Celebrating National Technology Day 2024

Celebrating National Technology Day 2024

Explore the dynamic landscape of technological innovation as we commemorate National Technology Day 2024. From groundbreaking advancements to transformative solutions, join us in celebrating the power of technology to shape our future and drive progress across industries.


“Embrace innovation, empower progress. On the occasion of National Technology Day 2024, we celebrate the spirit of advancement and salute India’s remarkable journey in technology. In Consistent Infosystems, we pledge to fuel this momentum with cutting-edge solutions that redefine possibilities. Let’s harness the power of technology to shape a brighter tomorrow, where every challenge becomes an opportunity, and every idea transforms into reality. Together, let’s build a future where innovation knows no bounds and where technology becomes the catalyst for a prosperous nation”

Prakash Dharmani, Chief Operating Officer, IceWarp India

“Happy National Technology Day 2024! At IceWarp India, we honor the spirit of innovation that drives India’s technological evolution. As pioneers in communication and collaboration solutions, we are committed to empowering businesses with cutting-edge technology that transcends boundaries and fosters seamless connectivity. On this occasion, we salute the ingenuity of Indian tech talent and reiterate our dedication to shaping a future where every interaction is enhanced by technology. Together, let’s harness the power of innovation to propel India towards new heights of success in the digital age. Cheers to a future fueled by collaboration, communication, and endless possibilities!”

Dilip Modi, Founder, Spice Money

“National Technology Day serves as a reminder of how technology has transformed various sectors, especially in finance. The financial services industry has undergone a significant transformation, with technology playing a pivotal role in making services more accessible and efficient. 

 The J.A.M trinity, comprising of Jan Dhan, Aadhaar, and Mobile, epitomizes innovation. These pillars have created an ecosystem that fosters fintech advancement, enabling Indian companies to develop a wide range of products and services, including digital payments and lending, among others. Furthermore, the Digital Public Infrastructure has been crucial in driving innovation and growth in the fintech sector, significantly contributing to financial inclusion and economic progress across the nation. AePS and UPI are shining examples of how innovation has revolutionized financial transactions. AePS, often referred to as the UPI of rural India, recorded 470.12 million approved transactions in April 2024, while UPI witnessed 13.30 billion transactions during the same period. These figures highlight how technology has made financial transactions more accessible and convenient, improving lives across the country.

 At Spice Money, we’re building on the incredible foundation of India’s Digital Public Infrastructure (DPI). By combining the power of technology with our extensive network of 1.3 million nanopreneurs, we provide financial services in even the most remote villages, going beyond traditional banking to foster financial inclusion and promote entrepreneurship in Emerging India. We firmly believe that technology is the key to unlocking financial inclusion.”

Anuj Garg, VP-Blockchain, ZebPay

 “As we celebrate National Technology Day, it is crucial to give credit to the key factors that have exponentially contributed to India’s instrumental journey in the technology landscape in the last few years. Initiatives like Startup India and Digital India, along with public-private partnerships, have fueled a technology revolution. A recent survey by Nasscom-Zinnov suggested that over 950 tech startups were founded in 2023 alone. This showcases the potential of India’s promising tech industry.

At the forefront of this transformation stands blockchain technology, which has massive potential to revolutionize the way we conduct business. According to a report by Hashed Emergent, India has one of the largest Web3 ecosystems in the world, with over 1,000 startups and 12% of all Web3 developers worldwide. With a booming startup ecosystem and established players actively integrating the technology, we’re witnessing a transformation across industries.

Companies operating across diverse sectors like finance, healthcare, and many other fields are actively integrating blockchain to streamline processes and enhance security. The technology’s ability to create a secure, transparent, and widely accessible record-keeping system can help address major roadblocks faced by business leaders. For instance, in healthcare, decentralized storage gives patients the power to control their medical records securely. Blockchain technology also enables secure microtransactions and financial services, which can benefit people who don’t have access to traditional banking. Unlocking this potential requires a collaborative effort with the government, industry leaders, and academic institutions. By fostering a constructive dialogue, we can create a regulatory environment that encourages responsible innovation and empowers the ethical use of digital assets, thereby paving the way for India’s thriving tech ecosystem.

ZebPay is proud to be at the forefront of this digital revolution. As one of the oldest blockchain asset service providers in the country, we are continuously innovating to provide the best in class services to our customers in a hyper-secure way. We are excited about what the future holds, and we are looking forward to achieving greater heights.”

Rohit Jetly, Head of Global Platform Solutions – Platform Delivery; and Country Head – India, Fidelity International

“The convergence of Gen AI, data virtualization and other cutting-edge technologies is revolutionizing how we think about traditional sectors and ways of working. These herald a transformative era, reshaping industries and driving unprecedented innovation and efficiency, which is exactly what we need in the Indian GCC space! It is not just about adopting them, but about redefining possibilities, fostering digital trust, and paving the way for sustainable economic development in a rapidly evolving global landscape with diverse and evolving customer needs. GCCs are also leading the way and broadening the canvas of cutting-edge tech for our people to have the opportunity to upskill themselves and add value to the world from India.”

Prashanth GJ, CEO, TechnoBind Solutions

“On National Technology Day, we recognize the pivotal role of technology in driving progress while acknowledging the pressing need to fortify our critical cloud infrastructure against cyber threats.

In the age of increasing cyber threats, safeguarding cloud infrastructure is paramount. Cyber threats, ranging from state-sponsored attacks to sophisticated criminal operations, pose significant risks to our digital operations. To effectively protect our cloud infrastructure, we must adopt a comprehensive approach. This includes investing in cutting-edge cybersecurity technologies such as robust firewalls, intrusion detection systems, and encryption protocols. Proactive threat intelligence and information sharing are also crucial for staying ahead of emerging threats.

By collaborating with industry peers, government agencies, and cybersecurity experts, we can gain valuable insights into evolving threat landscapes and adopt proactive defense strategies accordingly. Additionally, ongoing employee training and awareness initiatives are critical for promoting a culture of cybersecurity vigilance within our organization, empowering every team member to identify and respond to potential threats effectively. By prioritizing these measures, we can mitigate risks and ensure the resilience of our critical cloud infrastructure.

As we celebrate National Technology Day, let us reaffirm our commitment to securing our digital future. Together, we can harness the power of technology while safeguarding against rising cyber threats, paving the way for a prosperous tomorrow”

Venkataraman D, Vice President – Sales & Strategy, Crayon Software Experts India

“On this National Technology Day, we celebrate the relentless pursuit of innovation driving our industry towards unprecedented heights. AR and VR represent more than just technological novelties; they are catalysts for revolutionizing the sales process. With AR, sales professionals can augment reality by overlaying digital information onto the physical world, offering customers immersive product demonstrations a

nd personalized experiences. Through VR, businesses can transport clients into virtual environments, allowing for interactive showcases, virtual tours, and training simulations that transcend traditional boundaries.

The advancements in AR and VR technologies have profound implications for the sales landscape. By leveraging these tools, companies can enhance customer engagement, foster deeper connections, and streamline the purchasing journey. Imagine a retail experience where customers can try on clothes virtually or visualize furniture in their homes before making a purchase. Such immersive experiences not only drive sales but also cultivate brand loyalty and customer satisfaction.

As the Vice President of Sales & Strategy at Crayon, a leading IT and digital transformation firm, I recognize the strategic importance of investing in AR and VR technologies. While the initial costs may seem daunting, the long-term benefits far outweigh the expenses. By staying at the forefront of technological innovation, businesses can gain a competitive edge, future-proof their operations, and drive sustainable growth.

On this National Technology Day, let us embrace the transformative potential of AR and VR in revolutionizing sales technology. Together, we can unlock new possibilities, redefine customer experiences, and propel our industry towards a brighter, more innovative future

Dr. Jay Prakash, CEO & Co-founder of Silence Laboratories.

“National Technology Day is a moment to celebrate innovation, but we must also acknowledge the potential pitfalls,” 

“Consent, the cornerstone of data collection, can be a Trojan Horse in the data economy. While clicking ‘I agree’ seems straightforward, opaque terms, complex interfaces, and the sheer volume of requests can create a ‘consent fatigue’ that renders it meaningless. This can leave users unknowingly surrendering vast troves of personal information, creating an uneven power dynamic. On National Technology Day, let’s commit to developing technologies that prioritize transparency, user control, and genuine, informed consent. Only then can we ensure a future where technology empowers, not exploits.”

 Ms. Srividya Kannan, Founder and CEO, Avaali Solutions

Empowering India’s Workforce for Technological Advancement

 “As we commemorate National Technology Day, we acknowledge the critical imperative of upskilling within the Indian workforce. The adoption of GenAI capabilities not only furnishes our workforce with a competitive edge but also serves as a cornerstone for enhancing operational efficiency and future-proofing our employees. In a landscape where technology pervades various industries and sectors, the significance of continuous learning and skill development cannot be overstated.

Amidst this transformative journey, it’s heartening to witness the unwavering support from the government, exemplified through initiatives like the National AI Mission. Such endeavours are instrumental in bolstering our indigenous technological capabilities, thereby positioning India as a global leader in innovation and technology.

Let us seize this moment to rededicate ourselves to empowering our workforce, nurturing their potential, and propelling India’s technological advancement into the future. Together, we can forge a path towards a brighter, more technologically advanced tomorrow.”

 Mr Rajeev Singh, MD BenQ India and South Asia.

“As we commemorate National Technology Day, we are not only celebrating India’s rich legacy of technological innovation but also embracing the boundless potential that lies ahead. In the dynamic landscape of display technology, gaming, and design, India stands poised at the forefront of innovation, ready to redefine the boundaries of what’s possible.

In this era of rapid technological advancement, the opportunities are limitless, and India’s tech-savvy youth are leading the charge, pioneering breakthroughs that shape the future of gaming and design. With each innovation, we inch closer to a world where imagination knows no bounds, and creativity thrives in the digital realm.

At BenQ, we firmly believe in harnessing the spirit of innovation that defines our nation, fueling progress and propelling us towards a future where technology transcends boundaries, enriching lives and inspiring generations to come.”

Mr. Arijeet Talapatra, CEO, itel India

On this National Technology Day, we’re celebrating the incredible advancements made in the field of technology. It’s a moment to reflect and appreciate the profound impact that innovation has had on our society. At itel, National Technology Day holds a special place in our hearts. It reminds us of our unwavering commitment to using innovation to tackle the ever-evolving needs of the Gen-Z.

In today’s ever-changing tech landscape, filled with both disruption and opportunity, we’re staying true to our mission of striving for excellence. Our goal is to make technology with premium features accessible to the masses of India. Today, we’re not just celebrating our achievements, but we’re also reaffirming our dedication to pushing the boundaries of innovation, fostering collaboration, and providing premium technology to all corners of the Nation.”

Harshit Jain MD, Founder & Global CEO, Doceree

“Like other industries, the Indian healthcare sector is rapidly embracing technology, marking a new era of innovation. From personalized medicine and triggered messaging to virtual consultations and smart devices, technology is revolutionizing healthcare access, bridging affordability and information gaps, and promoting health equity, unprecedently. Data-driven insights too are becoming increasingly crucial for real-time patient care and drug development. A genuine applaud would go to the Govt. of India for introducing Ayushman Bharat Health Account (ABHA), that is seeking to enhance healthcare access, relieve financial burdens on vulnerable groups, and improve overall healthcare quality—all with technology and data-driven methods. Evidently, the road for innovation and improvement in healthcare goes a long way with such progressive nation-wide initiatives. Looking ahead, with technology soon becoming integral to reducing healthcare costs and aiding healthcare professionals in informed decision-making, innovations like Artificial Intelligence (AI) are poised to drive sustainable growth and transformative solutions in the industry.”

Arvind Vaishnav, Head of Clinical Partnerships, Growth Region and Philips Innovation Campus, Bangalore.

“Advancements and innovations in technology have truly revolutionized healthcare. From state-of-the-art medical imaging systems to intelligent monitoring devices, everything is designed to enhance patient care, improve clinical outcomes, and optimize healthcare workflows. Further, the integration of artificial intelligence and machine learning in health-tech have opened new possibilities for personalized and precision care. These technologies have not only improved the accuracy of diagnostics and treatment but also substantially improved and streamlined administrative processes, reducing costs, and improving efficiency. In addition, the utilization of big data analytics in healthcare has enabled the identification of trends and patterns that were previously difficult to uncover, leading to more informed decision-making. As technology continues to evolve, the potential for its impact on healthcare is boundless.

On this National Technology Day, we extend our congratulations to the remarkable individuals—engineers, researchers, and healthcare experts—who continuously challenge limits and drive our pursuit of innovation. Let’s unite to harness the power of technology for a healthier and more interconnected world.”

Mr. Sidhant Keshwani, Founder & CEO, Libas

“On National Technology Day, we acknowledge the symbiotic relationship between innovation and fashion. At Libas, technology has been the foundation of our operations. As a D2C e-commerce brand, our reliance on technological infrastructure is paramount, serving as a gateway to unmatched sustainability, efficiency, and creativity.

Our commitment to excellence extends across various departments, each intricately entwined with technology-driven processes. From design to virtual retail, we continuously redefine boundaries and embrace cutting-edge methodologies. Today, we celebrate the transformative power of technology in shaping the future of fashion and its enduring influence on our industry’s development.”

Narasimha Kamath, Executive Vice President, R&D, o9 Solutions

 “Innovation lies at the heart of progress, driving companies forward and shaping the future of industries. At o9, an AI-powered planning and decision-making software company, staying at the forefront of innovation is not just a choice for us but a necessity to continuously deliver value to our customers. New Technology Day reminds us of innovation’s pivotal role in our society, particularly for the youth.

Many initiatives, like our annual hackathon, stand as a testament to the power of innovation. It’s a platform where bright minds converge, fueled by creativity and technology, to solve real-world challenges. Through this event, we witness the transformative potential of technology in the hands of young innovators. Seeing how their fresh perspectives and inventive solutions push the boundaries of what’s possible is inspiring. Another example to showcase innovation is events like o9’s Involve event, where academics, leaders of businesses, and practitioners come together to discuss the latest trends to drive future innovation and create sustainable impacts on the world. Events like that are essential to inspire and assimilate knowledge to apply in your day-to-day professional lives and meaningfully contribute to the advancement of technology.

Raj Radhakrishan, CEO of Ciklum

“The continued advancement of technology and the ongoing acceleration of innovation has propelled us firmly into the age of Experience Engineering: a time where the convergence of product engineering, customer experience, and artificial intelligence is transforming the way people work and live, like never before.

At Ciklum, we believe technology isn’t simply a tool—it’s a driving force revolutionizing business models, reshaping industries, and unlocking endless opportunities for innovation and growth. Technology enables us to optimize our business workflows, to enhance our employee experiences, to create greater efficiencies in our production, to unlock untapped creativity, and so much more.

In the Experience Engineering era, the winningest businesses will be the most people-centric ones.  Businesses that discover how to harness technology and proactively channel it to create more delightful environments for people to work, live and achieve.

As leaders in this industry, we share a responsibility for creating a culture that fosters our employees to dream big and think bigger.  To be the drivers of technology’s future.  To engineer experiences that extend human capability and capacity like never before.

To conceive innovative ideas that no one saw coming, but later wonder how they ever lived without.”

Amit Sharma, Co-Founder & CTO at Twid

*National Technology Day is a springboard to celebrate India’s remarkable tech transformation over the years. Twid is proud to be at the forefront of this revolution in the rewards ecosystem with empowering customers with a seamless “Pay with Rewards” system, allowing them to spend reward points with a single click at our extensive network of merchants. The data driven approach employed at Twid provides the right recommendations for customers to earn more points and maximize their rewards.

At Twid, we share the vision of a technologically empowered India becoming the world’s third-largest economy. We’re committed to using innovative technology to build a brighter future for both our country and its people.*

Mr. Mukund Wangikar, VP of digital Engineering Practices at InfoVision

On this National Technology Day, we celebrate the transformative power that technology brings to businesses and individuals alike. From cloud computing to artificial intelligence, we stand at the cusp of a remarkable technological revolution that promises to redefine every aspect of our society. At InfoVision, we derive strength from our dedication to staying updated on emerging technologies through our specialized Centers of Excellence, fostering continuous learning, innovation, and actively forging partnerships and conducting research to meet the evolving needs of our clients. Committed to ethical tech deployment, we aim to dismantle barriers, foster diversity, and drive enduring prosperity. Recognizing the immense responsibility, we pledge integrity in ensuring equitable technology distribution nationwide. As stewards of progress, we are devoted to empowering India’s visionaries and trailblazers to shape a future where technology acts as a force for positive change, enriching the lives of current and future generations.

Ketan Kulkarni, Chief Growth Officer Allcargo Group 

“National Technology Day reminds us of the significance of technology advancement and innovations in revolutionising the path to economic progress. The day holds even more significance for the logistics industry, as it is aggressively adopting new-age technologies to build and redefine resilience and operational efficiency. The theme for this year – School to Startups-Igniting Young Minds to Innovate! is apt as it encourages younger generations to take an active interest in technology, paving the way for continued innovation and progress. Providing opportunities for learning and exploration in the field of technology can empower the next generation to become future innovators and problem solvers. The spirit of entrepreneurship is at the core of Allcargo Group. Our start-up accelerator programme aims to foster innovation amongst budding entrepreneurs. National Technology Day with the theme of nurturing an innovative mind-set will further encourage us to engage closely with next-gen tech-entrepreneurs and attract them towards the logistics industry so that our industry can play a more enabling role in the economic growth of the country.”

Mr. Aalok Kumar, Corporate Officer & Sr. VP – Head of the Global Smart City Business, NEC Corporation and President & CEO, NEC Corporation India

“Over the past decade, India has matured into global leadership in technological innovation. This has altered the way in which we experience how the day-to-day services are provided and above all, how citizens utilize civic services. This transformation is fundamentally underpinned by the recognition of technology’s potential to change lives and communities for the better. Today, India is on a steady path to realize its vision for a ‘Viksit Bharat’ by 2047, and the role of technology comes into sharp focus with greater responsibility than ever before. At this juncture, the tech innovation ethos in India is evolving to “purposeful innovation” aimed at societal good, demanding creative and responsible application of AI, ML, and big data analytics to solve day to day problems of the common man.At NEC India, our purpose is to build technology that serves the people, and as intelligent communities emerge, driven by data analytics and AI, we are proud to be playing our part in shaping a future where technology redefines citizen-centricity in civic services empowering  lives. India’s unique position as a rapidly urbanizing nation undergoing large-scale digital transformation presents an unparalleled opportunity as a testing ground for innovative solutions that can be adapted to various markets worldwide.”’

Rahul Nainwal, Director, UPES School of Business.

