Evacuation from Vovchansk and Lipetsk communities 10-31 May 2024 – Ukraine

Evacuation from Vovchansk and Lipetsk communities 10-31 May 2024 – Ukraine



On May 10th 2024 the mass evacuation from Vovchansk and Lipetsk communities began.

From the first day, the Relief Coordination Centre has been involved in the administration, processes setup and coordination of organizations involved both in the evacuation missions and the work at the transit point in Kharkiv city.

The evacuation hotline of the Relief Coordination Centre accepted applications for evacuation and distributed them among the volunteer evacuation crews of local charitable organizations.

At the end of each evacuation mission, people were brought to the transit point in a centralized manner, allowing to keep correct statistics on the movement of people from each settlement. Thanks to this, each evacuated person could receive all the necessary assistance and immediately get settled in collective centers for IDPs. As of May 31st, more than 52 charitable organizations have been involved in the work at the transit point, providing assistance in various areas, including:

  • food items;
  • hygiene kits;
  • NFIs;
  • cash assistance;
  • MHPSS;
  • medical aid;
  • legal aid;
  • aid to animals;
  • hot meals.

A system of registration of each person present at the transit point, rules of conduct at the location for evacuees, charitable organizations and journalists have been developed. Each person involved in the work of the transit point had their own clearly outlined area of responsibility in all the overall operation.

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