Ohio University releases academic achievement lists for spring semester | Ohio News

Ohio University releases academic achievement lists for spring semester | Ohio News

ATHENS, Ohio — Ohio University is recognizing and celebrating the academic achievements of more than 9,500 students who qualified for the President’s, Provost’s or Dean’s Lists, across all of OHIO’s campuses, for spring semester 2024.

Here are Lawrence County students who made the cut, organized by city or town of residence.

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kAm|@CC:29 w@H2C5[ r@==686 @7 w62=E9 $4:6?46D 2?5 !C@76DD:@?Dk^Am

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kAmpC:2??2 $492FD[ r@==686 @7 w62=E9 $4:6?46D 2?5 !C@76DD:@?Dk^Am

kAm|2EE $96C:52?[ #FDD r@==686 @7 t?8:?66C:?8 2?5 %649?@=@8Jk^Am

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kAmpD9=:6 w@H2C5[ !2EE@? r@==686 @7 t5F42E:@?k^Am

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kAmw2??29 $2?D@>[ r@==686 @7 w62=E9 $4:6?46D 2?5 !C@76DD:@?Dk^Am

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kAmw2C=62 u:EKA2EC:4<[ r@==686 @7 qFD:?6DDk^Am

kAm$6C6?:EJ !9:==:AD[ r@==686 @7 w62=E9 $4:6?46D 2?5 !C@76DD:@?Dk^Am

kAmp?5C6H |65:?86C[ !2EE@? r@==686 @7 t5F42E:@?k^Am

kAm%C26 rC23EC66[ $4C:AAD r@==686 @7 r@>>F?:42E:@?k^Am

kAmp=6I $>:E9[ r@==686 @7 qFD:?6DDk^Am

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kAm~=:G:2 %24<6EE[ r@==686 @7 w62=E9 $4:6?46D 2?5 !C@76DD:@?Dk^Am

kAm#2496= wF?E[ !2EE@? r@==686 @7 t5F42E:@?k^Am

kAmr2DD:6 !6E6CD[ r@==686 @7 w62=E9 $4:6?46D 2?5 !C@76DD:@?Dk^Am


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kAmr256? w@H2C5[ r@==686 @7 w62=E9 $4:6?46D 2?5 !C@76DD:@?Dk^Am

kAm(256 qC@H?[ r@==686 @7 w62=E9 $4:6?46D 2?5 !C@76DD:@?Dk^Am

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kAmz6G:? !24:?9:<[ $4C:AAD r@==686 @7 r@>>F?:42E:@?k^Am

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kAm#J=66 v@F=5[ r@==686 @7 pCED 2?5 $4:6?46Dk^Am

