Making the Most of Being a Triton

Making the Most of Being a Triton

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“Rather than being daunted by the difficulties and unfamiliarity, I viewed this opportunity as a chance for growth and self-development,” explained Wang. “Mistakes and challenges became my learning opportunities, which drove me to ask questions, express myself and absorb feedback from professors and peers. I also developed persistence, patience and a positive attitude.”

Growing up in a town close to the Korean Peninsula, Wang became interested in the cultural exchange and cooperation between China and Korea at a young age. This made Mannam, a GPS graduate student organization focused on Korea, the perfect group for Wang. She served as Mannam’s vice president for marketing and collaborated with other groups focused on China, Japan and Southeast Asia to host cultural and communication events. “The group provided me opportunities to talk with some elite Korean guests from both the economic and political worlds. I really gained a deeper understanding of Korea thanks to the comprehensive resources and faculty at GPS,” said Wang.

After graduation, Wang hopes to find a career that complements her knowledge in analytics or research. She also hopes to have more time for her interests, such as working with animals, decorating cakes and taking her Real Madrid soccer club fandom to new heights by learning more about Spanish language and culture. 

To sum up how she feels about graduating, Wang said, “I feel excited because from now on, my entire life will become more flexible and freer. I have a stronger and more determined heart, which means I can explore more about the world on my own bravely.”

Ricardo Altamirano, Master of Professional Accountancy

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