“India is brimming with entrepreneurial spirit backed by a massive talent pool of tech-savvy youngsters and innovators. To further accelerate India’s Startup growth, education institutions are playing a vital role in cultivating entrepreneurial mindsets by creating a conducive ecosystem to catalyse and energise research and innovation. A robust startup ecosystem empowers young minds and ensures access to the right mentorship, fostering an environment where innovation and ideas thrive. To support budding entrepreneurs, UPES’ Runway Incubator offers mentorship, financial backing, and legal assistance to help them build scalable businesses. The presence of an incubator on campus exposes students to disruptive ideas and helps them develop practical skills, network with industry experts, and gain hands-on experience in navigating the complexities of the business world. As we continue to champion innovation and entrepreneurship, we pave the way for the next generation of leaders who will drive India’s growth story forward with their ingenuity and passion for innovation,” 

Dr. Kiran Marri, Chief Scientist & Senior Vice President, Movate :

National Technology Day is more than a celebration; it’s a catalyst for innovation and utilizing technology for a smarter, sustainable future, while also nurturing India’s tech talent pool and enhancing its global leadership in technology. At Movate, we handle over 1 million queries across tech support sectors, enhancing the digital initiatives of global brands and impacting over a billion end-users. Through our commitment to co-innovate, co-create, and collaborate, we leverage data and technology to drive sustainability and deliver long-term value to our clients. One such example is the GenAI-based Self-Service Chatbot, Self-Service BI, which effectively eliminates the need for raising tickets or dashboard creation, thereby streamlining operations significantly. With our self-service capabilities, like ‘Smart Routing’ solutions alongside innovative approaches, we ensure seamless experiences for both businesses and end-users, driving efficiency and productivity.

We also actively contribute to building a robust tech talent pool in India through strategic partnerships with ICT, nasscom, and TASK. Recently, we established a robotics lab at Loyola College, Chennai, to nurture future talent in robotics and AI. Our sustainability efforts have yielded significant results, including a 4360 MT CO2 reduction, a 3494-megawatt-hour decrease in electricity consumption, and responsible e-waste management practices.

Mr. Ish Babbar, CTO and Co-Founder of InsuranceDekho.


“On National Technology Day, we honor both today’s achievements and the seeds of innovation planted in young minds. This year’s theme, ‘From Schools to Startups: Igniting Young Minds to Innovate’, rightfully reflects industry’s commitment to nurturing the innovators of tomorrow. As leaders, we are entrusted with guiding these young minds on their journey from education to entrepreneurship. By providing mentorship, resources, and hands-on experiences, we need to bridge theory with practice, academia with industry. Let’s reaffirm our dedication to fostering innovation in every sphere, shaping a future where technology drives positive change. Together, let’s empower the next generation to realize their potential, creating a world where possibilities are endless”.

Arpan Sahoo, Chief Operating Officer, KaleidEO

“India is at the forefront of the space technology revolution, with nearly 200 active space tech startups showcasing our commitment to innovation and exploration. These advancements hold promise in addressing humanity’s most pressing challenges.


Today, Earth Observation (EO) solutions exemplify how space technology aids us in tackling diverse challenges on the ground, spanning defense, agriculture, financial inclusion, and sustainability, among others.


At KaleidEO, we are laser focused on creating value in the upstream through our satellite imaging technologies that help democratise the data access from space without sacrificing quality and value. We believe the optimal way is to address the data needs downstream and translate them into hardware innovation.


As we celebrate National Technology Day, we reaffirm our dedication to delivering futuristic tech solutions that empower decision-makers, stakeholders and end-users to address the challenges of ever-changing world.

Dr. Vishnu Vardhan, Co-founder & CEO, SML India

“As we commemorate ‘National Technology Day’ to honour the remarkable achievements of India’s tech community, it makes us proud to see the infinite opportunities that lie ahead of us. India has been at the forefront when it comes to integrating and adopting new age technology. Whether it is fintech or ecommerce, it is fascinating to see India’s growth trajectory, from UPI going global and UPI transactions witnessing an exponential growth of 147% in the last 5 years, to the emergence of game changing platforms like ONDC completing more than 7.1 million cumulative orders in the last year. These technologies are bringing the next level of innovation for businesses and customers alike. And this is just the beginning. 

This year, generative artificial intelligence has witnessed massive growth with the potential to add a cumulative US$1.2-1.5 trillion to India’s GDP over the next seven years, according to a report by Ernst & Young India. The impact of this technology goes much beyond just accessibility and is bound to become a catalyst for economic transformation, with a substantial number of public and private organisations embracing GenAI solutions. 

Given the country’s rich linguistic tapestry, where 80% of the population speaks non-English languages, it is imperative to design a platform that caters to this diverse pool of users. This will help in democratising AI access for the masses by overcoming language barriers and empowering every individual, regardless of their socioeconomic background. 

Gen AI presents immense opportunities for diverse sectors ranging from financial services to healthcare, e-commerce, food delivery apps, and education by helping them streamline internal processes and drive exponential growth for organisations. As we stand at the cusp of this technological revolution, it is fundamental to not just celebrate our achievements but also collaboratively commit to the endless possibilities of tomorrow.”

Mr. Sivakumar Selva Ganapathy, Vice President at OpenBlue India Software Engineering & APAC Solutions, Johnson Controls

“This year, India celebrates the 25th anniversary of National Technology Day. As we reflect on this journey, it is evident that our progress over the past two decades has been nothing short of remarkable. From our early achievements to emerging as a global technological hub today, India’s strength and capability in the domain speaks for itself.

While technology has impacted every sector in India, one area where it is poised to make a defining impact is sustainability. From building management systems analyzing occupancy patterns to AI-powered Smart grids optimizing energy distribution, technology is actively transforming cities into efficient and sustainable hubs. As a corollary, the area of green technology and green buildings is increasingly becoming more relevant, and as it continues to evolve, skilling & curriculum development assumes added importance. It is our firm belief that this can be best achieved through industry-academia collaboration. 

At Johnson Controls India, we are observing a steady increase in the adoption of technologies for green-buildings, and it won’t be long before buildings evolve from merely being smart, to autonomous – capable of governing and maintaining itself! This national technology day, as we look at the strides made, we also look forward to witnessing the future of green technologies unfold, and renew our commitment to innovating for a green tomorrow. “

Mr. Sanjoy Bhattacharya, Director of Sales & Marketing, IT Business, ViewSonic India. 

Commenting on Technology Day, Sanjoy Bhattacharya, Director of Sales & Marketing, IT Business, ViewSonic India, said, “Celebrating Technology Day is not just about celebrating and acknowledging the advancements in the digital world, but it’s also a testament to the enduring culture of creativity which propels technological growth. It is a time that we remember its significant influence in all aspects of life, including reshaping industries,  innovations and redefining tech potential. In celebrating the changing power of technology, ViewSonic stands tall as a leader that keeps showing what is attainable. We have shown our dedication to quality in every pixel by using high-resolution image production through our SuperClear® IPS technology which delivers visual clarity by eliminating image distortion and color shifting. Addition to this our Blur Buster Certification guarantees an immersive gaming experience with vivid colors and striking graphics. We blend aesthetic appeal with practicality to epitomize the synergy between innovation and user-centric design. We use rich characteristics and technologies to redefine how we interact with visual content. In order to give gamers a competitive advantage over competitors, we are among the first to introduce 180 Hz gaming monitors. Instead of sticking only to specific standards, ViewSonic uses additional features, making viewing more enjoyable and ensuring performance without sacrificing the user’s comfort. Various devices’ interoperation is guaranteed through USB-C type, enhancing mutual interest and communication in our modern society. For us to fully understand our environment, ViewSonic never tires in its pursuit of perfection, forever evolving how we interact with our customers.”

Rajesh Mani, SVP and Head, Asia Pacific Tech Hubs, Mastercard.

With over 40% of the population under the age of 25, India boasts of a strong demographic dividend. But this makes it critical to invest in their education and upskilling, so we can inspire the nation’s young minds to become innovators and leaders of tomorrow. At Mastercard, we’re committed to empower the youth with skills that makes them future ready. Through our signature STEM program Girls4Tech we’ve trained over one lakh girls across India, and are working towards educating a lakh more by the end of 2024. Besides, we have one of our largest tech hubs in India where more than 90% of our workforce comprises of millennials and GenZs. With customized training programs and innovative AI-driven learning platforms like Unlocked, we continue to invest in developing a young and diverse tech workforce in the country.” 

Rahul Garg, Founder & CEO, Moglix

 “This National Technology Day, we honor the profound impact of technology, which is revolutionizing every domain. Whether it’s AI and ML optimizing manufacturing processes, data analytics fostering innovation in supply chains, blockchain bolstering security in e-commerce, or technology materializing ideas into viable startups, we are amidst a remarkable technological evolution.

At Moglix, we are at the forefront of this revolution, leveraging these advancements to transform the industrial sector. As we commemorate this day, we reaffirm our commitment to harnessing technology for creating value, driving growth, and making a positive impact on society.

 With ever growing technology, it is a rallying call to embrace the limitless potential of tomorrow. We Indian entrepreneurs must seize this moment to reimagine, innovate, and redefine the future landscape of transforming Bharat. Here’s to forging ahead, shaping a tomorrow where technology serves as our guiding beacon, illuminating the path to unprecedented success, one ground-breaking innovation at a time.”

RV Ramanathan, CEO and one of the Co-Founders of Hyperface

“Today, we celebrate the transformative potential of technology in reshaping India’s financial landscape. As the world gravitates toward rapid digital transformation, fintechs stand at the forefront, revolutionising how financial services are delivered and consumed. With widespread smartphone penetration and affordable internet, fintech solutions can now reach even the most remote corners of our country, unlocking opportunities for previously underserved customer segments. At Hyperface, we are driven by a vision to fuse cutting-edge technology with laser-focused customer-centricity, to redefine credit card innovation. As we forge ahead, let’s inspire and equip young minds to leverage the unbridled possibilities of technology to address Bharat’s unique challenges and opportunities.”

Amit Choudhary, Chief Operating Officer, Wipro Limited.

“On National Technology Day, it is important to celebrate the new frontiers discovered with technology. However, we must also recognise the people – the scientists and engineers – that work tirelessly to take humankind to new heights every single day. We must remember that technology is only as good as the professionals who wield it.

The technology of today is AI, which has a plethora of benefits for professionals. As it takes on more routine and monotonous tasks, the workforce of tomorrow will have far more time to focus on other aspects of their jobs – strategic planning, innovation, problem-solving, and creativity.

While technical skills are obviously paramount, integration of AI allows for these skills to be merged with softer skills such as emotional intelligence, creativity, and a deep understanding of business.

In this new era, companies must renew their commitment to fostering a culture of continuous learning and development, where employees can acquire new skills and adapt to the changing demands of the marketplace. At Wipro, we firmly believe that those who can apply creativity, curiosity, and deep domain and business expertise will be able to differentiate themselves and thrive in this evolving landscape.”

Anup Purohit, Chief Information Officer, Wipro Limited:

“India’s youth today is brimming with potential; these young minds are beginning to actively engage with complex scientific concepts and drive progress in areas like AI and cloud. We are witnessing this first hand at Wipro and in the larger society around us. This enthusiasm, curiosity, and willingness to explore and experiment is shaping a vibrant ecosystem where scientific innovation can thrive.

As a leader with a sizeable team comprising young and nimble minds, we have a unique opportunity and responsibility to cultivate this potential through mentorship and guidance. At Wipro, our commitment extends beyond mentorship, we believe in the power of continuous investment in our people. Our ai360 ecosystem, backed by a billion-dollar investment, empowers our talent pool and helps them navigate the intricacies of an ever evolving technology landscape.

In technology (particularly in AI), data analytics, cyber security, and digital transformation lies the power to revolutionise businesses and economies alike. Acknowledging this, it becomes essential to strategically channel and focus our resources on fostering the skills and capabilities of our youth. This is crucial for driving sustainable socio-economic development and shape the future of technology in India.”

Praveen Krishna, Head of Corporate Communications and Investor Relations

“From the country that fed the world computing and managerial talents to becoming a self-contained fountainhead of digital transformation, Sify mirrors India in the second part of this evolution cycle. Having started life as evangelist and enabler of bringing Indians online, Sify has metamorphosed into a partner role. With its bedrock network and data center strengths and highly customizable digital portfolio, Sify offers a single pane of convergence for the prospective CXO to pick and evaluate appropriately and cost effectively. All through these decades of growth, Sify generously benefitted from the quantum leaps that technology transitioned in the country while strengthening its own ranks with the best of talents from multiple domains.

As a country, we stand poised on becoming the fastest growing digital economy in the world. Looking back, Sify is proud to have kickstarted that evolution in our own way.

AJ Sunder, CIO & CPO, Responsive

“Innovation today is not just progressing; it’s accelerating at an unprecedented pace, driven largely by young, agile minds in dynamic startups. These individuals are not just participants but are at the forefront, challenging entrenched industry norms and large organizations. With technology evolving daily and access to information more accessible than ever, coupled with breakthroughs in artificial intelligence, the new generation holds a remarkable power to advance society. Aspiring entrepreneurs have the opportunity to harness the raw potential of new ideas to transform industries and drive progress in ways we’ve only imagined. It’s a pivotal time, where small teams with big ideas can truly change the course of history.”


Priyank Kapadia, Product and Technology Partner at Bounteous x Accolite.

Empowering Tomorrow’s Innovators: Bounteous x Accolite’s Vision on National Technology Day

“As we celebrate National Technology Day, we’re right on the edge of a new frontier in tech. Think groundbreaking developments in AI, Internet of Things, cloud computing, and mobile tech that are setting the stage for tomorrow. It’s more important than ever to spark a passion for innovation and entrepreneurship in our young folks. Getting them involved early with our ever-evolving tech scene helps them tap into its vast potential and come up with solid, innovative business ideas.

Across the board, educational institutions are linking arms with the tech industry through guest lectures and interactive tech sessions. We at Bounteous x Accolite, are scaling it bigger. Our Campus Connect initiative and collaborations with universities aren’t just about exposure, they’re about immersion. We’re giving up-and-coming talent real-world problems to solve in our co-innovation labs, and believe me, they are just getting warmed up.

Think about it, today’s kids have the advantage of being connected online through blazing-fast internet. With high exposure and potential, they just await the nudge to convert this into innovative tech supported solutions which have a high societal impact. That’s our cue to step in. We’re here to throw open the doors to a playground of high-tech tools, use-cases from data science to the latest in AI. By challenging them with real-world problems and linking them up with industry pros who have been in the trenches, we’re not just encouraging them to think differently, but also work collaboratively just as a start-up would, to ignite bold, unconventional thinking – daring them to develop solutions that reshape our world.

So, this National Technology Day, let’s all lean in. Let’s equip the next wave of innovators with the tech they need and let them run wild with it. The sooner they engage, the swifter their impact through innovative entrepreneurship that uplifts industries and communities. Together, we are not just watching the future happen, we’re shaping it, and trust me, it’s going to be mind-blowing.”


Chaitanya Chokkareddy, co-founder and chief technology officer at Ozonetel Communications

Empowering Young Minds: Ozonetel’s Commitment to AI for Everyone Through Storytelling this National Technology Day

“National Technology Day celebrates the transformative power of technology. This year’s theme, “From Schools to Startups,” perfectly captures its role in igniting innovation within young minds. Integrating AI into education can empower students to transcend passive learning, fostering proactive problem-solving and critical thinking skills.

We at Ozonetel believe in ‘AI for Everyone’ through Storytelling. Ozonetel’s recent partnership with Swecha (NGO) engaged 10,000 students in digitizing Telugu folk tales, resulting in the first-ever Telugu language storytelling application. This project not only preserved cultural heritage but also provided students with valuable hands-on AI development experience. Building on this success, our “Summer of AI” internship program empowers 100,000 students to collaborate on building a comprehensive Telugu Language Model (LLM). This program fosters exploration of AI and development of Text-to-Speech models.

Engaging students in real-world projects equips them with the skills to become future-ready entrepreneurs and tech leaders who will contribute significantly to the AI-driven workforce. By embracing AI on National Technology Day, we empower young minds to become passionate innovators, shaping the future of technology itself.”


Srividhya Deshpande, Global Talent Lead, Egen

At Egen, fostering innovation among the next generation of tech leaders is at the core of our mission. A recent NASSCOM report estimates that, of the 3 million joining the IT workforce, only 25% of graduates with engineering background are employable. Therefore it becomes critical to address the gap between skills needed for high-quality technology jobs and work readiness of graduates. 

Our commitment to Igniting Young Minds to Innovate extends far beyond our own team. This is also exemplified through our recent endeavors. Collaborating with the Society for Cyberabad Security Council (SCSC), we have embarked on a journey to mentor 127 bright young minds from grades 9 to Intermediate 1st year. As panel members and mentors, we are guiding these students toward a future rich with technological innovation.

Furthermore, on International Women’s Day, we partnered with the United Way of Hyderabad to empower women in technology at Telangana Mahila Viswavidyalayam. Engaging with 100 female students, our volunteers shared insights into technology projects, career pathways, and resume enhancement strategies, thereby paving the way for gender inclusivity in the tech industry.

Shivam Thakral, CEO of BuyUcoin, India’s second-longest running digital asset exchange

BuyUcoin Celebrates India’s Crypto Industry’s Growth on National Technology Day

India celebrates National Technology Day on May 11, commemorating a legacy of innovation and technological progress. At BuyUcoin, we stand as pioneers in the Indian crypto industry, leading the way in digital asset trading since our inception. With a relentless commitment to innovation, we’ve continuously expanded our platform, offering a seamless and secure environment for crypto users to trade and invest.

From our early days, we recognized the transformative potential of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology in India’s financial ecosystem. By adhering to stringent regulatory standards and fostering trust among our users, we’ve played a key role in enabling safe crypto trading in the country.

The growth of India’s crypto industry has been remarkable, with Web3 technology emerging as a catalyst for transformative change. Web3 holds immense potential, particularly in the context of India’s evolving financial sector. It promises to democratize access to financial services, offering a gateway to previously underserved populations

As we celebrate National Technology Day, we reaffirm our commitment to shaping the future of finance in India. Our journey of pioneering doesn’t stop here. We continue to push the boundaries of innovation, leveraging cutting-edge technologies to enhance user experience and drive industry evolution. Through strategic partnerships, research, and development initiatives, we remain at the forefront of introducing novel solutions and services that cater to the evolving needs of our users.

Jyotsna Hirdyani, South Asia Head at Bitget, world’s leading web3 company.

