Grange Community Primary School becomes ‘centre of excellence’

Grange Community Primary School becomes ‘centre of excellence’

Grange Community Nursery and Primary School has been named a ‘centre of excellence for inclusion’ through the Inclusion Quality Mark (IQM). 

This award demonstrates the school’s commitment to all children, including those with additional needs, and ensuring their needs are met through its curriculum and other areas of school life.

Head teacher Sara Albiston said the whole school community is ‘proud’ of becoming a ‘centre of excellence’.

She said: “We are so proud of this achievement. As a team, we are committed to ensuring that all our children, no matter what their starting point, make good progress and have their individual needs met.

“Our staff are dedicated to our children and work tirelessly to ensure that they achieve great outcomes.

“We are so lucky to work with such enthusiastic children and supportive families.”

The award comes following a successful assessment day earlier this year where all areas of the school were inspected by an IQM assessor.

This included looking at school documentation; speaking with children, staff and parents; and visiting a variety of lessons.

The inspectors found the following: “The school is an excellent example of inclusive practice and the sheer determination and passion to improve outcomes for all children is palpable.”

“The Trust Board (Weaver Trust) and governing body are committed to ensuring the values of ‘Inspire, Believe and Achieve’ not only apply to the children but to the whole staff as well.

“The aim is to inspire the staff to ensure everyone has the right skills and encourage them to develop professionally.”

Sara added: “During the review, the children were polite, friendly, engaged in their learning and keen to talk about their school.

“They have a love for their school and are proud to attend. They could articulate the school’s values and talked about the teachers, saying ‘they believe in us, but you must believe in yourself first – they help us to do that’.”

“The children were asked towards the end of the review, ‘what could Grange do better?’ and one boy quite passionately replied, ‘nothing, it is perfect’.

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