Co Tu cultural preservation associated with tourism development – Da Nang English- News

Co Tu cultural preservation associated with tourism development – Da Nang English- News

Co Tu people residing in Hoa Vang District, Da Nang constantly create, preserve and develop unique cultural features in the daily life and their beliefs. Co Tu cultural values under the coordination among relevant agencies have been increasingly enriched and positively contributed to the city’s socio-economic development, especially tourism.

Co Tu people perform the tung-tung-za-za dance in the living space of the Guol house. Photo: X.D
Co Tu people perform the ‘tung-tung-za-za’ dance in the living space of the Guol house. Photo: X.D

Promote cultural identity

About 1,500 Co Tu ethnic people living mainly in Ta Lang and Gian Bi villages (Hoa Bac Commune), Phu Tuc village (Hoa Phu Commune) in Hoa Vang District, Da Nang. The Co Tu ethnic people have lived for many generations and built up a close and united relationship. In particular, this place can be considered to be a ‘living museum’ with many layers of unique cultural values, from languages, costumes, to houses, festivals, and traditional occupations.

According to Head of the Culture and Information Department of Hoa Vang district Do Thanh Tan, the Co Tu culture is currently accepting new elements for enrichment, gradually eliminating elements that are no longer suitable. Besides the achievements, it is really concerning that there is loss and oblivion of various types of cultural heritage, customs and festivals under the pressure of urban development and global integration, which is a big challenge. Village elders and artisans are the subjects in the progress of preserving the Co Tu culture, playing a pivotal role in encouraging people to comply with the State’s guidelines and policies.

“In recent years, the cultural preservation of the Co Tu Community in Hoa Vang District has mainly relied on those who directly transmit culture into the next generation in the cultural preservation programmes,” Mr. Tan said.

In an effort to resolve the relationship between conservation and development, the Co Tu community, with the great support from the government of Da Nang have strived to organise many activities to restore festivals, cultural and sports events and expand learning exchanges to enrich their cultural values.

At the end of April 2023, the Hoa Vang District People’s Committee organised a cultural – sports event and restored traditional festivals of the Co Tu people. Here, both residents and tourists enjoyed ‘tung tung-za za’ traditional Co Tu dances, gong performances filled with the great sounds of the mountains and forests, along with unique twinning ceremony helping people further strengthen the solidarity relationship of their community.

At the end of 2023, a delegation of Co Tu people in Da Nang were honoured to represent the Co Tu ethnic group in the central region to participate in the bamboo tree performance festival and cultural, sports and tourism exchanges of Vietnamese ethnic groups at the Viet Nam National Village for Ethnic Culture and Tourism in Son Tay town’s Dong Mo on the outskirts of the capital city of Ha Noi.

Joining the festival, the Da Nang delegation participated in activities, ranging from art performances, traditional costumes, bamboo trees, to displaying and introducing cuisine. Through these activities, people learned and drew many experiences to apply in developing culture in association with local tourism.

Fully tap characteristic values

In an attempt to develop tourism in tandem with preserving cultural identity, since the start of 2023, Hoa Vang District has deployed training courses and improved community tourism capacity for people.

In particular, focus is being placed on instructing ethnic minority students and homestay owners in the Ta Lang and Gian Bi villages how to enhance storytelling skills on Co Tu cultural origin.

Besides, there are also classes teaching brocade weaving, Co Tu folk songs and dances, attracting the attendance of many people.

According to Standing Vice Chairman of Hoa Vang District People’s Committee Nguyen Thuc Dung, in recent years, the suburb district has always focused on preserving and promoting the traditional cultural values of the Co Tu people.

The dances and songs of the Co Tu people are always preserved and performed on traditional Tet holidays and ceremonies. The Co Tu people’s brocade weaving craft is gradually being restored with quality products.

“The Co Tu community plays an active role in preserving and developing the traditional cultural values effectively associated with socio-economic development. Therefore, people always uphold their sense of national pride and strive to preserve and promote cultural identity to serve the economic and tourism development of their own community,” Mr. Dung said.

In 2022, the Da Nang People’s Committee approved the project ‘Building policies to preserve and promote traditional community values of the Co Tu community in Da Nang in the 2022 – 2030 period.

Since then, the cultural life and awareness of preserving and promoting the rituals, beliefs and traditional art forms of the Co Tu people have been raised outstandingly. In particular, the municipal authorities have provided traditional musical and sports instruments for Co Tu ethnic villages and training on fostering expertise and skills in preserving and promoting traditional culture of ethnic minorities.

Reporting by THIEN DUYEN – Translating by A. THU


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