Bitget Praises India’s Role in Advancing Blockchain and Web3 on Its National Technology Day

India celebrates the National Technology Day on May 11. Bitget, the world’s leading crypto exchange, takes the occasion to admire India’s contribution to technological advancements globally. India has been a key centre of technological research and innovation. It also has a robust startup ecosystem that links seamlessly with those in other countries. India’s leadership position in information technology makes it a natural destination for new blockchain and web3 development projects. Web3 is the new internet where users have control over their content and also earn a share of the revenue. Blockchain and Web3 are poised to play an important role in the emerging decentralised business and technology landscape. Keeping this in mind, Bitget has recently launched Blockchain4Youth, an initiative to empower youth by training them to use Web3 tools. India’s National Technology Day once again reminds us of the premier role the country plays in fostering technological innovations and giving space to new and emerging technologies. As many Indian startups and technology professionals are engaged with Web3 projects, we expect the momentum to continue.

Over the past year, Blockchain4Youth has engaged over 6,000 participants and delivered over 54 campus lectures and workshops worldwide. Various events took place in Asia, the Middle East, Oceania, Europe and South America.  The courses connect young participants with the tools and knowledge to understand and utilise blockchain technology, and over 2,000 certificates were issued to participants who completed the courses and passed the test.

The program’s ongoing collaborations with prominent influencers and over 51 universities, including University College London (UCL) in the United Kingdom, National Technological University in Argentina, Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology in Australia, National Taiwan University’s Blockchain Club, Ateneo De Manila University in the Philippines and many more. The program’s wide reach reinforces the company’s dedication to advancing blockchain education and empowerment initiatives.

Sachin Alug, CEO, NLB Services

Despite the recent turbulence in the technology ecosystem, the resurgence in contractual hiring and the surge in talent demand for emerging tech roles, both in tech and non-tech companies, heralds a new dawn for the sector. As we navigate through the disruptions brought by AI and automation, organizations, educational institutions and governing bodies need to collaborate in tandem to foster opportunities and create a robust pool of skilled talent for the future.”

Gaurav Parchani, CTO and Co-Founder, Dozee

“As India asserts its position as a global technology leader, this National Technology Day is an opportune moment to celebrate our commitment to scientific innovation and progress.  At the forefront of our journey lies the transformative power of AI, poised to disrupt industries, and reinvent thinking. At Dozee, we are particularly excited about the potential of AI to revolutionise the healthcare sector, enhancing patient care and outcomes. Our commitment extends beyond mere innovation; we are dedicated to creating a new generation of leaders characterised by scientific curiosity and a drive to effect positive change. However, while developing and encouraging technology, we must take utmost care to make sure it is inclusive unlike the past. Therefore, Bharat emerging as Vishwa Guru in Technology is of even more importance not just for us but for the world. Bharat has time and again shown with Aadhar, UPI and many more tech first solutions that when we build, we build for everyone.”

Tata Elxsi – Biswajit Biswas, Chief Data Scientist, Tata Elxsi

India’s tech potential isn’t just waiting to be realised; it is already in motion. AI technologies are driving unprecedented change across industries worldwide. At Tata Elxsi, we are using AI to change the game in transportation, healthcare, telecom, and broadcast media. From self-driving cars to personalised healthcare, our focus is on real-world solutions that make a difference. But it’s not just about the technology; it’s about how it improves everyday life. Whether it is keeping you connected or entertaining you with tailored content, AI-powered innovations are all about enhancing experiences. We believe in the power of technology to drive positive change and open new possibilities. By harnessing the potential of AI, we are not just shaping the future of India’s tech landscape; we are shaping a better, more inclusive world for all.

Ascendion – Priyanka Jain, Lead, Engineering Product Management, Ascendion

The coming year promises a transformative landscape driven by innovation and technology. Artificial intelligence (AI) stands poised as a powerful catalyst, but navigating this change requires agility. Embracing new technologies to enhance productivity is key, but so is responsible digital citizenship.

While AI offers immense potential, we must be aware of the security risks that accompany the digital era.  From data breaches to identity theft, the potential for misuse is real.  The increasing number of scams underscores this point. We must act responsibly by using technology ethically and fostering awareness about online threats.

Furthermore, as AI-generated data (GenAI) becomes more prevalent, critical thinking is paramount.  Not all information presented by AI will be perfect.  It’s crucial to analyze the data, identify potential biases, and fact-check before making important decisions.

India, with its vast talent pool and burgeoning startup ecosystem, is well-positioned to be a leader in this technological revolution. By fostering a culture of innovation, responsibility, and critical thinking, India can unlock its true tech potential and shape a secure and prosperous future.

Whatfix – Khadim Batti, Co-Founder & CEO, Whatfix

India’s technological landscape is undergoing a profound transformation. A confluence of forces, including digital adoption, AI, ML, platform businesses, and open networks, is reshaping the nation’s socio-economic fabric. Government initiatives like API setu, Digi Locker and the JAM trinity serve as powerful examples of technology’s transformative potential. Driven by the visionary Digital India program, a fertile ecosystem has been fostered, encouraging businesses to experiment with cutting-edge technologies. This synergy between enterprise innovation and government vision unlocks unprecedented opportunities fueled by digital advancements. This surge in digital adoption has cemented India’s position as the world’s fastest-growing digital economy, attracting significant investments.

In this dynamic landscape, user-centric technology is crucial. Whatfix pioneered the concept of userization, aimed at making technology user-savvy and driving organizational ROI. Userization transcends mere bots or AI assistants; Userization-inspired technology creates inclusive, integrated software experiences to maximize ROI in technology investments. We believe embracing a customer-first strategy and catering to specific needs can inspire a future that is more sustainable and accessible.

Beyond user-friendly technology, nurturing relevant skill sets is essential. Digital Adoption Platforms (DAPs) are a rapidly growing category, and expertise in this area is a valuable asset for IT professionals. Whatfix University offers a first-of-its-kind comprehensive range of certifications in DAP and Product Analytics, empowering individuals to become experts in these critical areas. Since 2021, we’ve witnessed consistent growth, upskilling over 4,100 professionals who have entered the workforce.

India’s rise as a technological powerhouse is undeniable, and its impact on the global stage is only growing. I can’t wait to see what we achieve together in the years to come.

UST – Krishna Sudheendra, CEO, UST

India is now an attractive, forward-thinking economy poised for sustained growth. Technological innovation steers every industry and the tech industry plays a pivotal role in pushing India’s growth. Our talent tops the world when it comes to STEM fields. India is home to some of the most promising and extraordinary tech start-ups especially in niche 4.0 technologies like AI, ML, computer vision, cloud computing, etc. Modern business is almost synonymous with AI now, offering tremendous opportunities for growth. This is certainly a key element that will take India closer to the trillion-dollar dream. The tech industry also creates an eco-system around it, leading to jobs in the allied sectors, from housekeeping to security. This not only creates more jobs but also increases consumer demand and overall improvement in infrastructure.

Besides technology, automotive, manufacturing, retail, media, and telecom sectors are poised for most growth and semiconductor and manufacturing sectors are in a particularly promising stage currently. However, there is a need to invest in skill development in these domains. Automating the manufacturing sector using new technologies, can create a competitive edge for India.

Equinix – Manoj Paul, Managing Director, Equinix India

India’s ambitious goal of achieving a $5 trillion economy relies heavily on the nation’s ability to embrace transformative technologies. Data is the new oil for any economy and Artificial Intelligence is going to be key for success for enterprises and countries, in the years to come. As the world’s digital infrastructure company with 260 data centers across 71 metros, Equinix plays a crucial role in providing the robust digital infrastructure necessary for enterprises to drive their digital transformation initiatives forward. With Equinix’s complete bouquet of Datacenter and interconnection services along with Digital Services now being available in India we are geared to support India’s digital growth.

Equinix Datacenter facilities in India not only offer secure and reliable colocation services but also provide a comprehensive suite of cutting-edge digital and interconnection services. With our partnership with leading technology providers for AI, we are ready to support organization planning to realize the power of AI for providing better services to their customers. This empowers businesses with the agility, connectivity, and scalability needed to thrive in today’s digital landscape.

As businesses increasingly adopt hybrid multicloud infrastructure to safeguard sensitive data while leveraging the benefits of the cloud, Equinix stands at the forefront of this transformative shift. Our network-dense and cloud-adjacent platform allows customers to store their data in Equinix International Business Exchange data centers, which are strategically located adjacent to public clouds and major cloud services. This proximity ensures high-speed cloud connectivity while providing businesses with full control over their data.

Equinix’s commitment to India goes beyond providing world-class infrastructure. We understand the unique challenges and opportunities that businesses face in this dynamic market. Organizations in India have aspirations to reach out to customer globally while many global enterprises are planning their entry into India and those already operating in India are expanding their operations. Through Equinix, companies can gain access to a global ecosystem of partners, customers, and service providers, enabling them to accelerate their digital transformation journey and unlock new growth opportunities, driving the nation’s economic growth.

Cureskin – Mr. Ramakrishna R, Co-Founder and CTO, Cureskin

As we celebrate National Technology Day, we reflect on India’s immense potential to harness innovation and drive transformative change on a global scale. At Cureskin, we epitomize this potential, leveraging cutting-edge AI technology to revolutionize access to dermat driven-skincare analysis.  Our journey is not just about developing a successful business; it’s about empowering individuals to take control of their skin health like never before under the guidance of our expert dermatologists. Through our AI-powered app, we’ve democratized access to dermatological expertise, providing accurate analyses and personalized recommendations at the touch of a button. Beyond mere diagnosis, we’re committed to holistic wellness, offering diet and lifestyle guidance tailored to each user’s unique needs. India’s tech landscape is ripe with talent and ingenuity, and we’re proud to be at the forefront of this movement, driving innovation and pushing boundaries in the field of dermatology. As we continue to evolve and expand our offerings, we remain steadfast in our mission to make skincare smarter, simpler, and more accessible for all.

Arun Nayyar, MD & CEO, NeoGrowth;

“At NeoGrowth, we believe in harnessing technology as a strategic tool to drive business goals and impact. Our commitment lies in achieving sustainable and profitable growth by seamlessly integrating technology into every facet of our operations. From enhancing risk management and operational efficiency to delivering unparalleled customer experiences, we leverage digital innovation at every step. We have a well-integrated digital infrastructure; encompassing the India Stack, Aadhaar authentication, GST,  digital payment ecosystem and Account Aggregator Framework we ensure a seamless and simplified process for our customers.

Our operational capabilities driven by tech and data enables us to process nearly 90% of loans within a mere 3 days, demonstrating our unwavering commitment to speed and efficiency. This synergy between technology and business objectives is pivotal in fostering an inclusive credit ecosystem tailored to the unique needs of India’s MSMEs”

Mr. Aditya Gupta, CEO at Credilio on the occasion of National Technology Day.

“National Technology Day celebrates India’s technological expertise and the advancements the country has made over the years. In India, technology plays a pivotal role in propelling every industry forward, and as a member of the fintech industry, we have been privileged to be a part of this transformative journey.

At Credilio, we believe in inspiring and empowering the youth to become the next generation of innovators, fostering a culture where every idea thrives. 

 We remain committed to investing in and leveraging technology to make financial services more accessible, user-friendly, and secure. Together, let’s inspire a generation of innovators who will drive progress and shape the future of finance and beyond”

Rohit Kaila, Head of Technology and Site Leader Wayfair India TDC

The pace of AI advancements in recent years has been nothing short of remarkable. A 2023 IBM survey highlights that with over 40% of enterprises already leveraging AI, and a significant portion exploring its potential. This integration is transforming industries. We’re seeing AI optimize healthcare diagnostics, personalize customer experiences, and even generate creative content.

This progress is enabling AI systems to engage in increasingly human-like interactions. No longer are we limited to rigidly scripted chatbots – we can engage in free-form dialogue, offering contextualized insights and creative suggestions. This shift is AI’s ability to absorb and synthesize massive sets of digital knowledge. In effect, AI is democratizing specialized expertise by making it accessible on-demand through natural conversational interfaces. An entrepreneur can brainstorm business ideas with an AI consultant. To thrive in this new era, individuals will need an open mindset towards working with AI collaborators. Critical thinking to evaluate AI outputs will be key, as will the ability to articulate nuanced prompts to steer AI systems. Creative visioning will grow more important as AI handles many routine tasks.

At Wayfair, we are extremely excited about the potential of AI to enhance our customer experience and operational efficiency. With our expansion by opening a tech center in India, our focus is on building a strong tech and engineering team in India that highlights the global talent pool required for AI advancements. The Indian TDC is strategically focused on enhancing global customer experiences through AI-powered support, expert guidance, and cutting-edge visualization technologies.

Manish Bhatia, President – Technology, Analytics and Capabilities, Lendingkart

AI has advanced significantly in areas like machine learning, natural language processing, computer vision, robotics, and autonomous systems. However, we are still far from achieving artificial general intelligence (AGI) that can match the depth of human-like interaction, consciousness and cognition. While language models are becoming increasingly fluent, they still struggle with nuanced context, true reasoning, and sustained multi-domain dialogue.

AI is democratizing access to specialized knowledge work through accessible tools, APIs, and pre-trained models, enabling those without direct AI expertise to leverage advanced capabilities. However, the development of cutting-edge AI systems remains highly concentrated among a few tech giants with vast resources and data. Thereby, raising valid concerns over centralized control of this powerful technology.

To truly thrive in an increasingly AI-driven world, individuals must cultivate large number of skills and mindsets. This includes adaptability and continuous learning to stay relevant, focusing on uniquely human strengths like creativity, emotional intelligence and abstraction that AI may not easily replicate. Additionally, developing AI literacy, exercising ethical reasoning, critical thinking about the impacts of AI, and an entrepreneurial mindset to create value by combining human and AI capabilities is the need of the hour.


Sriraman Raghunathan , Global AI Leader, Marlabs

The landscape of AI advancements in industry has witnessed remarkable growth at a breakneck speed, especially around natural language processing models enabling more conversational AI interactions. With today’s advancements in AI, human-machine interfaces and interactions is undergoing a significant shift. Natural language processing models have become increasingly sophisticated, enabling systems to understand and respond to human language (text, voice, speech, gestures) with greater accuracy and nuance. This improvement allows for more fluid and conversational interactions, mimicking the way humans communicate with each other, enhancing capabilities of virtual assistants, chatbots, and other traditional AI-driven interfaces.

The great democratization of access to knowledge and levelling of certain specializations, specifically in the knowledge and creative industries. Entry level computer programming, media productions (music, videos, pictures), research and analysis, marketing, education and even some specific healthcare domains. I think adaptable mindsets to embrace change are fundamental and key to thrive. Individuals not only need to understand and have knowledge of AI-driven tools, but also need to develop soft skills, especially critical thinking as we will see more AI influenced content and perspectives. Finally they need to have the willingness to experiment, take risks and develop an entrepreneurial mindset to identify and explore new opportunities and be innovative.


Sajith Kurup, Global Director, Analytics, AB InBev GCC India

“Technology has emerged as a pivotal force in global advancement, transforming our methods of living, working, and connecting. The adoption of leading-edge technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Big Data Analytics is revolutionizing various sectors, setting the stage for unparalleled efficiency, productivity, and innovation. In today’s landscape, value generation is increasingly influenced by personalization. Advanced analytics coupled with AI/ML technologies are facilitating scalable solutions that enhance operational excellence, leading to greater automation and digitization. GenAI is at the forefront of this revolution. 

At ABI, we recognize the transformative potential of GenAI and its capacity to drive significant change within our organization. We are also cognizant of the need for a measured approach when dealing with such disruptive technologies. This entails fostering an environment of excitement while judiciously allocating our resources, investments, and time toward initiatives that yield considerable returns. Over the last year, AB InBev GCC has identified over 100+ opportunities through our GenAI initiative, aimed at enhancing productivity or driving top-line growth across various business functions. ABI has strategically focused on promising areas for GenAI application, including Backoffice Transformation, Software Development, Employee Productivity, and Insights Support. As we continue to expand our pilot projects with a primary emphasis on Productivity, we are also venturing into exploring opportunities for Top-line growth through GenAI.

It is crucial to recognize that Gen AI represents only a fraction of the engineering required for comprehensive solutions. When Gen AI is integrated into a process, it necessitates a redesign of the operating model. It is imperative to phase out or limit old manual assets to prevent reverting to them out of habit. Change management plays a vital role in fully leveraging the capabilities of GenAI, ensuring a smooth transition and achieving the desired outcomes.”

Vipin Jain, President, Datacenter Operations, CtrlS Datacenters

In the contemporary business landscape, data has emerged as the cornerstone, empowering organizations to drive strategic decisions, foster growth, and elevate customer experiences. Recognizing this pivotal role, the widespread integration of Artificial Intelligence (AI) is revolutionizing data management practices. Leveraging cutting-edge algorithms, AI platforms adeptly dissect patterns, forecast storage requirements, and optimize data allocation, thereby maximizing resource utilization within storage systems while reducing costs. This transformative approach not only enhances storage efficiency but also empowers proactive identification of potential challenges while streamlining backup processes. This also leads to cost reductions and facilitates the democratization of work, granting broader access to expertise and insights by freeing up time and providing access to a wealth of resources. Beyond enhancing skill sets across sectors, the democratization of AI empowers Engineering, Research, and Development (ER&D) to innovate and deploy cutting-edge updates, advancing the development of AI algorithms to new levels of sophistication and effectiveness. Going forward, the fusion of human intelligence with AI promises smarter assistance and unlocks new opportunities, making collaboration and intuition crucial skills in maximizing AI’s potential. We are bullish that AI will catalyse various processes across industries, fundamentally reshaping the datacenter paradigm for enhanced efficiency and agility.

Pankaj Sachdeva, Vice President, Data Science & Analytics and Managing Director, India Innovation, Pitney Bowes

“AI advancements have been transformative, reshaping industries and driving innovation at an unprecedented pace. The evolution of AI technologies has significantly altered processes and redefined human-machine interactions, ushering in a new era of more intuitive and natural engagements with technology. Across industries, advancements in AI have facilitated a profound shift towards more human-like interactions with technology. Through techniques like natural language processing and sentiment analysis, AI systems are now capable of understanding and responding to human emotions and preferences, fostering deeper connections, and enhancing user experiences.

Domain knowledge plays a crucial role in harnessing the full power of AI, enabling organizations to leverage specialized insights across various industries. By combining domain expertise with AI-powered analytics and decision-making tools, organizations can augment human capabilities and democratize access to insights previously confined to specialized domains. This democratization of knowledge not only fosters innovation but also empowers individuals to make informed decisions and drive positive change. In the shipping and mailing industry, AI is transforming logistics operations, enabling more efficient and reliable shipping solutions. AI-powered analytics optimize shipping routes, reduce delivery times, and enhance customer experiences. Additionally, AI-driven insights improve inventory management and streamline supply chain processes, driving efficiency and cost-effectiveness. 

Looking ahead adaptability, continuous learning, and a human-centred approach will be key to thrive. Embracing a growth mindset and cultivating digital literacy will be paramount, enabling individuals to harness the full potential of AI technologies and navigate the evolving digital ecosystem effectively. As we embark on this journey of technological advancement, let us seize the opportunities presented by AI to create a more inclusive, innovative, and human-centric future for all.”

