Collective Philanthropy and Community Generosity Make Muncie Stronger – Muncie Journal

Collective Philanthropy and Community Generosity Make Muncie Stronger – Muncie Journal

By Marcy Minton—

MUNCIE, IN—As a major funder supporting many local nonprofits in our community, The Community Foundation has a broad view of the work being done to make Muncie and Delaware County a great place to call home. In fact, Muncie has been ranked first in charitable giving and second in civic engagement according to Sagamore Institute’s Public Good Index (PGI).

We are fortunate to have neighbors who are willing to give of their time and talent. Muncie is also home to philanthropic organizations giving back. The collective impact is outstanding. Last year, more than $21 million wasinvested in Delaware County through local philanthropic organizations.

The Community Foundation, as convener of The Funders Forum Collaborative, has put together a Philanthropic Snapshot to share the extensive list of community funders and their grantmaking in 2023. The snapshot highlights the impact of the 17 members of the Funders Forum. It is exciting to see the collective investments of these organizationsin Muncie and Delaware County last year.

The Funders Forum Collaborative fosters collaboration and facilitates impactful grantmaking initiatives. Since 1997, the Funders Forum has convened to discuss community issues and hear from nonprofit organizations. In 2017, the group evolved to include collaborative grantmaking and, to date, has awarded more than $550,000 from the Funders Forum Fund held at The Community Foundation of Muncie and Delaware County.

In 2023, the Funders Forum Collaborative focused on early childhood education, awarding a total of $53,500 through The Funders Forum Fund at The Community Foundation. Grants supported the professional development and retention of early childcare workers at organizations such as Delaware County BY5 Early Childhood Initiative, Hufer Memorial Children’s Center, and United Day Care. This year, Funders Forum continues this focus on early childhood education with a workforce development lens.

It’s clear that our community is committed to making a positive diference. The substantial philanthropic investments totaling over $21 million in 2023 showcase the collective dedication of local funders and foundations to strengthening our community. This Philanthropic Snapshot serves as a testament to the remarkable outcomes achieved through this collaborative effort. Together, we will continue to advance our shared vision of a better Muncie and Delaware County.


Marcy Minton is president and CEO of The Community Foundation of Muncie and Delaware County, a local public foundation that encourages philanthropy, assists donors in building an enduring source of charitable assets, and exercises leadership in directing resources to enhance the quality of life for residents of Muncie and Delaware County.



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