Empowering Innovators: Celebrating Women Entrepreneurs Day

Empowering Innovators: Celebrating Women Entrepreneurs Day

Women Entrepreneurs Day commemorates the pioneering spirit, resilience, and innovation of female business leaders worldwide. This article delves into the significance of this day, highlighting the achievements, challenges, and the inspiring stories of women shaping industries, breaking barriers, and fostering change. It explores the impact of their entrepreneurial endeavors on economies, empowerment, and the path toward a more inclusive business landscape.


Dr. Somdutta Singh – Serial Entrepreneur, Founder & CEO Assiduus Global Inc, LP Angel Investor, Author, Advisor Government of India (Niti Aayog)

This Women’s Entrepreneurship Day, I celebrate the tough moments I have faced in my journey, for these challenges have made me who I am. Every failure taught me something valuable, and I tried to turn every adversity into an opportunity, a hurdle, into a stepping stone. I have learned that overcoming challenges isn’t just a task; it’s my way of turning setbacks into stepping stones. For each of us, struggles are opportunities to show strength, find new opportunities, and create success stories. Let’s understand one thing: empowering women entrepreneurs requires more than acknowledgment; it demands action. I am constantly working to foster an environment where opportunities are not limited by gender but are propelled by talent and vision. Support, mentorship, and equal access to resources are not just aspirations; they are necessities for fostering a thriving community of women in business. So, let’s champion equity and contribute to a future where every woman entrepreneur can flourish and contribute her unique brilliance to the world.

Shaili Chopra, Founder, SheThePeopleTV and Gytree.com

If  India’s economy is to  grow to a 5 trillion one till 2030, participation of women is critical. Despite economic advances India’s gender balance in the economic domain remains the lowest in the world. Achieving success in the entrepreneurial landscape demands that women address tangible, real-world challenges. This transformation isn’t merely about delivering products and services; it requires a distinctive strategy encompassing guidance, trust-building, and personalized care. As we navigate this path, the emphasis shifts from mere technological advancement to the intricate task of fostering and growing engaged customer communities.

Through both my platforms I have strived to address and solve problems that resonate with the community. At Gytree.com we are building a full ecosystem for women’s health – backed by science and built for women’s wellness and lifestyle needs. Hence this day, lets emphasize tackling real world challenges, utilizing the most advanced tools at our disposal, for effective solutions.

Rupa Bohra, Managing Director, TNSIF

“In my journey of empowering women, each little step tells a story of determination. On Women’s Entrepreneurship Day, let’s celebrate the strength and uniqueness of women in business. Their entrepreneurial spirit not only brings them financial independence but also fuels a much larger impact in society. They turn challenges into triumphs, paving a legacy that inspires and transforms the lives of little girls who never thought success and freedom was possible. Here’s to shaping a future where every woman’s story is a beacon of empowerment for future generations.”

Dr. Reema Nadig, Co-founder & Group Medical Director, KITES Senior Care

“In the realm of geriatric care, each day whispers stories of strength and compassion. On Women Entrepreneur Day, let’s celebrate the unique fusion of feminine leadership in crafting a future where elders receive not just care but a touch of empathy and understanding. In this canvas of entrepreneurship, women are weaving threads of change, making a difference one elder’s smile at a time. Here’s to all the women entrepreneurs who dare to innovate, creating ripples of impact across diverse fields.”

Anushree Jain- Cofounder of SocialTAG

“Women Entrepreneurship Day is a testament to the courageous spirit of female founders. It’s about breaking barriers, not glass ceilings. I’m proud to be part of the influencer marketing industry where persistence and creativity are the cornerstones of success and where women can empower brands and build meaningful connections. I consider myself fortunate to have received unwavering support along the way, and I hope that every aspiring businesswoman gets the same level of encouragement and opportunity to thrive in their chosen fields. Let’s continue to build a future where every woman has the opportunity to chase her dreams and create her own success story.”

Chaitali Pishay Roy, Founder of CPR Consultants

As a woman entrepreneur, I’ve witnessed the transformative power of resilience and determination. In every boardroom, every negotiation, and every milestone, women are not just contributors but architects of success. As we celebrate Women Entrepreneur Day, here’s to defining success on our terms. Cheers to embracing strength and brilliance, shaping a future of endless possibilities!


Mamta Roy, Founder of Odette

Women Entrepreneurship Day is a day to celebrate the remarkable achievements of women who lead businesses, both big and small. In the fiercely competitive world of fashion, I’ve worked tirelessly to bring my vision to life through Odette. Women Entrepreneurship Day is a testament to the determination and innovation of women entrepreneurs. We have the power to break barriers, set new trends, and build successful ventures. Let’s continue supporting and uplifting one another because when women empower women, incredible things happen. Together, we’re unstoppable.