Dr. Selvakumaran Mannappan, COO at Birlasoft

“The rapid evolution of AI has sparked a revolutionary transformation across various industries we cater to. We’re transitioning from conventional methods to dynamic, AI-driven solutions that enhance efficiency and transform customer experiences. The pace of AI innovation is accelerating, reshaping industries, streamlining operations, and empowering quicker, data-driven decision-making. While AI has been in existence for decades, we’re currently witnessing an unprecedented surge in its capabilities and practical real-world applications. According to a recent IBM survey, over 40% of enterprises have already integrated AI, and an additional 40% are actively considering its adoption across different business functions.

 Today’s AI systems excel in aiding complex data analysis, predictive modelling, and decision making, effectively complementing human intelligence, and enabling employees to work smarter. Notably, AI is democratizing access to specialized expertise across various industries, allowing a wider range of businesses and individuals to leverage advanced analytics and insights.

 Moreover, to thrive in this AI-driven era, it’s crucial to nurture skills like data literacy, critical thinking, creativity, emotional intelligence, and adaptability. At Birlasoft, we recognize AI’s transformative potential and are committed to investing in these cutting-edge technologies to deliver intelligent solutions that drive innovation for our clients. Our vision is to responsibly harness the power of AI while promoting a culture of continuous learning within our organization.”

Samit Banerjee, Division President, Cloud Operations Services & Head of Customer Service Unit, Amdocs

In the rapidly evolving digital era, artificial intelligence (AI) has emerged as a game-changer for the telecom industry, offering solutions to challenges and driving unparalleled opportunities. AI’s intelligent capabilities, alongside the potential of 5G, empower industries to innovate, optimize processes, and deliver enhanced services to their customers. And now, with Generative AI, the telecom industry is on the brink of a new technological revolution.

Advancements in AI, especially with Generative AI, are making interactions with technology more human-like. This allows communications service providers (CSPs) to develop prototypes and platforms to overcome key challenges like streamlining business operations, ensuring effective network throughput and optimizing the service for customer satisfaction. This ability to anticipate and adapt to market changes can significantly increase CSP’s competitive edge and potential for growth.

AI, particularly Gen AI, opens doors to knowledge and technical skills that were once inaccessible. This democratization of AI empowers users without a technical background, equipping them with the benefits of technology. Making AI technologies more accessible broadens the horizons of what businesses can achieve. For instance, it enables businesses to enhance their employees’ skills, boosting productivity. However, it is crucial for development tools to establish safe and responsible AI standards to prevent inaccurate data and bias.

As tech advances, foundational skills like communication, collaboration, critical thinking, creativity and problem-solving will become crucial, even in technical fields. Additionally, individuals will need to be flexible and adapt to continuous learning to succeed.

Karthikeyan K, Co-founder & CTO, KreditBee

“One of the key objectives of fintech such as KreditBee, is to promote financial inclusion across India by enabling the unbanked and underbanked population to perform financial transactions on the platform. A digital and mobile first approach helps due to the wide reach of the digital/mobile platform, the cost efficiency that can be brought about, the personalization that can be done to the various diverse set of customers that are accessing the platform along with the convenience and accessibility that the customers have in terms of using it anywhere anytime. Additionally, we are also able to provide faster service and turn around time to issues faced by customers due to the data analytics aspects through which we can understand what the customers are doing and solve them. In turn, we can also gamify the solutions to keep the customers interested.”


Sarvjeet Singh Virk, Co-founder & MD, Shoonya by Finvasia

“Fintech companies are playing a pivotal role in driving financial inclusion by leveraging technology to overcome barriers to access and deliver innovative solutions tailored to the needs of rural customers. Through digital banking services, agent banking, mobile payments, microfinance, financial education, and data-driven lending, fintechs are expanding financial access, empowering rural communities, and driving economic growth in the country. 

This sector in tier 2 and 3 markets has witnessed a surge due to the dynamic landscape of fintech innovation. According to the data shared by the Government of India with the parliament, fintech startups in the country numbered over 3,085 as of April 2023, with a cumulative funding of $9.7 billion in 2021 and 2022. These startups have emerged as a significant catalyst for this boom. AI, blockchain, cloud computing, and big data is being used to provide new solutions in finance. Services in payments, lending, wealth management, insurance, and personal finance are gaining popularity. To resonate with the local population, many startups are employing local languages, vernacular content, and gamification, aligning their strategies with the preferences and behavior of these evolving markets.”

Shrini Viswanath, Co-founder, Upstox.

“At Upstox, our mission is to empower Indians to Invest Right and build their wealth with confidence. Leveraging technology, we’ve evolved from a mere trading platform to a holistic wealth management solution. Pioneering e-Aadhaar account opening services, we’ve catalysed greater equity involvement, particularly among families in tier 2 and tier 3 cities. We’re committed to enhancing every Indian’s wealth journey by providing access to cutting-edge tools and resources. Through ongoing product innovation, we’re dedicated to building a robust tech infrastructure that aligns with this vision.”

Dr Gopichand Katragadda, President of The IET

“On this National Technology Day, let us celebrate India’s ascendancy in the global technology arena, where every innovation and every achievement marks our relentless pursuit of excellence. From the intricate corridors of our burgeoning startups to the expansive trajectories of our space missions, India’s technological tapestry is vibrant and diverse. Our professionals, both at home and abroad, are not just participants but leaders on the world stage, constantly pushing the boundaries of what’s possible. Today, we call upon our stalwarts in the industry to commit anew to the future—by investing 2-4% of their revenues in research and development. Such dedication will fuel our ongoing technological revolution and secure India’s position as a global powerhouse of innovation and enterprise. Let us pledge to nurture this ecosystem with fervour, ensuring that the next generation of technology solves complex challenges and propels us towards unprecedented heights of development and prosperity.”

 Mr. Sanjeev Chabbra, Managing Director & CEO at Beetel Teletech Ltd.

“In today’s digital era, where data has emerged as the lifeblood of organizations and a prime target for cybercriminals, ensuring data security and privacy has become imperative for any organization here in India. The rapid advancements in artificial intelligence (AI) and the emergence of cutting-edge algorithms have further expanded the cyber threat landscape at an unprecedented pace, posing formidable challenges for organizations across India.

With threat actors leveraging sophisticated AI algorithms to develop potent and evasive cyber attacks capable of circumventing traditional security measures, there’s a heightened awareness and an urgent need to augment cyber budgets. A recent PWC survey revealed that a staggering 99% of respondents acknowledged the necessity of increasing their cyber security investments. However, merely increasing budgets is not enough; organizations must also adopt advanced strategies such as zero trust architecture, continuous threat exposure management, corporate cyber intelligence, and insider threat response systems to fortify their defenses against the ever-evolving cyber threat landscape. As India navigates these challenges, its tech sector is set to play an increasingly pivotal role on the global stage.”

 Mr. Vinod SoodManaging Director & Co-founder at Hughes Systique 

 “Technology is an essential part of our lives which we use every day be it as simple as a TV remote to satellites. At Hughes Systique, we are thankful to all the showrunners of the modern world who design and implement the technology to make our lives easier, not only today on National Technology Day but every day.

Our expert team of innovators are also making their presence felt with their innovations taking place out of our three state-of-the-art R&D centres in India and multiple locations across the globe. Working in the areas of Networking, Media Streaming, Retail, Automotive, AI/ ML, IoT, Blockchain, Security and WiFi Engineering including 5G, Seamless Wi-Fi Access Platform (SWAP) & WiFi Analytics, we are celebrating technology since 2006!”

Rayan Malhotra who is the Founder & CEO of NeoFinity

“National Technology Day is a significant milestone, reminding us of our journey towards innovation and technological empowerment. The fintech sector has always leveraged technology to democratise financial services, ensuring they are accessible to everyone. Our commitment is to continue pushing the boundaries, integrating cutting-edge technologies to make financial systems secure, transparent, and efficient. This day renews our resolve to innovate responsibly and inclusively, propelling India towards a leading position in the global digital economy.”

Sanket Atal, Managing Director – Operations and Site Lead – Technology, Product, at Salesforce India

“This National Technology Day, we should acknowledge India’s remarkable rise as a tech leader, particularly in Artificial Intelligence (AI). A recent report by NASSCOM predicts that the Indian AI market will reach $17 billion by 2027, highlighting its immense potential. Our country is well-positioned for sustained economic growth, with digital transformation serving as a key driver. Moreover, India’s focus on AI’s rapidly evolving innovation cycle further strengthens its growth potential. With a large talent pool, supportive government policies, strong academic institutions, and world-class research and innovation facilities, India possesses some of the richest data sets for AI innovation. E-governance platforms in India are poised to become more intelligent and customized to local communities through AI.

This represents a golden moment for India, with Salesforce as its digital partner committed to building a future where AI empowers individuals and fosters a truly inclusive digital economy. With one of the largest developer ecosystems outside the US, we are dedicated to nurturing and leveraging talent in India. Through our free online learning platform, we are cultivating a diverse pool of tech talent (Trailblazers) and equipping them with the skills and ethical framework to use AI responsibly.

On this National Technology Day, let us reaffirm our commitment to embracing AI as a force for good, driving innovation, and fostering inclusive growth. Together, we can harness the transformative power of technology to build a brighter, more prosperous future for all.

Ms. Zaiba Sarang, Co-founder of iThink Logistics 

“On National Technology Day, we honor the relentless spirit of innovation that drives progress across industries. At iThink Logistics, we embrace technology as a cornerstone of our operations, leveraging cutting-edge solutions to revolutionize the logistics landscape. From AI-powered route optimization to real-time shipment tracking, we are committed to delivering unparalleled efficiency and reliability to our clients worldwide.

As we celebrate the transformative power of technology, we also recognize the importance of collaboration and knowledge sharing in advancing global innovation. By fostering partnerships and embracing a culture of continuous learning, we can unlock new possibilities and drive positive change in the world.”

Mr. Roopak Naresh Gupta, Founder of mTap Digital Business Card. 

On National Technology Day, we proudly acknowledge India’s monumental strides towards digitization, catapulting the nation onto the global stage with unparalleled innovative prowess. Spanning from pioneering advancements in IT to groundbreaking developments in AI and biotechnology, India’s tech landscape reverberates with transformative potential. Embracing digitization isn’t just about shaping India’s future; it’s about imprinting an enduring legacy on the global technological map. As digitization rises, it brings forth a plethora of new-age tech solutions and fundamentally alters networking dynamics. India’s remarkable technological advancements, particularly in networking, underscore this profound impact. Innovations like AI-driven analytics and NFC-enabled business cards have revolutionized connectivity, seamlessly linking businesses nationwide. This intersection of technology and networking serves as the cornerstone of India’s thriving startup ecosystem, igniting entrepreneurial spirit and nurturing a culture of innovation. With AI optimizing operations and NFC facilitating rapid data exchange, startups navigate an unprecedented realm of possibilities and collaborations. On this occasion, at mTap, we reiterate our commitment to harnessing technology as a catalyst for progress, empowering individuals, businesses, and communities, and fostering a brighter, more interconnected world. 

Publicis Sapient– Indra Prabha Sharma, Senior Director Quality Engineering, Publicis Sapient

“The future of the tech industry rests in the hands of young visionaries, making it crucial to foster their creativity and problem-solving skills. Embracing the transformative power of AI, today’s IT industry is rapidly advancing and reshaping our world. As we celebrate National Technology Day, it is fitting to reflect on our role in nurturing the next generation of innovators who will drive this transformation.

At the core of this lies the transformative power of AI, providing young engineers with remarkable tools at their disposal to harness the vast potential of Generative AI. By utilizing it for design prototyping and brainstorming, young talents can accelerate development and introduce groundbreaking concepts at an unprecedented pace.

Going beyond traditional training methods, fresh minds out of universities can be mentored and coached to be polyglots with a 10X behaviour model, rather than being limited in the experience of only a specific craft or business understanding. By integrating AI-driven assistants into their workflows, new generations can collaborate more effectively and enhance productivity. Guidance plays a crucial role in this journey, steering young minds to become versatile problem-solvers rather than being limited to specific skill sets.

Generative AI encourages adaptability and drives innovation by automating routine tasks, allowing engineers to focus on strategic endeavours. This shift enables a greater emphasis on innovation while minimizing time spent on mundane tasks. For instance, AI-powered code generators can streamline coding processes, while automated testing identifies issues swiftly.

Publicis Sapient fosters an ‘innovation as culture’ mindset through workshops, trainings, and hackathons, empowering emerging engineers with practical skills and encouraging experimentation. These initiatives prepare young talents for successful careers while inspiring them to push boundaries for a sustainable technology ecosystem.

As technology mentors, we must instil a sense of purpose in young minds, making breakthroughs the norm and shaping the future of the AI-driven tech industry. Our responsibility extends beyond merely providing tools and resources; it involves creating an environment that encourages curiosity, experimentation, and continuous learning. By doing so, we empower young visionaries to reach their full potential and contribute to a world where technology serves as a catalyst for positive change.”

EY GDS – Gaurav Rai, Assurance Automation Leader, EY Global Delivery Services India LLP

“Artificial intelligence (AI) has unleashed a transformative wave across various sectors, creating a new phase of innovation. AI has evolved from a supportive role to a central architect of progress.  In the realm of software development and coding, AI is not just a tool but a transformative force. It can become an invaluable ally to programmers as it not only expedites coding process but also enhances the overall quality of software by identifying vulnerabilities and optimizing performance. AI-backed coding can help eliminate human bias and create a more secure and resilient software. AI is constructing a future where efficiency and innovation coalesce seamlessly. In the Assurance space, AI demonstrates its indispensable role through accurate, real-time evaluations of risks and adherence to regulations, solidifying its position in upholding standards and bolstering consumer confidence.

For those in the AI field aiming to excel in this ever-changing environment, mastering a suite of skills including machine learning, data science, and algorithms is crucial, as are the interpersonal talents that foster creativity. EY Global Delivery Services (EY GDS) offers multiple educational programs and structured courses to equip its employees with knowledge in AI. These learning programs encompass varied subjects such as machine learning, advanced analytics, prompt engineering, AI for executives and business users, AI’s application in business, cloud technologies, big data, and digital evolution. We engage with online educational platforms, draw from our in-house expertise, and occasionally join forces with academic entities to present these courses. A diverse educational approach is adopted, combining online modules, interactive workshops addressing actual business issues, webinars, and certification courses. EY professionals are often inspired to maintain their proficiency in emerging AI tools and techniques through a mix of self-directed online courses and teacher-led training sessions”.

Bosch Global Delivery Services – Srinivasulu Nasam, Senior Technical Director – GenAI for Systems and Software Engineering at Bosch Global Software Technologies

“We are witnessing rapid advancements in the Technology industry, underscored by the emergence of Generative AI—a revolutionary tool fueled by massive AI models, igniting creativity and problem-solving. With its potential to expedite development processes and introduce novel concepts at unprecedented speeds, Generative AI empowers the young minds to push the boundaries of what’s possible.

As we celebrate National Technology Day, we recognize the combined impact of education, mentorship, and entrepreneurship in shaping the next generation of innovators. Education sparks curiosity, mentorship nurtures and guides innovation in right direction, and entrepreneurship empowers young minds to turn ideas into reality. At Bosch Global Software Technologies, we understand that these pillars are not only crucial for individual growth but also for cultivating a culture of innovation that shapes future. By fostering an environment that values innovation, we equip young talents with the tools they need for success. It’s crucial for us to reaffirm our dedication to cultivating the next generation of tech leaders. Through investments in education, mentorship programs, and a culture of entrepreneurship, we can unleash the full potential of emerging talent, paving the way for an innovative and progressive future.”.

Dell- Rama Bisa -Technical Staff, Software Engineering, Dell Technologies

Innovation has long been the driving force behind progress, shaping the way we live, work, and interact with the world around us. As we celebrate the journey of igniting young minds to innovate, it’s essential to explore how Artificial Intelligence (AI) is revolutionizing the learning process, nurturing creativity, and empowering the next generation of leaders and innovators.

AI has emerged as a transformative force in education, offering personalized learning experiences tailored to the individual needs and preferences of the users. By harnessing the power of machine learning algorithms and data analytics, AI technologies can analyze vast amounts of educational data to identify patterns, assess learning gaps, and recommend customized learning pathways. One of the most significant benefits of AI in education is its ability to provide adaptive learning environments that adjust in real-time based on student performance and engagement levels.

AI-powered educational tools and applications offer immersive and interactive learning experiences that enhance student engagement and retention. Virtual reality (VR) simulations, augmented reality (AR) experiences, and gamified learning platforms leverage AI algorithms to create dynamic and engaging educational content that stimulates curiosity, creativity, and critical thinking skills, especially among students.

Dell Technologies stands at the epicenter of data-intensive technologies. Offering expertise and solutions, we harness the potential of AI, facilitating intelligent automation and charting their paths to the future. At the core of our legacy lies the democratization of technology, ensuring that innovation is accessible to all.

Broadridge– Sheenam Ohrie, Managing Director, Broadridge India

“Critical thinking, advice, and sponsorship, coupled with superhero powers like empowerment, resilience and risk-taking make the right recipe to enable young minds to unleash their potential, explore new possibilities, and shape the future for themselves and their ecosystems. At Broadridge, we have established persona-based learning and coaching programs that are designed to nurture an environment of continuous, personalized learning.

 Our mentoring programs enable our associates to learn either in a group or one-on-one or through speed mentoring channels. We have a very strong Reverse Mentoring Program that enables our young minds to influence leaders in the organization. This reciprocal exchange of knowledge and ideas fosters inclusive growth that in turn promotes a culture of innovation. We believe in empowering our talent, and our #iamboundless program is one of the many initiatives through which we are cultivating and nurturing the entrepreneurial spirit in our associates. We believe that education is the fuel that powers the engines of prosperity and have established Residential Bridge Camps to comprehensively support the educational needs of young children in partnership with MV Foundation and Need Base India. Let’s continue to nurture the next generation of innovators and contributing to the growth and prosperity of society as a whole.”

LeadSquared- Prashant Singh, COO & Co-founder, LeadSquared

“As we celebrate National Technology Day, we are reminded of the profound impact that innovations like AI and other emerging technologies have had. AI isn’t just a buzzword anymore; the past year has seen AI become more mainstream and ingrained in our lives. I too have adopted AI for generating ideas, summarizing discussions, and automating repetitive tasks through workflows.

My team at LeadSquared has leveraged AI both for our internal productivity and to uplift offerings for our clients. One significant stride we have made is the development of our in-house AI assistant. It is a valuable resource for our internal teams, providing prompt assistance on various inquiries related to our products and services. With access to our complete knowledge base, it intelligently answers questions, streamlining workflows and enhancing department productivity. 

