Maarif Foundation plays key role in ensuring equal educational opportunities: Erdoğan

Maarif Foundation plays key role in ensuring equal educational opportunities: Erdoğan


The Turkish Maarif Foundation plays an important role not only in eliminating the destruction caused by the FETÖ group but also in ensuring equal opportunities in education in the countries where it is located, President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan said on Nov. 25.

Erdoğan sent a video message to the “Istanbul Education Summit” organized by the Turkish Maarif Foundation in Istanbul.

Noting that he believes the summit, organized with the theme of “new trends and transformation in education,” will become an international platform where approaches and practices related to education will be discussed, Erdoğan thanked those who contributed to the summit.

He said that one of the institutions that successfully represent Turkey, the values ​​of the nation and universal principles beyond borders is the Turkish Maarif Foundation.

“Today, our foundation serves approximately 50,000 students with 414 educational institutions opened in 47 countries of six different continents. Members of the Turkish Maarif Foundation continue to work with great devotion and sincerity in the most troubled and challenging geographies of the world,” Erdoğan stated.

The Maarif schools have a share in the transformation and development of the world and the development of friendship by applying international education systems as well as local curricula, he said.

With these efforts, Turkey also contributes to the goals of quality education for sustainable development announced in the United Nations’ 2030 Vision Document, Erdoğan added.

The president also emphasized that the schools affiliated with the foundation have continued their education and training services uninterruptedly during the COVID-19 pandemic by taking advantage of the opportunities brought by technology.

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