Hardika Shah, Founder & CEO, Kinara Capital

“With Women’s Entrepreneurship Day being a day to celebrate, we should accelerate the growth and participation of women entrepreneurs in our ambitious journey to become a 30 trillion-dollar economy.

Accelerating women in entrepreneurship is critical for the growth of the nation and we need to equip women entrepreneurs with adequate support to succeed. One of the most potent catalysts that can enable this shift is access to formal capital which can have a transformative impact on livelihoods and we have seen it happen first-hand with our HerVikas program.

Kinara Capital’s HerVikas is a one-of-a-kind dedicated program aimed at advancing women entrepreneurship from the micro-small-medium enterprise (MSME) sector. The program offers women entrepreneurs collateral-free discounted business loans. We had committed INR 700 crores in disbursement for HerVikas and the response has been incredible; we are thrilled to share that we have completed more than 88% of our commitment with more than 6,200 loans disbursed across 100+ cities in India. The overwhelming response to HerVikas is a testament to the growing demand for women-centric products.

The impact of HerVikas program has led to a 16% increase in proprietor income and cumulative post-loans net income generation of over INR 173 crores for the MSMEs. This improvement, especially in women’s incomes, is beneficial for the betterment of communities. According to the United Nations, women spend nearly 90% of their earned income on their families’ well-being, thereby improving access to better nutrition, healthcare and education.

This Women’s Entrepreneurship Day, my hope is that we catalyze the growth of women entrepreneurs, especially in the micro-MSME sector, as they hold the key to unlocking the potential and the economic growth of India.”

Nidhi Singh, Co – Founder, Samosa Singh

“Women in leadership are not simply a progressive idea; they are the engines of a vibrant and dynamic business future in a time when diversity and inclusivity are essential. The necessity of a range of viewpoints, experiences, and talents for long-term success is becoming more and more clear as we manage the complexity of today’s corporate environment.

Women are leading the charge in this revolutionary change in the way that we think about leadership. Business must embrace the special abilities that women bring to the table, including empathy, teamwork, and a comprehensive approach to problem-solving. These qualities are not gender-specific, but when women are well-represented in leadership positions, we bring a wider range of perspectives and abilities to our businesses.

Studies show that businesses with diverse leadership teams perform better than those without. By creating an atmosphere that allows women to assume leadership roles, we promote adaptation, creativity, and innovation. The overall well-being and durability of companies are enhanced by the presence of women in leadership roles, in addition to their financial impact.

Let’s be change representatives as we embrace the future of business and tear down obstacles and prejudices that stand in the way of advancement. It is a strategic corporate need as well as a social one for women to be empowered in leadership roles. It is an undertaking to create organizations that are resilient, progressive, and representative of the world at large. By working together, we are paving the way for a time where success and leadership are genderless.”


Kiran Dham, CEO, Globus Infocom Ltd.

“Women in leadership are not only a social imperative, but also the key to realizing  companies’ full potential. Women in leadership roles are a lighthouse in the corporate world, pointing companies in the direction of a time when equality is not just a goal but a core value. As in today’s time, more women enter leadership positions barriers are broken and better opportunities are created for the upcoming generation. The distinct viewpoints and leadership styles of women are the key driving aspects describing the future of education technology, where innovation and adaptation are critical. We at Globus Infocom believe that diversity is not just the correct thing to do, but also the spark for unprecedented achievement. As we tear down barriers and build an inclusive workplace, we set the road for a future in which women in leadership reimagine and elevate the business landscape in education technology.

Women in business rewrite not just the story but also the very tune of success, composing a symphony that speaks to our all-encompassing potential. They are like empowering notes in the symphony of progress, arranging change with tenacity and grace. Their influence breaks down barriers, navigating past obstacles like a soft yet constant breeze. In today’s time, women leaders are redefining success in boardrooms and beyond, they see it not just as an individual achievement but also as a group effort in which all voices contribute to a greater good.”


Shalini Raj, Founder, The Infused Kettle

“The Infused Kettle is the brainchild of Ms. Shalini Sinha, who firmly believes that women in leadership roles are not just transforming the wave of the future but also serving as the catalyst for changing the face of business in India and across the globe. Adopting various viewpoints and enabling women in leadership roles is not merely a matter of equity; it is a critical strategic move. Innovation and long-term growth are stimulated by the combination of women’s resiliency, inventiveness, and empathy. At Infused Kettle, we advocate for a future in which all voices are heard, leadership is gender-neutral, and our combined strength propels businesses to new heights.It is important to break glass ceilings, but what really counts is an unending sky where women lead—not just now, but for many years to come. Encouraging and empowering women to take on leadership roles has not just become a moral imperative, but also a wise business decision overall. I feel by creating an inclusive environment in which women can thrive in today’s contemporary era, we can unlock their full potential and support long-term prosperity for our business and the economy as a whole.”

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