Importantly, AI isn’t here to replace jobs; it’s here to enhance them. If we talk about Software developers, AI will only serve as a powerful enabler, it’s the expertise of these developers that will drive the creation of transformative solutions.          

Technology has not only revolutionized industries but has also empowered societies for the greater good. From advancements in healthcare and education to driving sustainable development and fostering inclusivity, technology has been a driving force for a positive change. At LeadSquared, we are fortunate to be part of this journey, leveraging technology to empower businesses and organizations to thrive in the digital age. We are proud to be catalysts in this major transformation that technology is bringing for a brighter and inclusive future.”


Anirban Roy, VP – Engineering, Financial Software and Systems (FSS)

“National Technology Day is a momentous occasion that celebrates the extraordinary journey of innovations. These innovations have paved the way for a more connected and empowered future, a future where everyone is united under a single platform. As an engineer, I’m thrilled about platforms! They’re like building blocks that foster the growth of ideas, transcend borders for collaboration, and enable solutions to scale with unprecedented speed.  With India’s mobile wallet market projected to reach a value of over ₹531.8 trillion by 2028, we need platforms that can build the necessary infrastructure to support this exponential growth. 

At FSS, we see platforms not just as technological marvels but as engines of driving financial inclusion and growth. They’re the core for creating new possibilities, bringing change and innovation at the grassroots level, and altering our very own habits. Platforms can change entire industries and how we live. As we move toward a technology-driven future, we should understand that building technology isn’t enough; it has to be built with intention and foresight, focusing on solutions that empower people and drive economic progress. The FSS Blaze is one example of that, a platform built to leverage technological interventions and bring financial services to the unbanked and underbanked, fostering a more inclusive and prosperous future.”

Rashmit Singh Sukhmani, CTO and Co-Founder, SatSure

“India is currently experiencing a significant tech revolution, with notable advancements in Remote Sensing, Earth Observation, and Deep Tech driving the nation forward.

I believe that geospatial technologies will be playing a huge role in empowering the global economy because of their potential to make a substantial impact across sectors.The opportunity is huge and we are just getting started. 

At SatSure, we are harnessing the power of satellite remote sensing, artificial intelligence, and machine learning to deliver valuable insights across various industries. With a diverse portfolio, our solutions cater to various sectors including agriculture, agricultural lending, utilities, climate action, and aviation.

As we celebrate the National Technology Day, we remain steadfast in our commitment to leveraging satellite technology to address real-world challenges on the ground.”

Ms. Shaina Ganapathy , Head of Community Outreach, Embassy Group. 

“In commemorating National Technology Day 2024,, I’m deeply moved by the transformative power of technology, particularly in our mission to advance education. Here at Embassy, our unwavering commitment to providing quality education for every child burns brighter than ever. During the pandemic in 2020, our partnership with Colours of Life helped us achieve remarkable outcomes. Our digital learning platform transformed the way students interact with their studies, effectively bridging the learning gap. By integrating educational videos and assignments into government school curricula, we empower young learners to explore subjects like English, math, arts, and more with greater depth and clarity.

But our technological journey doesn’t end here. Our dedication to environment and revitalizing communities’ shines through initiatives like EcoGram. Leveraging technology ingeniously, our waste management services employ QR codes and the Waste Samaritan app to streamline waste segregation efforts. This goes beyond mere efficiency, it’s about fostering a culture of sustainability that resonates throughout our communities, shaping a greener, cleaner future for all.

As we take a moment to reflect on the progress we’ve made in utilizing technology for the greater good, let’s renew our commitment to nurturing innovation and creativity, especially among our youth. This year’s theme, ‘From Schools to Startups- Igniting Young Minds to Innovate,’ underscores the pivotal role of technology in inspiring the next generation of innovators. By bridging the digital divide and harnessing technology for inclusive progress, we lay the groundwork for a brighter, more equitable tomorrow.

Together, let’s continue to fuel the flames of curiosity and imagination, guiding young minds on a journey of innovation and exploration. From classrooms to boardrooms, let’s empower them to shape a future where possibilities are endless, and dreams know no bounds.”

Chitranshu Mahant, CEO & Co-Founder, Primebook

“This National Technology Day, we honour the visionaries driving India’s technological evolution, whose unwavering dedication has propelled our nation to new heights.

When we examine these last few years for Artificial Intelligence, it is evident that AI has transformed the technological space, empowering businesses to compete globally with precision, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness. By embracing AI’s capabilities, we are unquestionably moving towards sustainable growth, promising innovation and opportunity for all industries.

In 2024, technology is bound to take over every facet of our lives, revolutionizing industries from businesses to education. The post-pandemic surge in EdTech has witnessed an increase in personalized learning platforms and the emergence of specialized education laptops, further establishing the role and power of technology in shaping the future of learning.

The integration of immersive technologies like VR, AR, AI, and the metaverse has revolutionized education, offering gamified learning experiences and raising the bar on traditional classroom boundaries. As we celebrate the dynamic landscape of technology, our focus remains on bridging the digital divide and ensuring that every individual has access to this evolving technology.

While challenges exist- this includes disparities in access to technology, we remain steadfast with concerted efforts, India can overcome these barriers and emerge as a global leader in technology innovation and workforce development. We want to seize this moment and be all hands and feet into innovation, collaboration, and progress, as we chart a course a more inclusive, and technologically-driven future for India.”

Nidhi Bhasin, CEO, Nasscom foundation

“Technology acts as an equalizer, transforming the way we live, work, and connect and plays a crucial role in empowering marginalized and underrepresented communities. In an era of rapid technological advancements, the need of upskilling and reskilling is amplified, especially for the youth. The rise of AI is transforming industries and the nature of work. However, this transformation also brings along several challenges, particularly in the context of technology adoption and the skilling gap. The youth in India often face additional challenges due to limited access to technology and training opportunities. With the advent of AI, it becomes crucial to bridge this skill gap and provide avenues for all youth to participate in the digital economy. At nasscom foundation, we are committed to empowering the youth of India with the right skills, at the right time and also promote the use of AI for social good to address critical social challenges and empower communities.

Our recent and ongoing collaborations with tech organization such as Hexart, Adobe etc. is a testimony to this commitment where the idea is to nurture the talent through tech. Our collaboration with Adobe in the AI Enablement Program is key to driving AI innovation among startups aiming to solve significant social problems. Focusing on crucial areas such as maternal and child health, education, and cancer diagnostics, the foundation not only boosts technological capabilities by improving AI models and integrating new features but also ensures these innovative solutions effectively reach and benefit the communities in greatest need. Meanwhile, our partnership with Hexagon led to the launch of HexArt in 2020—an educational initiative offering AI, machine learning, and robotics courses to school students and engineering graduates. Now in its fourth cohort, HexArt is committed to cultivating a strong talent pool, particularly among women, aligning with future technology trends and fostering community-level advancement in advanced technology skills.” 

Anku Jain, Managing Director, MediaTek India

India’s IT industry has emerged as a thriving force, driving the country’s GDP, employment opportunities, and overall growth of the economy. We foresee a smarter future in which digital technologies have the ability to transform how people do business in an increasingly interconnected world. Organizations must focus on upskilling and reskilling the workforce to enable them to develop competencies and tap into significant development opportunities across different sectors. MediaTek is a front-runner in new-age technology such as Generative AI, IoT, ML, 5G FWA, cloud computing, satellite connectivity, automotive, connectivity, and advanced 5G solutions that are transforming our world into a more intelligent and connected world. At MediaTek, we believe in investing in local talent and scaling skills to create innovation for India and global markets through dedicated technical training sessions, e-learning platforms, and ongoing opportunities for skill development.

Agendra Kumar, Managing Director, Esri India

“India’s tech sector is expected to clock 3-5% growth in FY25. A crucial facilitator of this growth will be the higher adoption of cutting-edge technologies like GIS, GeoAI, and IoT by the government, academia, and the private sector to address mission-critical challenges and build applications that can be collaboratively used by a large number of people in the organizations. Young minds, equipped with geospatial thinking and the relevant skillset will be the key driving force behind this development. As a leader in the GIS industry, Esri India is committed to building a strong geospatial workforce for the country. Along with working with 800+ universities and colleges, we are engaged in initiatives like Master’s Scholarships in GIS, Master Mentors Geo-enabling Indian Scholars (MMGEIS) Program in collaboration with the Centre for Knowledge Sovereignty, and Young Scholar Program to empower young minds to tackle India’s challenges using geospatial technology. Investment in building the capabilities of the youth of our country so that they can make a strong positive impact is a prerequisite for becoming a developed nation by 2047.”


Tarun Chhabra, Country Manager, Nokia India

“National Technology Day is a celebration of innovation and contribution of the youth for driving the same. India has already positioned itself as one of the key economies in the world driven by technological innovation over the last few year. We believe that the next decade will be marked by unparalleled technological progress in AI, cloud, and connectivity presenting new opportunities for India to strengthen its foothold in the global technology landscape. At Nokia, we are actively building a global ecosystem by leveraging our innovation platforms, communities, and physical labs, where we unite partners and technologies to shape the digital services and applications of tomorrow. India plays a significant role in this journey.”

Matthew Foxton, India Regional President & Executive Vice-President, Branding & Communications, IDEMIA Group

“In the dynamic telecom landscape, IDEMIA proudly applauds India’s remarkable progress in 5G and eSIM technology, pivotal for the sector’s transformative journey. As India embraces the vast potential of 5G, IDEMIA stands alongside, fostering seamless connectivity and promoting digital inclusivity nationwide. With our 5G and eSIM offerings, privacy is strengthened, and service horizons expand, enriching the connected experience. Empowering mobile operators with our Cloud-native, GSMA-certified eSIM solutions, we ensure universal connectivity with greener form factors and unlock value-added services for users, anywhere, anytime. The integration of eSIM technology reflects India’s steadfast commitment to cutting-edge solutions, reshaping mobile services. We acknowledge India’s foresight and resilience, a testament to its unwavering pursuit of telecom excellence.”

Gururaj, Managing Director, Optiemus Electronics

The National Technology Day is the occasion for our country to reflect on our achievements and also look at the challenges ahead. India is progressing forward towards creating local product development strengths in multiple segments through startups and other entities in the electronics segment. The Optiemus group has already announced its plans towards working on developing screen protectors capability in India through global partnership and also working on developing state of the drone design and manufacturing in the country. We will continue to work towards developing the electronics eco system in India in line with the Government’s vision towards creating an Atmanirbhar Bharat.”

Ms. Joyshree Das Verma, National President of FICCI FLO

“As we celebrate National Technology Day, we honor the journey from classrooms to boardrooms, where young minds are nurtured into innovative leaders. FICCI FLO proudly stands at the forefront, championing the cause of women empowerment and entrepreneurship. With initiatives like the Mudra Yojana loans, the nation is fueling the aspirations of millions, especially women, to venture into the realm of startups and technological advancements. The surge in female enrolment in higher education mirrors our collective commitment to education equality and inclusivity. Through our strategic partnerships like the MoU with NIIT Foundation, we are bridging the digital divide, upskilling individuals, and fostering a culture of innovation from grassroots to global platforms. Together, let us continue to empower, educate, and inspire the next generation of tech pioneers, ensuring a brighter, more inclusive future for all.”


Sriram Kannan, Founder & CEO, Routematic

National Technology Day serves as a proud reminder of India’s remarkable rise as a global powerhouse in technology and innovation. Over the past decade, India has climbed the ranks in the Global Innovation Index to reach 40th position, and nurtured the world’s third-largest startup ecosystem, showcasing unparalleled growth. With technology at the core of India’s journey towards realising the goal of Viksit and Atmanirbhar Bharat, it is imperative that we continue to foster a spirit of innovation amongst India’s youth. At Routematic, we firmly believe in the power of technology and continue to further leverage the immense potential of AI and data analytics in shaping safe, convenient, eco-friendly, shared mobility solutions for our country’s workforce, while subsequently contributing towards our nation’s sustainable development targets and goal of becoming a Five Trillion Dollar economy.”

Dr. Bishnu Pal  Dean, Ecole Centrale School of Engineering, Mahindra University

“Educators hold the key to unlocking the potential of youth and nurturing their innate creativity to think critically, adapt swiftly, and innovate fearlessly by providing access to research, design thinking, and problem-solving platforms. By merging the power of technology with the vibrancy of the start-up ecosystem and bridging the gap between education and entrepreneurship, we can nurture young minds to build a career and also create opportunities for others. The Entrepreneurship and Innovation Cell (EIC) at Mahindra University not only promotes an entrepreneurial ecosystem but also fosters a start-up culture on campus. As transformative technologies shape future societies it is vital to help nurture fresh ideas and streamline the boundless energy that young minds possess in abundance.”

Manish Jain, CTO, Comviva


As we celebrate National Technology Day this year, it is a matter of great pride to witness India’s remarkable contributions to global tech innovation over the last decade. With the emergence of the startup ecosystem and big companies putting major focus on emerging technologies like AI and 5G over the last few years, India has firmly established itself as a leader in the tech landscape. In recent years, notable advancements in technology have centered on enriching customer experiences in all industries, including the telecom and financial sectors. Our team at Comviva is steadfastly committed to driving this transformative change with innovation at the core of our ethos. We have continuously supported and nurtured startups founded by our employees, demonstrating our commitment to fostering entrepreneurial talent. Our dedication to providing ongoing support and mentorship to these startups remains unwavering as we look forward to a future marked by continued innovation and success.”

Mr. Ashish Saraf, VP and Country Director, Thales in India

“National Technology Day serves as a powerful reminder of India’s unwavering commitment to technological progress, and Thales stands proudly by its side as a trusted partner in this remarkable journey. With our global expertise, we support India’s vision of Atmanirbhar Bharat and actively collaborate with local industry and academia to develop advanced solutions under Make in India. Our robust capabilities in Defence, Aerospace, Cybersecurity and digital identity, combined with R&D efforts in Open Hardware Research play a key role in advancing the country’s growth in these critical domains.

We nurture a highly skilled workforce, fuelling cutting-edge innovation from our engineering competence centres in Bengaluru and Noida. We firmly believe that technology holds the key to unlocking India’s boundless potential, and we tirelessly strive to drive transformative change through innovation.”

Mr Dinesh Kumar Poobalan, CEO & CTO, Greatify

National Technology Day serves as a call to embrace new technologies and nurture a culture of innovation in every sphere of our community. The theme for National Technology Day 2024, ‘From schools to start-ups: Igniting minds to innovate,’ resonates deeply with the country’s mindset. At the core of our celebration lies a commitment to fostering an ecosystem that encourages curiosity, creativity, and continuous improvement. We believe that innovation begins with understanding existing systems and asking critical questions about how they can be improved. From schools, where future leaders and innovators are nurtured, to start-ups, which have the potential to become unicorns through groundbreaking ideas, we envision a community fueled by the passion for innovation.

In the education space, technology has opened numerous avenues from bringing interactive learning platforms and virtual classrooms to adaptive assessment tools and AI-driven tutoring systems. By embracing innovation, educators can cater to diverse learning styles, foster creativity and cultivate a lifelong love for learning among students. It’s a great opportunity to reflect on the importance of continuing to improve education through technology.

Moving forward, we see immense potential in how technology can enhance education and extend beyond. Together, let’s spark innovation, inspire transformation, and lay the foundations for a brighter future for our community and the generations ahead.”

Rohit Ramanand, Group Vice President, Engineering, New Relic, India

“From being an IT service stop to becoming a global hub for technological innovation, India has witnessed many milestones in its journey so far. What began as a cost arbitrage for technology companies in the late 1990s, has now become a key source of high-quality talent and cutting-edge innovation. The Indian government’s Startup India and ‘Make AI in India’ initiatives are unlocking the adoption of emerging technologies in the country. With such a massive impetus to thrive, India is an attractive technology market for businesses across the world and also a major incubator of AI startups.

Global corporations have set up over 1,500 GCCs in India. As India’s technology sector grows, its share of transformational and expertise-based services will spearhead the Indian IT sector towards greater growth. This National Technology Day, New Relic shares in the spirit of ‘igniting young minds to innovate’ with its plans to expand its workforce in India, which will be at the forefront of AI innovation.

As a pioneer and leader in the observability market, we believe in empowering early-stage startups and engineering teams across the world. Launched in 2021, New Relic for Startups aims to give every engineer at startups the tools to deliver software with confidence without compromising vendor choices due to cost or engineering constraints. This program has rapidly grown to include hundreds of early-stage startups across every industry, from finance and media to gaming and retail.”-

Raj K Gopalakrishnan, CEO, KOGO

“In the 1990s India’s IT and ITeS sectors were valued at $100 million. Thirty-four years down the line, India’s tech industry is a $254 billion market, with the spirit of innovation and scientific progress driving the ecosystem. From the Y2K moment to artificial intelligence becoming a part of daily work lives, India’s made significant strides in technological advancement. The country’s engineering prowess is widely acknowledged the world over, with homegrown brands being at the forefront of India’s success story.

This National Technology Day, it is important to understand how Indian startups are at the forefront of innovation, with many of them creating innovative technologies that were once considered impossible. As an Indian startup, KOGO’s goals align with the National Technology Day theme for 2024 — from schools to startups: igniting young minds to innovate. KOGO is among the very few Indian startups that’s leading innovation in emerging technologies in the market. With a team of ambitious engineers, KOGO’s AI innovations are disrupting the AI sphere with its AI OS that can perform real-world actions. We see immense innovation brewing within India’s tech sector and we’re glad that KOGO is a part of an industry that has massive growth in its future.”

Kapil Mehta, Sr. Director, Technology Solutions, Visionet


“The impact of AI is quietly reshaping lives in India. Over 74% of Indian enterprises are already working with AI. A recent report released by NetApp, states that India is among the leading countries for AI innovation. In addition to providing unique opportunities, India provides a perfect “playground” for enterprises and institutions globally to develop scalable solutions.

The adoption of AI across the retail, banking and healthcare sectors is expected to result in annual cost savings of $11 billion, up from a projected $6 billion in 2018. With AI integration across sectors, aspects such as customer experience, data security and data analytics are set to improve in the coming years. This widespread integration sets a robust foundation for further advancements and sector-specific innovations.

In the retail sector, AI-enhanced engines analyze customer data to provide personalized products or services thereby boosting sales and satisfaction among customers. The market for artificial intelligence in retail is expected to reach  $51.94 billion by 2028 from $4.84 billion in 2021. In the banking domain, fraudulent activities can be reduced through real-time analysis of transaction patterns using AI-enabled systems, which also safeguards the financial assets belonging to clients. Healthcare providers can accurately diagnose diseases and plan for treatment methods that are specific to each patient by using AI-powered diagnostic tools that analyze medical images, patient data, and genetic information.

On this National Technology Day and beyond, we are committed to expanding the use of AI in India and helping businesses across industries leverage this cutting-edge technology to achieve their goals. Through our expertise and experience across the sectors we service, Visionet is looking forward to driving impactful change in India’s rapidly changing digital landscape with AI, thus driving startups and large businesses alike in their quest to lead with innovation.”

