Kamal Nath: Gen next waiting, road ahead for Congress’ ‘Jai-Veeru’ may not be a song | India News

Kamal Nath: Gen next waiting, road ahead for Congress’ ‘Jai-Veeru’ may not be a song | India News

In the realm of Madhya Pradesh politics, Digvijaya Singh and Kamal Nath, often referred to as ‘Jai-Veeru’, find themselves at a crossroads with trouncing casting a shadow over their careers.

The duo, with decades of toil invested in shaping Congress in the heartland, now faces not just a loss of face but the looming prospect of the party seeking alternative leadership. The political veterans – both well into their 70s – currently hold a monopoly over the party in Madhya Pradesh, but the recent defeat may signal the need for a shift towards younger, emerging leaders.

The dream of grooming their sons, Nakul Nath and Jaivardhan, as future leaders within the party hierarchy now faces a formidable challenge. “The absence of a second rung of leaders is a direct consequence of Singh and Nath failing to identify and nurture successors,” said a concerned Congress worker.

The defeat also raises doubts about Singh’s future roles, including a potential exclusion from the Upper House and a ticket for the upcoming Lok Sabha elections. This setback threatens his stature as a key party figure, particularly in the organisational realm during elections.

For Nath, the defeat marks a significant turn in a political journey that began with Indira Gandhi declaring him “her son”. Winning a Lok Sabha seat nine times and steering a faction-ridden state unit to battle-ready status, Nath’s dedication to Congress is undeniable. However, this defeat has cast a shadow over his future, prompting questions about the next steps in his political career.

Having known the Gandhi-Nehru family since childhood, Nath’s journey has seen him working alongside generations of leaders. Despite facing challenges, he became a Union minister in 1995, held various portfolios at the Centre, and led Congress to victory in the 2018 assembly elections.

Yet, the strained relationship with Jyotiraditya Scindia, which intensified after being selected as chief minister, and the subsequent decimation of Congress in the 2019 Lok Sabha polls, painted a challenging landscape. The defection of 22 Congress MLAs, including Scindia, to BJP, and Nath’s resignation in 2020 further added to the political turmoil.

As Congress grapples with these seismic shifts, the fall from grace of these stalwarts poses a challenge for the party’s leaders in Madhya Pradesh. The spotlight now turns towards the emergence of new leadership and the survival of a party reeling from a dearth of grassroot workers. The legacy of Digvijaya Singh’s “lobby” in Madhya Pradesh may fade into oblivion, leaving followers seeking new leaders to rally behind. The road ahead for the Congress in Madhya Pradesh may not be a song, but it promises a tune of change and transition.

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