kAm#2496= |:?@C[ !2EE@? r@==686 @7 t5F42E:@?k^Am

kAmy@46=J? (636C[ r@==686 @7 w62=E9 $4:6?46D 2?5 !C@76DD:@?Dk^Am

kAm%2E:2??2 $96==<@A7[ r@==686 @7 pCED 2?5 $4:6?46Dk^Am

kAmqC2=6J !@77[ &?:G6CD:EJ r@==686k^Am

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k9bm$~&%w !~x}%k^9bm

kAmr92D6 {J?5[ r@==686 @7 qFD:?6DDk^Am

kAmr2=63 tA=:@?[ r@==686 @7 w62=E9 $4:6?46D 2?5 !C@76DD:@?Dk^Am

kAmv2CC6EE {@@?6J[ r@==686 @7 w62=E9 $4:6?46D 2?5 !C@76DD:@?Dk^Am

kAms6DE:?J $>:E9[ r@==686 @7 w62=E9 $4:6?46D 2?5 !C@76DD:@?Dk^Am

kAmtC:? uF86EE[ r@==686 @7 w62=E9 $4:6?46D 2?5 !C@76DD:@?Dk^Am

kAmr9=@6 (2=E6C[ !2EE@? r@==686 @7 t5F42E:@?k^Am

kAmz2>: $2G:?@[ r@==686 @7 w62=E9 $4:6?46D 2?5 !C@76DD:@?Dk^Am

kAm$2C29 s6>AD6J[ r@==686 @7 w62=E9 $4:6?46D 2?5 !C@76DD:@?Dk^Am

kAm#6?66 |2C4F>[ !2EE@? r@==686 @7 t5F42E:@?k^Am

kAmy2<6 p52>D[ !2EE@? r@==686 @7 t5F42E:@?k^Am

kAmz2=63 (:=D@?[ !2EE@? r@==686 @7 t5F42E:@?k^Am

kAmr@==:? %924<6C[ r@==686 @7 pCED 2?5 $4:6?46Dk^Am

kAmp>66J2 y@9?D@?[ !2EE@? r@==686 @7 t5F42E:@?k^Am

kAm|2EE96H r2>A[ !2EE@? r@==686 @7 t5F42E:@?k^Am

kAmpFDE:? (636C[ &?:G6CD:EJ r@==686k^Am

kAmkDA2? 4=2DDlQAC:?E0EC:>Qm%9:D C64@8?:E:@? 😀 D92C65 H:E9 9:89\249:6G:?8[ A2CE\E:>6 F?56C8C25F2E6 DEF56?ED H9@ 6I6>A=:7J 24256>:4 DF446DD]k^DA2?m”F2=:7J:?8 DEF56?ED >FDE A@DD6DD 2 b]d @C 8C62E6C v!p 2?5 36EH66? e 2?5 “]hh 4C65:E 9@FCD 2EE6>AE65 7@C =6EE6C 8C256D FD65 E@ 42=4F=2E6 v!p]k^Am