Mr. Karan Rai, Chief Product and Technology Officer, Ennoventure, Inc

“In 2024, the synergy of artificial intelligence, biotechnology, and digital security continues to transform our society and various industries. As we celebrate National Technology Day under this year’s theme ‘School to Startups: Igniting Young Minds to Innovate,’ we reflect on the substantial progress made in utilizing technology to tackle global challenges, particularly in enhancing the security of global supply chains.

This year, we recognize the essential role of innovative technologies in fighting counterfeiting, an issue that affects sectors ranging from FMCG to automotive parts and agrochemicals. Our focus is on creating solutions that not only protect products but also build a culture of trust and authenticity across industries. These advancements are crucial in establishing a safe and dependable market environment for consumers worldwide. By integrating cutting-edge technologies and promoting collaborative efforts, we are laying the foundation for a future where technology and ethical practices merge to create a more secure and just world.

On this National Technology Day, let us commend the resilience and creativity that propel these efforts and inspire the next generation of innovators — from educational institutions to emerging startups.’’

Mr. Krishna Rangasayee, Founder and CEO, SiMa.ai

“AI and machine learning are not just technologies; they are the architects of a new automated era, transforming everything from vehicles and robotics to healthcare and industrial automation. As the pace of innovation accelerates, so do the challenges it brings. India, with its rich reservoir of talent and innovative spirit, has made significant strides in advanced technology. Yet, we still face hurdles such as high power consumption, complex cooling mechanisms, and critical latency issues which are paramount in fields requiring rapid decision-making, like automotive, drones, and robotics.

This year’s theme, ‘From Schools to Startups: Igniting Young Minds to Innovate,’ mirrors our mission at SiMa.ai. We address real-world problems with our state-of-the-art AI technologies. Our efforts have culminated in the development of our ONE platform for all Edge AI to help companies as their AI/ML journey evolves, from computer vision, to transformers to multi-modal generative AI capabilities.

On this National Technology Day, we are proud to be part of this vibrant and dynamic ecosystem. We are excited about the possibilities of AI and Machine Learning to revolutionize the industry and enhance the quality of our daily lives.”

Mr. Gaurav Singh, CEO, Vector

“National Technology Day is a fantastic opportunity to celebrate the relentless curiosity and innovation that drives progress. This year’s theme, ‘From Schools to Startups: Igniting Young Minds to Innovate,’ really resonates with me. At Vector, we see the spark of genius in young minds daily and are passionate about nurturing that potential.

Innovation is what keeps us moving forward, and one of our strongest allies is artificial intelligence (AI) for IT operations (AIOPS). It’s not just a fancy term; it’s a powerful tool that can revolutionize how we manage complex IT systems. IT teams are often overwhelmed by the explosion of data from containers, microservices, and multi-cloud environments. This is where Vector steps in by harnessing the power of big data analytics and AIOPS; it sifts through mountains of log and performance data to provide a comprehensive view of assets and dependencies. Imagine being able to see everything happening in your systems, all in one place – that’s the power of Vector Platform.

National Technology Day is a day to look towards the future, and at Vector, we believe the future is bright. By fostering a culture of innovation and empowering young minds, we can create a world where technology solves problems and improves our lives. And that’s something worth celebrating!” 

Vineet Mehta, Co-founder and CTO at Alyve Health

 Celebrating Technology in Healthcare

 As India celebrates National Technology Day on May 11, we celebrate the remarkable advancements that technology has brought to the healthcare field. At Alyve Health, we are committed to harnessing the power of technology, as an online health-plan-tech platform we offer a complete health and wellness solutions to Individuals, Employers, Insurance companies, NBFCs, and other corporates to offer personalized, comprehensive, cashless, and rewarding healthcare experiences to their employees/customers. Through our platform we take care of outpatient medical care, doctor consultations, diagnostic scans, annual health check-ups, lifestyle management, habit coaching, and more. Our platform results in benefits like accessibility, efficiency and personalized recommendation basis diagnostic report, medicine suggestions basis automatic report and symptom analysis enabling endless avenues in an individual’s health. There is a growing concern surrounding the security and privacy implications associated with this paradigm shift towards digital services in the domain.

 Alyve Health believes and works towards ‘Zero Trust’ philosophy related to the member data. To ensure the ‘Zero Trust Data Security’ model, we proactively work and invest significant time and resources on developing effective strategies to protect privacy and maintain data integrity. Few key processes include robust encryption measures, adopting multi-factor authentication, establishing secure communication channels and training teams against cyber threats. Such initiatives coupled with globally accepted compliances like ISO 27001-2013, HIPAA etc provide robust security framework ensuring peace of mind for our members. The credit goes to our technological prowess for efficient and timely deliveries. On this day, we celebrate the power of technology to change lives and make the world a healthier place to live

Satendra SinghCTO, Propelld On National Technology Day

” we celebrate the Tech innovations that empower. In the education sector, technology is vital in making loans more accessible, particularly for students in Tier 2 and 3 cities. This financial inclusivity is crucial for nurturing India’s skilled workforce to become a $5 trillion economy by 2027. At propelld we’re aligned with this vision of inclusivity. Propelld’s platform embodies this ethos by simplifying access to loans through innovative technology. By catering to both eKYC and OKYC users, Propelld ensures inclusivity, seamlessly connecting aspiring students with the financial support they need to pursue their educational dreams.”

Anil Sethi, Vice President, Infrastructure Solutions Group, Dell Technologies India

With India rapidly emerging as a global tech hub and innovation powerhouse, Dell Technologies takes pride in being a part of this transformative journey towards a more self-reliant nation driven by technology. With a pool of 5 million digitally skilled workforce, national science and technology missions, and robust startup ecosystem that values emerging technologies like AI, Cybersecurity, 5G/Edge, and Quantum Computing, among others, we are truly witnessing the India’s next phase of growth in technology. New-age disruptive technology such as Generative AI, will be the key factor that will drive new possibilities in digital transformation enabling businesses to take the right decision while building customer trust.

On National Technology Day, we pledge to stress on the importance of the basics—focusing on sustainable growth and looking at building various businesses for the long haul by automating complex processes, improve customer interactions and unlock new possibilities with better machine intelligence.”


Rajesh Mani, SVP and Head, Asia Pacific Tech Hubs, Mastercard

With over 40% of the population under the age of 25, India boasts of a strong demographic dividend. But this makes it critical to invest in their education and upskilling, so we can inspire the nation’s young minds to become innovators and leaders of tomorrow. At Mastercard, we’re committed to empower the youth with skills that makes them future ready. Through our signature STEM program Girls4Tech we’ve trained over one lakh girls across India, and are working towards educating a lakh more by the end of 2024. Besides, we have one of our largest tech hubs in India where more than 90% of our workforce comprises of millennials and GenZs. With customized training programs and innovative AI-driven learning platforms like Unlocked, we continue to invest in developing a young and diverse tech workforce in the country.

Mr. Anant Deshpande, DigiCert Regional Vice President, India & ASEAN

 “Technology has become an important metric of individual and collective growth and defines our holistic well-being in the digital era. We can hence never overlook the role of security and trust integrated in the technology we consume every day. With technology at the core of our progress, we cannot have the security of these innovations as an afterthought. In the present landscape, organizations are hastening their digital transformation efforts to prepare for the future. However, this has led to an unfortunate increase in cyber-incidents, posing a significant threat to countries and organizations worldwide. Digital Trust provides the freedom to fully participate in the digital world and leverage the complete transformative potential of new-age technologies. With technologies that drive human progress – from retail, manufacturing, healthcare and digital economy, we must be able to harness the power of technology to help solve complex societal challenges, all while keeping Digital Trust at the center of actions. On National Technology Day, India, as a burgeoning leader in the technology space, should proactively enhance its Digital Trust architecture, to foster digital trust and resilience.”

Mr.  Sameer Kanodia, the Managing director and CEO of Lumina datamatics 

“National Technology Day serves as a reminder of India’s remarkable journey in the realm of innovation and technology. As a proud Indian, let’s celebrate the visionaries, scientists, and engineers who have propelled our nation forward. From the India Semiconductor Mission paving the way for chip manufacturing prowess to the fastest 5G rollout, India’s technological landscape is witnessing a remarkable evolution. Our strides in space exploration, with landmark achievements like Chandrayaan and Mangalyaan, have not only inspired our nation but have also earned us global acclaim. Let us continue to embrace innovation and empower our talents, ensuring that India remains at the forefront of technological advancement, leaving a mark on the world stage.”

Vikkas Goyal, Founder, Rupee112

“On National Technology Day, we celebrate the transformative power of innovation in financial services. The Indian banking and fintech ecosystem has seen a significant upgrade when it comes to using technologies. At Rupee112, a pioneering fintech company, we understand the immediate needs of our customers and have introduced a straight- through process for lending which ensures an impressive 30-minute disbursal process for paperless-loans. Our inhouse technology team works on constantly evolving the capabilities, further simplifying the loan disbursement process for our customers. One of which is our internally developed BRE enhancing technological capabilities that automates the compliance process and ensures regulatory compliance operations. Keeping a digital-first approach we have ensured that every individual, regardless of their credit history, has the opportunity to access financial assistance swiftly. By integrating AI, we’ve redefined loan disbursal in India, making it faster, fairer, and more accessible than ever before. As we expand our reach to new cities, our commitment to financial inclusion remains unwavering. We aim to revolutionize lending, empowering individuals and driving economic growth through technology.”

Rubal Sahni, Area Vice President & Country Manager India – Confluent.

“At Confluent, we live and breathe technology every single day, witnessing firsthand how a strong culture of innovation can transform businesses by unleashing the unlimited potential of data in motion. We strive to empower organizations to not only meet their current data challenges but also to unlock the full potential of data and pioneer new frontiers in data management.

As we celebrate National Technology Day, we must instill that same spirit of innovation and technological prowess in the next generation. It’s about providing the right educational resources, and exposing them to cutting-edge technologies. This cultivates a mindset geared towards solving problems through the lens of technology. Empowered with these tools, our youth will grow into the tech trailblazers and startup disruptors of tomorrow.

In a digital-first India, we should continue to look at ways to innovate and disrupt the status quo by shifting to a real-time data infrastructure. By harnessing the power of data in motion, enterprises can power real-time customer experiences and data-driven business operations, such as suggesting the next show to watch in real time or providing live information on the status of a grocery order. With Confluent, organizations can set their data in motion to win in the digital-first world.”

 Abhishek Gupta, Managing Director – SailPoint India.

“India, with its burgeoning tech ecosystem and emphasis on harnessing the power of AI, is on the cusp of becoming a global tech powerhouse. From startups to established firms, the integration of AI technologies is unlocking unprecedented efficiency, innovation, and scalability. India’s vibrant tech ecosystem, coupled with a young and dynamic workforce, positions it as a frontrunner in the digital era. Even the government’s acknowledgment and initiatives aimed at harnessing AI’s potential underscore the understanding that technology holds the key to the next phase of growth and prosperity.

To match the growing pace of such advanced technologies, it has become increasingly important for industry leaders to recognize its transformative impact and enhance their skills in AI/ML for a sustained growth in their business. At SailPoint, we remain committed to upskilling and enabling our teams, partners and customers as well as potential talent pools with the necessary knowledge and skills to navigate the identity security and AI services landscape through our Identity University. The wide range of courses, workshops, and events available for all, offer on-demand learning and instructor-led courses with certifications in identity security and governance. This National Technology Day, as India emerges as one of the leaders in AI investments and skills base, we look forward to empowering the growing talent here and accelerating India’s AI journey.”

Soumendra Mohanty, Chief Strategy Officer at Tredence.

“India is not only a major source of talent and innovation for the world, but also for Tredence. We are committed to making capability development an essential part of our business strategy. With over 75% of our workforce based in India, we are fortunate to have access to top-notch talent and diverse skill sets to tackle global challenges. Our AI Studio, which has more than 100 engineers in India, reflects our dedication to innovation, with 10% of our revenue allocated to this area poised for future growth.

I believe India can potentially lead the way in AI innovation, especially in emerging areas like Gen AI. By fostering collaborations with startups, academia, and Global Capability Centers (GCCs), and with robust funding and incubation, we can propel this vision forward.

As AI gains momentum, more Indian companies are aligning themselves with this growth by establishing dynamic Centers of Excellence, implementing AI governance frameworks, and appointing dedicated AI leaders.

To further advance the AI agenda, technology companies should prioritize client-centric strategies, address skill gaps through structured training, and foster collaboration across departments to drive sustained innovation.

Arvind Bharadwaj, Chief Technology Officer, MiniMines

“The preceding year brought endless opportunities for the science and research community in India; from strategic proposals to boost the space sector to our commitment towards drawing global practices for scientific learning. India’s capacity for innovation holds the key not only to technological advancement but also to addressing pressing global challenges such as climate change. One area where India’s innovative spirit shines brightly is in digital public infrastructure (DPI). India’s UPI, processes over 12 billion transactions monthly. In this era of rapid digitization, India’s prowess in DPI sets a precedent for the world, showcasing how innovative solutions can enhance efficiency, accessibility, and transparency in public service delivery. 

This year on National Technology Day, we celebrate the boundless potential of human innovation, from the classrooms where curiosity sparks to the startup landscape where dreams take flight. This year’s theme, ‘School to Startups – Igniting Young Minds to Innovate,’ resonates deeply with our mission. By nurturing the curiosity of tomorrow’s leaders, we pave the way for groundbreaking advancements that shape our collective future. Let us honour the legacy of Indian scientists such as CV Raman, JC Bose, Homi Baba, APJ Abdul Kalam among countless others and their transformative contributions, inspiring generations to embrace the power of technology in driving positive change. Together, let’s forge ahead, fueled by curiosity, guided by innovation, and united in our pursuit of a brighter tomorrow.”

Ms. Aparna Acharekar, Co-founder of coto

“In today’s rapidly evolving business landscape, technological advancements have made businesses more effective and easier to flourish. Furthermore, women have benefited greatly from digital innovation as it has empowered them to pursue digital entrepreneurship and helped them expand their expertise globally. Technology is helping budding women entrepreneurs and also women users looking for answers around taboo topics like mental health, and menstrual health, amongst others and ultimately seeking to improve their quality of life. With the same mission, we have used AI-based tools to recently launch ‘live consultation’ on coto, providing women experts a space to set up their businesses on coto and reach lakhs of customers globally by hosting live sessions. At the same time, it allows women users to seek 24*7 instant emotional relief from the experts present on coto. We believe that now is a great time for the tech-savvy youth, particularly women, to venture into traditionally male-dominated spaces like entrepreneurship and STEM fields and explore opportunities ultimately leading to their financial inclusion.”

Shailendra Singh Rao, Founder, Creduce

Let us commemorate on National Technology Day the way in which innovation can drive a sustainable future. Carbon capture, smart grids, and renewable energy capture are all technologies that have the potential to significantly lessen our environmental footprint. Trading carbon credits, which are quantifiable units that attest to the reduction of emissions, motivate organisations to adopt environmentally sustainable practices. Through the adoption of carbon markets and investment in these technologies, we can initiate a technological expedition that surpasses our present limitations, thereby guaranteeing a more sustainable planet for future generations.

Roshan Shah, CEO & Co-Founder – Volofin.

On the occasion of National Technology Day, we celebrate the transformative power of innovation, honoring the pioneers who have propelled our nation into the digital age. We salute the fintech revolutionaries who are reshaping the financial landscape of our nation with innovation and ingenuity. From pioneering digital payment solutions to democratizing access to financial services, the fintech industry stands at the forefront of India’s technological evolution. Let us harness the momentum of this occasion to propel the fintech sector to greater heights, driving financial inclusion, fostering innovation, and paving the way for a digitally empowered economy. Happy National Technology Day to the trailblazers and innovators who are charting a new course for the future of finance in India and beyond.


Pranav Dangi, CEO and Founder, The Hosteller

National Technology Day celebrates the spirit of innovation and curiosity that drives us forward. It’s a reminder of how technology has become integral to every aspect of our lives, including travel and hospitality. We acknowledge the immense impact of technological innovation on making travel seamless and more accessible for everyone, bridging distances and creating unforgettable experiences.

Harsha Solanki, VP GM Asia, Infobip

“In the constantly evolving global technology landscape, India stands out as a hub of innovation and opportunity. The country has emerged as the driving force through significant technological advancements across sectors like semiconductor manufacturing, space exploration missions, defense capabilities and telecommunications. These achievements have contributed to the Indian economy’s growth to 10% from 4-5%. In fact, the government is targeting technology and innovation to make up 20% of the total GDP by 2025-26. With tech like AI, 5G, machine learning and cloud technology transforming lives, the participation of women, who comprise 29% of India’s tech employees, brings a diverse pool of innovators and developers to design, develop and apply these solutions.

At Infobip, we are leveraging cutting-edge technologies to empower brands to democratize communications and digital interactions. The companies in BFSI, shared mobility space, beauty and wellness, and even state government, municipal corporation and civic bodies are leveraging our SaaS-based products and Gen AI-powered solutions such as our chatbot building platform, to make the customer experience more personalized and engaging. We are committed to simplifying the interactions between customers and businesses, which will contribute to the scaling of the companies, and ultimately to the country’s growth.

We are at the forefront to achieve the government’s ambitious goal and believe that it requires a collective effort from all the stakeholders. This involves encouraging youth and investing in their education, particularly in fields like STEM, which will unlock a host of opportunities and instill the right mindset. Simultaneously, the organizations need to take affirmative action through scholarships, hiring from colleges and universities, special grants, etc. As India moves forward in not merely adopting technology but shaping its future, the 4.6 million Indians in the country’s technology sector are actively contributing to this growth. “

Pravir Dahiya, CTO, Tata Teleservices

“On this National Technology Day, we celebrate the transformative power of technology in reshaping connectivity and elevating customer experiences. At Tata Tele Business Services (TTBS), we are at the heart of this digital revolution, pioneering smart digital solutions that empowers businesses to enhance operational efficiency and thrive in an increasingly connected world. Our unwavering commitment to harnessing new age technology like AI drives us to innovate continuously, delivering personalized experiences that truly resonate with our customers.


Joyjeet Bose, Senior Vice-President, Tata Teleservices

“As we commemorate National Technology Day, we are reminded of the incredible contribution of digital technology driving continuous progress across industries.  With technology advancing at an unprecedented pace, businesses must adapt to become digitally agile or risk fading in obsolescence. It is evident that technology drives more than just operational efficiency; it is the catalyst for business transformation. Evolving alongside the digital landscape, enterprises must prioritize customer-centric strategies, fostering loyalty and driving growth. Advanced digital solutions, strategic partnerships, and upskilling initiatives mark a transformative journey. By rethinking technology implementation and fostering a culture of innovation, we at TTBS are working closely with enterprises to democratize technology for their sustainable growth and success in the digital age.”

