Local Heroes Unite at Heroes Fest in Fresno – The Rampage Online

Local Heroes Unite at Heroes Fest in Fresno – The Rampage Online

A life-sized and operational “Back to the Future” car replica was on display at the Heroes Fest, an annual event hosted by a non-profit organization called Project Upon a Star, on Saturday, Sept. 30. It will be the last time the event will be held at Heroes Comic, which is set to close at the end of this year.

Heroes Fest featured 38 local vendors, musicians, and comic heroes like Superwoman, Batman, Wolverine, and Ghostbusters. The event also celebrated local heroes like Cal Fire and others.

Project Wish Upon a Star, is a Central Valley-based non-profit organization dedicated to making dreams come true for pediatric patients in California. This annual event will help provide funding to give patients and their families to experience LA Comic Con.

Darren B. Angelos, the founder of Project Wish Upon a Star, is a Rampage alumnus. Angelos organized the event with his wife, Veronica J. Funk to celebrate the comic book heroes and the local heroes within the community.

An operational “Back to the Future” car replica is on full display presented by Paul “Doc” Nigh. Picture taken on 9/30 (Photo by: Michael Lin)

“Hero Fest started seven years ago and the reason was for the patient’s family and local talents to celebrate the good for the community,” Angelos said. “One of our first wish child ambassadors and his family were there today, volunteering with our organization for seven years.”

David Tate, the father of Lucas Tate, has volunteered for Project Wish Upon A Star since Lucas was selected as an ambassador in 2016. The family drove from Bakersfield to show their support and help organize the event.

“Lucas was diagnosed with a rare form of Leukemia at 7 months old and we got connected with Project Wish Upon a Star which sponsored us as a guest at the 2016 LA Comic Con, and we got to meet the great Stan Lee,” Tate said.“The goal of Heroes Fest is trying to fundraise for the future recipient of a child in a difficult medical situation to help them feel like superheroes.”

Heroes Comic, the main venue sponsor for the Heroes Fest will be closing on Dec. 31 of this year.

Dave Allread, the owner of Hero Comic, has been sponsoring the event for seven years. “The kids are the reason what this event is for and how they benefited from this event is what propels us to host it every year.”

Heroes Fest and Project Wish Upon a Star will continue to go on even though Heroes Comic is set to close in Fresno. It will hold events and fundraising for future child ambassadors at Bakersfield and Sacramento.


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