kAmz2EJ q6==[ &?:G6CD:EJ r@==686k^Am

kAmp33J uCJ6[ r@==686 @7 w62=E9 $4:6?46D 2?5 !C@76DD:@?Dk^Am

kAmqC@@<=J? |4r@>2D[ &?:G6CD:EJ r@==686k^Am

kAmp?86= wF?5=6J[ &?:G6CD:EJ r@==686k^Am

kAmr646 s2G:D[ r@==686 @7 w62=E9 $4:6?46D 2?5 !C@76DD:@?Dk^Am

kAm}2E6 !2EE6CD@?[ &?:G6CD:EJ r@==686k^Am

kAmxD224 %9@>AD@?[ &?:G6CD:EJ r@==686k^Am

kAmyF529 $:=<[ &?:G6CD:EJ r@==686k^Am

kAm#2496= |2DD:6[ &?:G6CD:EJ r@==686k^Am

kAm$A6?46C (C:89E[ &?:G6CD:EJ r@==686k^Am

kAmx2? y@9?D@?[ &?:G6CD:EJ r@==686k^Am

kAm#J=66 |4v=@?6[ &?:G6CD:EJ r@==686k^Am

kAmr2D6J |@@>2H[ &?:G6CD:EJ r@==686k^Am

kAmsC6H !=2?EK[ &?:G6CD:EJ r@==686k^Am

kAmr9=@6 %9@>AD@?[ &?:G6CD:EJ r@==686k^Am

kAm|24<:6 q6==@>J[ &?:G6CD:EJ r@==686k^Am

kAmy24@3 w2CC:D[ &?:G6CD:EJ r@==686k^Am

kAm{@82? s:2>@?5[ &?:G6CD:EJ r@==686k^Am

kAmz2J=2 #@36CED[ &?:G6CD:EJ r@==686k^Am

kAm|252=J? uCJ[ &?:G6CD:EJ r@==686k^Am

k9bmr~p{ v#~’tk^9bm

kAmy@ |255J[ r@==686 @7 w62=E9 $4:6?46D 2?5 !C@76DD:@?Dk^Am

kAmy6??2 {F42D[ &?:G6CD:EJ r@==686k^Am


kAm$2C29 (2E<:?D[ r@==686 @7 w62=E9 $4:6?46D 2?5 !C@76DD:@?Dk^Am

kAmpD9=6J ~D3@C?6[ !2EE@? r@==686 @7 t5F42E:@?k^Am

kAmt>:=J r9C:DE:2?[ !2EE@? r@==686 @7 t5F42E:@?k^Am

kAmqC@4< |:5<:77[ r@==686 @7 w62=E9 $4:6?46D 2?5 !C@76DD:@?Dk^Am

kAmp=JDD:2 #@H6[ r@==686 @7 w62=E9 $4:6?46D 2?5 !C@76DD:@?Dk^Am

kAm{6I: pC?6EE[ r@==686 @7 pCED 2?5 $4:6?46Dk^Am

kAm!2:86 q6DE[ &?:G6CD:EJ r@==686k^Am

kAmp??:<2 |4r@H?[ &?:G6CD:EJ r@==686k^Am

kAm|2C=6?2 |4r@H?[ &?:G6CD:EJ r@==686k^Am

kAmy@D:6 z:55[ &?:G6CD:EJ r@==686k^Am

kAmqC25J |65:?86C[ &?:G6CD:EJ r@==686k^Am

kAmt=: u@C5[ &?:G6CD:EJ r@==686k^Am

kAm|2EE@I !6CCJ[ &?:G6CD:EJ r@==686k^Am

kAmy24< {2>36CE[ &?:G6CD:EJ r@==686k^Am

kAmz6??65: vC66?6[ &?:G6CD:EJ r@==686k^Am

kAmqCJD@? qFC492>[ &?:G6CD:EJ r@==686k^Am

kAmq6==2 $@C3:==:[ &?:G6CD:EJ r@==686k^Am

kAmz2:E=J? (:==:2>D[ &?:G6CD:EJ r@==686k^Am

kAmp33:6 s665D[ &?:G6CD:EJ r@==686k^Am

kAmtG2? q2=6DEC2[ &?:G6CD:EJ r@==686k^Am

kAm%C:?:EJ |2DD6J[ &?:G6CD:EJ r@==686k^Am

kAm{@?5J? w2?6J[ &?:G6CD:EJ r@==686k^Am

kAm|2D@? (966=6C[ &?:G6CD:EJ r@==686k^Am

kAmt>6CD@? (9:E6[ &?:G6CD:EJ r@==686k^Am

k9bmzx%%$ wx{{k^9bm

kAm| wF?E[ &?:G6CD:EJ r@==686k^Am

kAmpD9E@? $>:E9[ &?:G6CD:EJ r@==686k^Am

kAm~=:G:2 ~=56C92>[ &?:G6CD:EJ r@==686k^Am


kAmqC2?5@? |62=6J[ r@==686 @7 w62=E9 $4:6?46D 2?5 !C@76DD:@?Dk^Am

kAmw2??29 |@@C6[ r@==686 @7 qFD:?6DDk^Am

kAm#J=66 v2==@H2J[ r@==686 @7 qFD:?6DDk^Am

kAmtG2? z:?8[ &?:G6CD:EJ r@==686k^Am

kAmr2CE6C r@==:?D[ &?:G6CD:EJ r@==686k^Am

kAmqC@@<=J? (633[ &?:G6CD:EJ r@==686k^Am

k9bm$~&%w !~x}%k^9bm

kAmtE92? !C2E6C[ r@==686 @7 w62=E9 $4:6?46D 2?5 !C@76DD:@?Dk^Am

kAm%J=6C r2G:?[ !2EE@? r@==686 @7 t5F42E:@?k^Am

kAmy@D:6 w2CC:D@?[ r@==686 @7 qFD:?6DDk^Am

kAm{2FC2 w2>>[ &?:G6CD:EJ r@==686k^Am

kAmp==: #:55=6[ !2EE@? r@==686 @7 t5F42E:@?k^Am

kAmp=JD6 v:77:?[ r@==686 @7 qFD:?6DDk^Am

kAm~=:G:2 z:?8C6J[ &?:G6CD:EJ r@==686k^Am

kAmwF?E6C w@46G2C[ &?:G6CD:EJ r@==686k^Am

kAm}2E6 |:==D[ &?:G6CD:EJ r@==686k^Am

kAmw2?D {F42D[ &?:G6CD:EJ r@==686k^Am

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