Deepak NG, MD, Dassault Systèmes, India

“As a technology company committed to promoting inclusive growth, Dassault Systèmes recognises the importance of addressing the digital divide in India. Through our innovative solutions and strategic partnerships, we aim to democratize access to technology across all segments of society. By collaborating with educational institutions and community organizations, we empower individuals with the skills and tools needed to thrive in the digital age. Our affordable and scalable technology solutions ensure that no one is left behind in the digital transformation journey. This empowers Indian talent and fosters a future-ready workforce crucial for self-sufficiency. By harnessing the power of virtual twin technology, we can unlock a new era of innovation, efficiency, and sustainable growth, propelling India towards a self-reliant and green future.”

Rajeev Kumar, Founder, CEO & MD, Mystifly

“At Mystifly, we celebrate the technology that is transforming travel. Cloud computing and AI are fueling new capabilities for airlines to offer travelers more choices and personalized trip experiences. Modern air selling platforms – such as Mystifly’s SSP – make it easy and seamless for users to shop, purchase, and manage air travel plans in ways that were never before possible. AI empowers a sustainable future too, as passengers start tracking their carbon footprint and making informed choices for our planet. Together, technology and travel can create a more meaningful journey, for both you and the world.”

Ram Meenakshisundaram, Chief Technology Officer, Virtusa Corporation

“As technology continues to redefine the landscape of progress, National Technology Day serves as a beacon of inspiration, reminding us of its transformative power. At Virtusa, through our Jatayu initiatives, we empower young minds to innovate and drive meaningful change. By providing mentorship and guidance, we fuel the spirit of creativity, paving the way for a future where innovation knows no bounds. This year’s theme, ‘From Schools to Startups: Igniting Young Minds to Innovate,’ encapsulates our commitment to nurturing the next generation of tech leaders, fostering a culture of sustainability and innovation that paves the path to a brighter tomorrow.” 

Aryaman Vir, CEO, WiseX

“National Technology Day serves as a timely reminder of the profound impact innovation has on financial empowerment. At WiseX, we are at the forefront of this evolution, witnessing the transformative power of technology in wealth management. AI personalizes decision making and investment journeys, unlocking a universe of possibilities for our clients. Our PropTech platform uses stringent asset selection criteria with over 150 data points to carefully curate investment opportunities in Commercial Real Estate. However, responsible innovation remains paramount and we are committed to ethical and unbiased decision-making.

Beyond individual investments, technology’s true potential lies in its ability to democratize finance. WiseX embraces a holistic approach, utilizing Big Data and other cutting-edge tools to streamline internal processes and identify superior investment opportunities for our investors. By leveraging technology for democratising CRE investments, we can empower individuals and bridge the gap to create a more equitable and prosperous future.”

Pankaj Goel, CTO, BharatPe

“On National Technology Day, we celebrate the profound impact of science and technology on society. In recent years, technological advancements have been pivotal in driving India’s economic growth, with startups leveraging innovation to address diverse challenges across sectors such as finance, education, agriculture, and healthcare. Within the fintech realm, groundbreaking technologies have led to the development of disruptive products, reshaping the landscape of financial transactions. It’s also a moment to recognize the success of initiatives like UPI, which has played a pivotal role in promoting financial inclusion and showcasing India’s commitment to innovation on a global scale.

At BharatPe, we embrace technology as a driving force for progress, enabling us to revolutionize payment solutions, credit access, and other financial services. Through the utilization of cutting-edge technologies like AI and ML, we empower businesses with seamless transactions and open doors to new opportunities for millions of offline merchants. Looking forward, we remain steadfast in our dedication to harnessing technology’s potential to foster positive change and create a more inclusive and accessible financial ecosystem for all.”

Mr. Sarvagya Mishra, Co-founder & Director at Superbot
“Celebrating National Technology Day is not just about acknowledging the marvels of modern innovation but also about honoring the relentless pursuit of progress that defines us. Superbot proudly represents this spirit, embodying the synergy between human ingenuity and technological prowess. Our AI-powered conversation agents are not just tools; they’re companions, assistants, and problem-solvers.But our mission goes beyond mere functionality. We are committed to ethical AI practices, ensuring transparency, fairness, and accountability in every interaction. By championing responsible AI development, we strive to build trust and foster meaningful connections between people and technology. Together, let’s harness the boundless potential of technology to inspire, create, and propel humanity forward into a new era of possibilities.”

Vishal Salvi, Chief Executive Officer, Quick Heal Technologies Limited
“On National Technology Day, Quick Heal celebrates India’s journey towards technological excellence and innovation. As pioneers in cybersecurity, we remain steadfast in our commitment to empowering individuals, businesses, and our nation with cutting-edge solutions based on the most advanced tech-stack. With a strong focus on innovation, simplification, customer-centricity, and social responsibility, we are poised to secure the aspirations of the new digital India and embrace the spirit of ‘Aatmanirbhar Bharat’. We anticipate the enforcement of the recently announced Digital Personal Data Protection Act and are prepared to leverage Seqrite’s data classification solutions to support its implementation. Additionally, our membership in the U.S. Artificial Intelligence Safety Institute Consortium reaffirms our commitment to shaping the global cybersecurity narrative. We continue to steer the cybersecurity and data security landscape towards a brighter, more secure future”.


Raj Sivaraju, President, APAC, Arete

“National Technology Day marks a pivotal moment to celebrate India’s remarkable ascent in the technological landscape. From humble beginnings to a global powerhouse, India’s tech evolution is awe-inspiring. As we gaze into the future, the rise of Generative AI promises to revolutionize industries and redefine norms.

The advent of Software as a Service (SaaS) heralds a new era of accessibility, enabling businesses to leverage cutting-edge solutions effortlessly. However, amidst this technological renaissance, cybersecurity and data security loom large as critical imperatives. As a cybersecurity company, we recognize the ever-evolving threats and the need for robust defenses to safeguard digital assets. On this occasion, let us reaffirm our commitment to fortify India’s digital infrastructure and protect against cyber threats. As we navigate the complexities of the digital age, collaboration, innovation, and vigilance will be our guiding principles. Together, let’s ensure a future where technology empowers and protects, propelling India to greater heights on the global stage.”


Subbu Subramanian, Regional Vice President- India, Dynatrace 

“On National Technology Day, we celebrate India’s remarkable rise in the tech landscape. In recent years, businesses have experienced rapid and extensive changes, particularly in their operational dynamics. As organizations confront both challenges and novel ideas, there is a growing dependence on technology to address them. Cloud technology emerges as the most potent solution for swift ideation and scaling, offering unparalleled efficiency and flexibility.

Also, the emergence of Generation AI and the widespread adoption of SaaS and DevOps bring immense opportunities but also significant challenges. AI, in particular, presents a double-edged sword, offering efficiency gains while simultaneously introducing vulnerabilities. A unified platform integrating DevSecOps automation and AI capabilities is essential to safeguarding applications and data against sophisticated cyber threats. By fostering a culture of shared responsibility and leveraging cutting-edge technology, we can navigate the complexities of the digital age with confidence and resilience.”


Tanay Kediyal, Managing Director at Allstate India

“National Technology Day prompts us to marvel at India’s phenomenal journey in the tech landscape. From nascent beginnings to global eminence, we’ve propelled ourselves as a beacon of innovation. The emergence of Generative AI — fluent in the language of algorithms and automation, is poised to redefine the way we work, live, and interact with technology. Moreover, the advent of Software as a Service (SaaS) has democratized access to cutting-edge technology, enabling businesses of all sizes to create enterprise-grade solutions without hefty infrastructure investments.

In the insurance industry, technology is proving to be a game-changer, revolutionizing traditional business models and enhancing customer experiences. AI-powered technology is enabling insurers to mitigate risks, enhance operational efficiency, and personalize offerings to meet evolving customer needs. As we commemorate this day, let us reiterate our dedication to innovation and collaboration.”

Nishith Rastogi, Founder & CEO, Locus.sh-

“National Technology Day is an important reminder of the power of technology and innovation in enabling meaningful progress. At Locus, delivering real-world growth with technological innovation is central to our operating culture. For close to a decade, our cutting-edge solutions, powered by Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Data Analytics, among others, have automated decision-making for global enterprises to reduce logistics costs, improve efficiencies, elevate customer experiences, and make operations more sustainable. As we continue to innovate and push the boundaries of logistics technology, we are most excited about the possibilities of AI in unlocking new levels of excellence across the entire fulfillment chain.


Akshay Chaturvedi, Founder & CEO, Leverage.biz

“On this Technology Day, I’m thrilled to witness India’s emergence as a global tech leader. With Indian talent now driving innovation at the forefront of major global companies, we’re poised for remarkable progress. As AI continues to evolve, it promises a transformative impact on education. Supported by the Indian government’s initiatives, tech entrepreneurs are setting new standards globally. At Leverage, our commitment remains steadfast to revolutionize the journey of global Indians everywhere.”

Madhav Krishna, Founder and CEO of Vahan Inc

India’s AI sector is experiencing explosive growth, investments are surging at 30.8% annually and are projected to reach $881 million by 2023. The AI market is poised to hit a staggering $7.8 billion by 2025. This powerful technology holds immense potential to unlock economic prosperity, with 60% of its value added to India’s GDP by 2025.

From enabling innovative solutions to driving efficiency and scalability, technology is the cornerstone of our success. India, as of 2023, is the world’s third-largest start-up ecosystem, behind the U.S.A. and China, with over 100,000 startups and over 100 unicorns. However, most of these have been concentrated in Tier 1 cities.  Looking ahead, I believe more start-ups to get established in Tier 2 and Tier 3 cities. With talent readily available there and lower operational costs, these new ventures will democratise innovation and further propel India’s entrepreneurial landscape. Investments in AI, already significant, are poised to surge further, with its profound impact rippling across the Indian economy.


Praful Poddar, CPO, Shiprocket

“As we celebrate National Technology Day, it becomes imperative to recognise the fascinating transformation that the startup and investment landscape is undergoing. eCommerce is at the forefront of this growth, with a projected value of $300 billion by 2030, fueled by a massive mobile user base expected to reach 1 billion in the next two years. The focus is shifting beyond metros, with Tier 2 & 3 cities boasting rising incomes and attracting investment, becoming the new market driving sales online. Models like omnichannel retail, seamlessly integrating physical stores with online platforms through options like “click and collect”, are gaining traction. This growth is complemented by a B2B eCommerce boom, projected to reach $200 billion by 2030, indicating a massive untapped market potential.

Additionally, MSMEs are welcoming the D2C revolution, bypassing retailers and selling directly to consumers for better control and margins.  “Think Local, Sell Local” is no longer a trend but a reality for Indian merchants now, with platforms catering to specific regional needs and preferences. Quick commerce with ultra-fast delivery under 2 hours of placing an order is gaining significant traction.  Technology like AI is further propelling this growth by enabling not only efficiency, productivity but also innovation for even the smallest of sellers. From personalised experiences and warehouse automation to all-in-one marketing platforms, optimising courier partner selection, and leveraging WhatsApp commerce, AI is shaping the future of Indian eCommerce, making lives of various MSMEs simpler. Tech is now becoming the core of all revolutionary breakthroughs in industries, especially eCommerce, and is poised to redefine the Indian startup and investment ecosystem in the coming months.


Vineet Khanna, Co-founder, Supertails

One of the most significant drivers of change in the pet care industry has been the integration of technology into every aspect of pet parenthood. From smart pet feeders and activity trackers to telemedicine and personalised nutrition plans, technology is rapidly revolutionising the way we care for our pets. One notable area where technology has made a profound impact is in pet health and wellness. The proliferation of online vet consultations has made it easier for pet parents to access veterinary care remotely. Most times, unusual behaviours in our pets don’t warrant a physical health visit. In such cases, these services act as lifesavers particularly for the Indian market that consists of 90% first-time pet parents who have hundreds of doubts in their mind about pet-parenting.

Especially on the consumer side, eCommerce platforms and mobile apps are streamlining the purchasing process, allowing pet parents to order supplies, schedule appointments, and access personalised recommendations with just a few taps on their smartphones.

According to market research, the global pet care e-commerce market is expected to reach a value of $87.43 billion by 2027, growing at a CAGR of 12.49% from 2020 to 2027. And it is assumed that nearly one-third of global pet care sales will be made through e-commerce by 2026. With the Indian Pet Care market growing at a CAGR of 15%, social media platforms are also playing a vital role in connecting pet parents, fostering communities, and driving trends in pet care and lifestyle. Looking ahead, technology is going to play an even more central role for innovation in the Indian pet care industry– poised to reach $2 billion by 2030, especially as consumer preferences evolve and the demand for personalized services rises. From AI-powered pet care assistants to pet fitness trackers, the possibilities are endless.


Kabeer Jain, Co-Founder, Mintoak

On National Technology Day, Mintoak acknowledges technology’s pivotal role in India’s thriving startup ecosystem, making India a hub for startups, payments, and MSMEs’ financial inclusion. Our cloud-native architecture, built on technologies like AWS, ensures cost-effectiveness and scalability – the bedrock of long-term financial health for startups.

Looking ahead, another prominent trend is the strategic integration of AI and ML into startup solutions. Mintoak exemplifies this approach by leveraging AI for system monitoring, anomaly detection, and exploring advanced fraud prevention models. This translates to increased security and operational efficiency, directly impacting business outcomes. This National Technology Day is a powerful reminder to nurture and empower India’s youth innovators and MSMEs pan India with the necessary skills to shape India’s future as a global technology leader.

At Mintoak, we are committed to playing our part. We believe in fostering a culture of innovation and empowering the next generation of entrepreneurs.


 Kashyap Reddy, Co-founder & CEO, Hitwicket

National Technology Day holds a special importance, reminding us of our remarkable journey in technological advancement. Stemming from the successful Pokhran nuclear test in 1998, this day symbolises India’s leap towards becoming a formidable force on the global stage. Today, as we celebrate National Technology Day, we witness technology playing a significant role in propelling India’s capabilities to new heights, much like the Pokhran test did years ago. In India’s startup landscape, technology is advancing rapidly, fueled by the widespread availability of smartphones and the rollout of 5G. With over 750 million smartphone users, India presents one of the world’s highest adoption rates for technology.

In the gaming sector, the rise of AI and Gen AI tools like Google Genie have revolutionised the landscape, where it’s being used to whip up intricate game assets and sound design and stepping up the gaming experience. Beyond gaming, AI is also helping streamline everything from manufacturing to marketing, enhancing productivity by automating the routine things and fine-tuning the complex operations. With the powerful combo of super-fast internet and smart AI tools, Indian startups are all set to ramp up innovation and efficiency, making India a global tech powerhouse in the near future.


Venkatesh Mudragalla, Co-founder, Jeh Aerospace

The National Technology Day is a celebration of the monumental 1998 Pokhran Nuclear Test, where India boldly showcased its true potential on the global stage. Today, as we celebrate technology and its impact, I can’t help but reflect on this historical feat that our nation achieved. Currently, as we witness a surge in technological innovation and the emergence of numerous tech startups, it’s evident that India is once again showcasing its true potential. At Jeh Aerospace, we’re deeply committed to harnessing India’s technological expertise and untapped potential to propel our nation to new heights in Aerospace and Defence manufacturing. We envision India’s technological prowess leading to self-sufficiency, where every component, from a single screw to an entire aircraft, is proudly manufactured within the nation’s borders. By leveraging our collective strengths, we aim to position India as a formidable force in the global arena, standing shoulder to shoulder with the Western powers and leaving an impactful mark on the A&D manufacturing industry.


Rajagopal G, Co-Founder and CEO, KITES Senior Care

 “As we celebrate National Tech Day, we recognize the remarkable strides made in senior healthcare through technological innovations. Innovations like remote monitoring and telemedicine have significantly improved the quality of life for seniors. We believe that technology will play a significant role in the coming years with respect to preventive care & active aging of seniors. Further, with advancement through AI and machine learning there will be remarkable improvements to predict outcomes which can help in providing proactive care to seniors thereby creating a brighter future for our aging population.”

Suyash Sinha, Founder at Exly

“The entrepreneurial landscape has been reshaped by technology, a fact we celebrate on National Technology Day. Platforms like Exly have democratized access to markets, allowing entrepreneurs to connect with global audiences and scale rapidly. The integration of analytics and digital marketing tools has been a game-changer, enabling personalized customer experiences. As we look to the future, I see technology continuing to lower barriers, bringing in a new wave of innovation and entrepreneurship.”

Sriram Kanuri, Founder of Arteria Technologies

“Technology has been the driving force behind the evolution of enterprises during the last decade. On this National Tech Day, we recognize the role of emerging technologies like Gen AI, cloud computing, ML etc., in significantly contributing to the organizational growth and also plan an important role in their strategy. At Arteria Technologies, we leverage these innovations to provide solutions on supply chain, financing and real-time analytics, empowering businesses to make data-driven decisions. Looking ahead, I anticipate a future where technology will continue to disrupt traditional business models, leading to more agile and customer-centric enterprises.”

Shivam Singla, Founder and CEO, Leegality

“On National Tech Day, we celebrate the remarkable advancements in technology that are making lives easier, and propelling businesses towards greater efficiency. The wave of technological adoption and expansion that we are seeing today in Indian BFSI is not only helping companies grow, but ensuring that financial services reach the most inaccessible places in our country today. We here at Leegality our happy to play our part in that. Through our Document Infrastructure platform, BFSI companies have successfully digitised paperwork – significantly reducing turnaround times and increasing accessibility. This expansion of financial services to the unbanked and underbanked segments is a true testimony to the power of technology.”

Amit Singh – Founder and CEO of TelioLabs – A deep Tech Company

“Our young people are born with an innovative spirit that shines in both classrooms and companies. Let’s close the ‘School to Startups’ gap on this National Technology Day. Remembering that innovation is bred in classrooms as much as boardrooms as we celebrate our technical prowess. It’s about fostering in young brains a spirit of inquiry, giving them STEM skills, and enabling them to turn their ideas into solutions that will help to create a better future. We want to restate our dedication to creating a culture that supports the imagination, discovery, and invention of every young mind. Let’s commit as we celebrate this day to helping young brains and closing the gap so they have the tools and chances they need to succeed from school to startup. For it is in their hands that our world may be transformed and a future fueled by innovation and advancement laid.”

Dr Lalit Singh – CEO of TelioEV

“Let us honor the innovative spark that lights a sustainable future on this National Technology Day! Leading electric vehicle charging platform TelioEV is a perfect example of this kind of thinking, connecting companies and schools. We understand that green ideas are bred in classrooms as much as boardrooms.

