing supply. That’s why Christian came back to his home state and hometown.

“Dallas, or DFW, is feeling the painful effects of the strong housing demand, but there’s a lot of supply coming online,” Christian explains. “New apartments are being built, as is new industrial real estate. And, really, in the last five or so years, Dallas-Fort Worth has been the number one market in terms of building or real estate supply.”

Meanwhile, Austin’s situation is not as rosy as the technology jobs dry up, causing workers to be laid off and suddenly unable to afford their homes and apartments. However, Gore calls this mixed news because the tech jobs pushed up apartment rents in recent years due to the substantial influx of workers from out of state.

“We’re seeing the influence of the numerous tech workers significantly retract right now,” Christian points out. “So that’s interesting. Overall, it’s not doom and gloom for the real estate sector in Texas. But there are definitely some people who have a lot of work ahead of them. Many folks will be in asset management mode over the next couple of years.”

Gore and his team have developed plans to build more rental housing, both apartments and single-family homes for rent, that will be affordable and convenient to the people who need housing throughout Texas.

“We just recently launched a nonprofit called Homes for All Initiative in Dallas to facilitate these plans,” Christian says. “This nonprofit is relative to our business because it’s driven to provide effective and affordable housing to folks who currently cannot afford conventional housing.”

The nonprofit, which began in January, will primarily focus on the Southeast and surrounding states, but Gore says its focus will primarily be Texas.

Gore’s experience in other major markets working for large private equity firms taught him how to make money and showed him how to be successful in real estate. But it was Gore’s personal life, growing up in Dallas, playing sports, and watching the people around him, that demonstrated that when he can make a difference in his community, he should do it.

Now, Christian Gore merges his innate talent with the skills he learned throughout the deals and the years to do more than simply make money for himself to buy exotic cars or other luxury toys.

“You know, the passion that you have in your personal life is not necessarily just for personal gain; it’s also for giving back to your community and honoring your family, friends, and fellow citizens,” Gore says. “A healthy city needs sustainable housing growth, and I’m glad to have the resources and the team to help in this area.”

G1 Capital Partners’ strategies and innovative approaches to making housing more accessible and affordable involve technology-driven solutions and intelligent investment choices. Besides being the founder, Christian Gore is also a managing partner of this private capital firm specializing in multifamily and industrial real estate investments. Over the last cycle, Gore and his partners have handled transactions worth approximately $9.5 billion across the U.S.

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