Kuwait beacon of humanitarian work, unique UN partner

Kuwait beacon of humanitarian work, unique UN partner

KUWAIT: The State of Kuwait is a beacon of humanitarian work as well as a vital and unique partner of the United Nations due to its extensive efforts proliferating peace in the region and the world, said UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres on Sunday. In an interview with KUNA, Guterres affirmed that his current visit to the State of Kuwait was to express gratitude to the Kuwaiti people and leadership led by His Highness the Amir Sheikh MIishal Al-Ahmad AlJaber Al-Sabah who continues the legacy of fruitful cooperation with the UN.

 Secretary General Guterres reflected on the Kuwaiti-UN cooperation throughout the years, commending Kuwait for its numerous humanitarian stances especially towards the Syrian crisis. The UN chief lauded Kuwait’s invaluable assistance towards Syria, remembering that Kuwait was the chief contributor to humanitarian efforts there via donating USD 500 million to the inaugural international donors’ conference for Syria, in which the Gulf state organized on three occasions.

 The UN official also commended the mediating role played by Kuwait to end the rift among countries involved in the Gulf crisis, saying that was reflective of Kuwait’s positive stance towards unity in the region. Whether in the Arab League or the UN, Kuwait continued to play a pivotal role in boosting cooperation amongst nations, he said, who noted that the Kuwaiti mission in the UN headquarters in New York was very active in preparation for the upcoming 2024 Summit of the Future, an event important to address upcoming global challenges.

 On the UN honoring of late Amir Sheikh Sabah Al-Ahmad Al-Jaber Al-Sabah as a global humanitarian leader and Kuwait as an international hub for humanitarian efforts, Guterres stressed that it was fit of Kuwait’s relentless efforts in such domain. He added that Kuwait had recently announced a USD 30 million contribution to UNRWA, the backbone UN entity aiding the Palestinian people, saying that Kuwait had proven itself worthy of the international humanitarian center mantle via supporting this agency despite many hesitating to do so.

 On the situation in the Gaza Strip, Guterres said that it was unfortunately reaching the point of complete destruction whether on the humanitarian level or infrastructure with unfathomable of civilians dead and construct completely dissipated in a span of less than six months. The loss of civilian lives in the Gaza Strip is unprecedented, which points to a dangerous and serious flawed in the way the Israeli occupation military campaign was carried out, said the UN chief who called for an immediate ceasefire to end the slaughter. The “two-state” solution is the only way to achieve peace in the region, affirmed Guterres, who reiterated the necessity of an independent Palestinian state and the right of Palestinians to determine their fate and destiny. He said that there was a growing demand by the global community, including some countries supporting the Israeli occupiers, to end the war in the Gaza Strip and give the Palestine people their full rights.

 In regards to challenges of natural disaster, health, climate change and poverty, Guterres said that the UN paid attention to the amounting challenges. The increasing number of natural disasters and issues of climate change must addressed for the sake of humanity or the world would suffer the consequences, said the UN chief who also mentioned the COVID-19 pandemic saying that the world did not address the issue adequately and there must be a better reaction for any future health crises. He also touched on the imbalance in the international financial structure, which the world must fix to avoid the negative impact of poverty and hunger across the globe. — KUNA

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