By fostering curiosity, giving young brains STEM skills, and enabling them to turn their ideas into solutions, we can raise a generation of sustainability advocates. Imagine students collaborating in schools to build apps to fight climate change or to find sustainable energy sources!

We reiterate today our dedication to supporting an innovative culture that is sustainable. Let us promise to encourage young brains by giving them the tools and chances they need to succeed. From school to startup, they can become the designers of a more environmentally friendly future”

Dilip Chenoy, Chairman, Bharat Web3 Association

On India’s National Technology Day, the Bharat Web3 Association (BWA) pays tribute to the nation’s remarkable advancements in the field of science and technology. India’s large pool of qualified technology professionals has been instrumental in driving groundbreaking innovations across industries. 

The remarkable history associated with National Technology Day is also a reminder for the innovation that can happen with a supportive governance structure. Web3 is one of the emerging technologies where India could be in the driving seat due to its large talent pool. We have almost 12% of global talent driving global Web3 development and also have a thriving local start-up ecosystem. Web3 represents a shift in the way we have been using the internet. It empowers the users and fosters the emergence of a democratic digital ecosystem. 

Web3’s market size was estimated to be $2.18 billion in 2023 and it’s estimated to grow at a CAGR of 46% to $65,78 billion in 2032.

Dr. Gopichand Katragadda, President, The IET and CEO, Myelin Foundry

“On this National Technology Day, let us celebrate India’s ascendancy in the global technology arena, where every innovation and every achievement marks our relentless pursuit of excellence. From the intricate corridors of our burgeoning startups to the expansive trajectories of our space missions, India’s technological tapestry is vibrant and diverse. Our professionals, both at home and abroad, are not just participants but leaders on the world stage, constantly pushing the boundaries of what’s possible. Today, we call upon our stalwarts in the industry to commit anew to the future—by investing 2-4% of their revenues in research and development. Such dedication will fuel our ongoing technological revolution and secure India’s position as a global powerhouse of innovation and enterprise. Let us pledge to nurture this ecosystem with fervour, ensuring that the next generation of technology solves complex challenges and propels us towards unprecedented heights of development and prosperity.”

Kumar Ritesh,CEO & Cofounder,Cyfirma
“While India’s tech startup ecosystem continues to thrive, it’s essential to address the multifaceted challenges that impact our industry’s success. One such challenge lies in the convergence of cybersecurity vulnerabilities with macroeconomic headwinds and heightened geopolitical tensions. As businesses navigate through economic uncertainties and geopolitical complexities, cybersecurity threats become even more formidable.

In addition to traditional cyber threats, emerging technologies like generative AI and deepfakes further compound the cybersecurity landscape, posing novel challenges for startups and enterprises alike. The proliferation of deepfake technology, for instance, raises concerns about misinformation, identity theft, and reputational damage, underscoring the importance of robust cybersecurity measures and threat intelligence.

Addressing these challenges requires a collaborative and proactive approach from all stakeholders. Tech startups must prioritize cybersecurity as a core component of their business strategy, integrating advanced security solutions and best practices to safeguard against evolving threats. Furthermore, fostering collaboration and knowledge-sharing within the industry can help build resilience and adaptability in the face of emerging risks.”

Mr.Dinesh Arjun, Cofounder and CEO, Raptee

“In the realm of technology, a significant hurdle facing companies lies in navigating the complexities of establishing a robust supply chain, particularly when developing high-voltage technology. This challenge arises from the intricate nature of integrating multiple subsystems and the demand for constant innovation, often amidst constraints in resources. The process demands meticulous planning, precise execution, and a profound understanding of technological intricacies to ensure the reliability and efficiency of the final product.

The task of forging a dependable and efficient supply chain poses a formidable obstacle. Persuading suppliers, especially those accustomed to traditional Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs), to collaborate with technology firms can be daunting. It necessitates demonstrating unwavering commitment to quality, consistency, and longevity in the market, thus showcasing these companies as serious contenders capable of delivering cutting-edge high-tech solutions.”

Sameer Gandotra, Chief Executive Officer at Frendy
“National Technology Day is a recognition of the omnipresence of technology and the role it plays in economic wellbeing, especially for the next half billion consumers living in our towns & villages.
Technology is transforming the way in which these consumers access products & services. Digitally driven supply chains, in-store use of IoT & ML for consumer data & insights, digital marketing, and omnichannel fulfillment, all have the potential to give a “better daily shopping experience” to these consumers.
However, there are a lot of nuances that need to be kept in mind while building for Bharat!
The solutions need to be built in a way that suits these consumers, at their pace and their preferences.
Acknowledging minor nuances, like low-bandwidth connectivity & handholding with digital payments, goes a long way in building trust with these consumers!

In building a chain of neighbourhood mini-marts & digitally connected micro kiranas, Frendy is committed to being a tech-first company and leveraging technology to provide consumers access to products when & where they need it & in a cost-efficient manner”

Sachin Panicker, Chief AI Officer, Fulcrum Digital

“National Technology Day celebrates not just technological advancements, but also the widespread accessibility of innovation. In this era, enterprise AI serves as a pivotal force, driving the digital transformation of businesses across all scales, enabling them to flourish amidst heightened competition. This underscores the significance of AI in the ongoing evolution of technology, revolutionizing how businesses operate and innovate in the modern landscape.

The widespread adoption of enterprise AI is leveling the playing field, enabling even MSMEs to stand toe to toe with global competitors. Through intelligent automation, predictive analytics, and personalized insights, AI equips these companies with the tools to optimize operations, enhance productivity, and deliver unparalleled value to their customers. Beyond its capacity to optimize business operations, AI today also emerges as the great equalizer, bridging gaps between individuals and communities like never before. It transcends boundaries, providing ease of access to information, education, and opportunity, thus paving the way for inclusive growth and empowerment.

As we commemorate National Technology Day, let us recognize the transformative power of AI and share enthusiasm for the continuous strides being made in space, contributing to India’s tech journey. Let’s also champion inclusivity, shaping a future where everyone benefits from this progress.”

Ravi Chhabria, Managing Director, NetApp India

“India is rapidly advancing its usage of new-age technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI). As revealed by NetApp’s 2024 Cloud Complexity Report, India is leading the global charts with over 70% of companies already in the process of adopting AI projects, as opposed to the global average of 49%. 

While we see a readiness among enterprises to accept these technologies, we still need a heavier push towards education and skilling in deeptech. Education and mentorship play an incomparable role in nurturing innovation across the tech sector. To train them young, we’re committed to empowering teens through initiatives such as the NetApp Data Explorers program, equipping them with critical data skills – with an aim to provide opportunities for exploration and problem-solving.  

Our effort towards mentorship extends through NetApp Excellerator, where we engage with deep-tech startups, offering them our expertise in intelligent data infrastructure solutions. This coupled with access to our resources helps them drive advancements and innovations in the field.  

Together, we’re shaping a future where the youth and innovators have the tools they need to excel.” 

Geetha Ramanna, Director, Software Development and Network Security, Sophos

“On this National Technology Day, we reflect on our nation’s digital evolution and the need for attention on the pressing issue of cybersecurity. As we march towards innovation, the specter of ransomware attacks and data breaches grows ever more ominous. The scarcity of cybersecurity experts strains those already in the field, leading to exhaustion and missed opportunities. This is backed up by Sophos’ Future of Cybersecurity in APJ survey, which revealed that 83% of cybersecurity professionals are affected with burnout and fatigue. However, amidst these challenges, lies a solution in education and mentorship. By equipping the next generation of tech professionals with essential skills and guidance, we can bolster our defenses against cyber threats and pave the way for a secure digital future. Let us join forces in safeguarding our nation’s technological advancement, one mentoring relationship at a time.”

Juveri Mukherjee, Global Head of HR, Aurionpro Solutions

“When industry veterans share their knowledge and expertise with newcomers, the synergy that flourishes, promotes innovation. National Technology Day is a great opportunity to highlight the importance of such collaboration and mentoring in the tech industry, as this guidance from mentors equips youth with tools to navigate evolving landscapes. Moreover, cross-generational knowledge exchange preserves wisdom while fostering collaboration and diverse perspectives that spark breakthroughs. I strongly believe that embracing mentorship and entrepreneurship propels innovation’s future in tech.”

Prashanth Chunduri, Sr. VP – Strategy & Alliances/Partnerships; Managing Director – Neilsoft

“India is making huge strides in the manufacturing and ER&D space, with government’s initiatives such as Aatmanirbhar Bharat, Make in India, and Digital India encouraging significant boost in domestic production.

Towards making our PM’s Vision of Make in India successful and contributing to making India a global manufacturing hub, we at Neilsoft, are developing Technology/IP-led solutions tailored to the needs of the Indian industry, focusing on improving quality and productivity. We have identified India as a major focus for us with our Pune-based facilities dedicated to developing Quality Inspection solutions for Manufacturing companies and Energy Management Solution for large facilities like factories, industrial buildings, hospitals, data centers, etc. to reduce energy consumption. We also believe that Digital Factory technology has the potential to transform Indian Manufacturing companies. We are already engaged with several companies to devise and implement these solutions in India.”

Kishan Sundar, Sr. Vice President, Chief Technology Officer – Key Accounts, Maveric Systems

“Technology has completely reshaped sectors and has become the core of operations rather than merely serving as a backend support function. For instance, the importance and necessity of technology in transforming legacy systems, reshaping customer experiences, detecting fraud, and offering more personalised solutions to customers are unparalleled today. Similarly, Generative AI is completely redefining CX, operational strategies, and various other aspects of the banking sector. At Maveric Systems, we are at the forefront of deploying such technologies for our global customers and adopting them internally to transform our operations. In 2024 and beyond, we will witness significant strides in the banking and financial services industry as it adopts technology to enable mass financial inclusion, foster innovation, and provide even more personalised, streamlined solutions for customers. Generative AI and emerging technologies such as Distributed Ledger, Cyber Risk Technologies, Gen AI, and Functional Process Automation will play a significant role in enabling these transitions in the years to come.”

Prof. Rudra Pratap, Founding Vice Chancellor, Plaksha University

“Plaksha University is committed to reshaping education and enabling the journey from ‘schools to startups’. Our robust ecosystem fuels innovation, problem-solving and lifelong learning. We are nurturing new kind of engineers – who not only have a deep understanding of core concepts but also a keen entrepreneurial spirit to solve the biggest challenges faced by the society. They will propel India towards becoming a hub for innovation”.

Sameer Goyal, Senior Director & Head of Engineering, Acuity Knowledge Partners:

“On this National Technology Day, Acuity Knowledge Partners stands tall as a beacon of innovation. Our unwavering commitment to cutting-edge technology, including AI and GenAI, propels us forward.
AI-Powered Workflows: Our AI-driven solutions help our analysts decode complex financial data, providing actionable insights. Whether it’s predicting market trends, optimizing investment portfolios, or enhancing risk management, our algorithms empower financial professionals serving our customers.
GenAI & Large Language Models (LLM): GenAI, including our own proprietary frameworks as well as class leading commercial models, are helping us transform business processes. From automating routine tasks to enhancing decision-making, GenAI is helping us accelerate efficiency across the board. It’s the heartbeat of our technological prowess.
Modern Tech Stacks: We harness the power of modern technology stacks—cloud computing, microservices, and containerization. These robust foundations enable seamless scalability, agility, and rapid development cycles.
Data Security Fortresses: In an era of cyber threats, our data security practices are impregnable. We safeguard sensitive information, ensuring trust and compliance. Our clients rest assured that their data is in safe hands. As we celebrate this day, we stride ahead, shaping the future of finance. Acuity Knowledge Partners is where innovation meets impact.”

Mr. Su Piow Ko, Vice President of AET Display Limited

On National Technology Day 2024, AET Display celebrates the transformative role of technology in revolutionizing the advertising landscape, particularly through the proliferation of LED displays. LED technology has reshaped advertising strategies, replacing static billboards with dynamic displays that captivate audiences and amplify brand visibility. AET Display’s dedication to advancing LED technology is evident in our focus on Mini and Micro LED technologies. Our fully vertical integrated supply chain, equipped with automated COB manufacturing and cutting-edge packaging technologies like COB, MIP, and QCOB, sets us apart in the industry. Moreover, our commitment to research and development in Micro LED technology reinforces our pursuit of display excellence. Our R&D efforts encompass a range of technologies, including 2D/3D Nano Quantum Dot materials, QD LED Chips, Micro-LED Specialised Control ICs, Driver ICs, Embedded CPU Image Multiprocessing, and Micro Pitch LED Display Technology. These innovations aim to enhance display performance, optimize manufacturing processes, and seamlessly integrate Micro LED technology into our product lines. As we commemorate National Technology Day, AET Display looks forward to leveraging these advancements to shape the future of advertising and communication, offering advertisers unprecedented opportunities for engagement and success.

Mr. Muneer Ahmad, Vice President, Sales and Marketing, ViewSonic India

“On this National Technology Day, we at ViewSonic are proud to be at the forefront of innovation and technology. Our belief is that being technologically upgraded should go hand in hand with being responsible towards the environment, and hence, we are dedicated to achieving our ambitious goals of reducing our CO2 footprint by 42% by 2023 and achieving net zero emissions by 2050.

We are proud to have developed several innovative products equipped with the latest technologies making a real difference in society. Our LED technology is paving a huge success in our projector segment because of being energy efficient and requires lower maintenance. We also created an Education ecosystem with the aim of giving students and teachers access to cutting-edge technologies and resources that can help make learning more engaging and successful. We consider ourselves fortunate to have the opportunity to serve our customers for the faith they have placed in us to provide high-quality products that positively impact society. On this National Technology Day, we renew our commitment to excellence and innovation while looking ahead to the future with hope and joy.”

Anmol Arora, Founder and CEO, DocVita

“What started with Pokhran in India led to the unstoppable technology revolution in India. Today, we are proudly leading, innovating & setting an example for the world on many stages.

Across numerous industries, technology has helped increase accessibility, affordability, and efficiency, empowering individuals and businesses to innovate, connect, and thrive. The spirit of exploration and the pursuit of excellence continue to drive us forward, inspiring the world with a bold vision for a technologically advanced and inclusive future.

Mr. Harshit Jain, Co-Founder and CEO, OnePlay

“In the last decade, India has moved forward in leaps and bounds to establish itself as a major player in the global technology landscape. With the spirit of innovation and technology getting stronger, more and more startups are cropping up to solve genuine problems and enhance the quality of life. In the gaming world, we are witnessing new games, developments and technologies that push the boundaries to deliver something new and extraordinary. As we commemorate National Technology Day, let’s recognize the role of technology in building India’s limitless potential for innovation, growth, and transformation in the days to come.”

Mr. Lalit Arora, co-founder, UBON

Today, as we celebrate National Technology Day, let us embrace the transformative power of innovation. Technology has become the cornerstone of modern society, shaping how we live, work, and connect with one another. At UBON, we’re not just witnessing this evolution; we’re driving it forward. Our commitment to pushing boundaries and redefining possibilities underscores our role as pioneers in the consumer technology landscape. As we commemorate this day, let’s reaffirm our dedication to harnessing the latest advancements to enhance lives and empower communities worldwide. Together, let’s continue to innovate, inspire, and shape a future where technology serves as a force for progress and prosperity for all. Happy National Technology Day!” 

Mr. Mandeep Arora, co-founder, VingaJoy 

As we celebrate National Technology Day, let’s honor the spirit of innovation driving progress. At Vingajoy, we envision a future where technology seamlessly integrates into our lives, empowering connectivity, enhancing experiences, and fostering sustainable solutions. Together, let’s shape a tomorrow where technology serves humanity’s highest aspirations. the coming years, technology will continue to revolutionize various aspects of our lives. Advancements in artificial intelligence, quantum computing, and biotechnology will redefine industries, healthcare, and education. The Internet of Things (IoT) will create interconnected ecosystems, optimizing efficiency and convenience. However, ethical considerations and privacy concerns will necessitate careful navigation and regulation.

 Vaidyanathan Seshan, Senior VP, Technology and Head of India Tech Hub, lululemon

“On this National Technology Day, we honor India’s remarkable strides in the realm of technology, marking our nation as a growing tech superpower on the global stage. From pioneering advancements in IT and software development to cutting-edge innovations, India’s journey is defined by resilience and a relentless pursuit of excellence. As we commemorate this day, let’s recognize the indomitable spirit of our scientists, engineers, and innovators who continue to push boundaries, driving progress and prosperity for our nation and beyond. Together, let’s embrace the transformative power of technology to shape a future brimming with possibilities. India has abundant and growing technology talent that has attracted many global companies. Many leading tech companies have their development centers set up in India. One of the biggest reasons for this is the highly skilled talent and a fast-maturing tech ecosystem we have here. Robust tech infrastructure has given India a place of prominence in the global digital economy.

The lululemon India Tech Hub in Bangalore is of strategic importance to our global retail business. Since we established India Tech Hub two and a half years ago, lululemon India has rapidly emerged as a great source of talent and innovation, delivering substantial business impact for our global enterprise. With a focus on innovation in data and technology, we are constantly developing tools that streamline our global operations, leveraging AI and ML across various processes, from infrastructure development to point-of-sale, store support, operations, and the end-user experience.”

Mr. Anji R Maram, Founder and CEO – CriticalRiver Inc.

“Technology symbolizes progress, revolutionizing all aspects of our lives with innovation. Looking ahead, we are on the verge of an era where Artificial Intelligence goes beyond automation, enhancing decision-making in various industries. The Internet of Things connects a web of devices, establishing ‘smart’ as the norm for everything from household gadgets to cityscapes. The rapid evolution of technology promises not just enhanced efficiency but a new paradigm of global connectivity and unprecedented access to information. This journey is more than just progress—it’s about shaping a future where technology enhances human capabilities, fostering a world where everyone can thrive in a digitally empowered community.”           

Mr. Binu Jacob, Managing Director and CEO – Experion Technologies

“In the ever-evolving technology landscape, digital transformation has become an undeniable necessity across industries. Today, CIOs spearhead this revolution, driving profitability, cost efficiency, and market distinctiveness. As we commemorate National Technology Day, themed ‘From Schools to Startups: Igniting Young Minds to Innovate,’ Experion proudly underscores its unwavering commitment to nurturing local talent. 

Our success is deeply rooted in the remarkable potential we’ve nurtured from educational institutions across South India and Kerala. Reflecting on our journey, we’re inspired by the transformative impact of investing in tomorrow’s innovators. It would be beneficial for educational institutions across the state to work closely with industry leaders to understand the needs of the hour better and implement programs that train both faculty and students to be better prepared for industry roles and real-world challenges.” 

Mr. Karun Tadepalli, Co-Founder and CEO – byteXL

“Mobile penetration in India, much of it being smart phone usage, is expected to reach 85% by 2025, indicating widespread access to digital devices and connectivity, which are essential for participation in the digital economy and online education. With the rapid adoption of digital learning platforms, the Indian edtech market is expected to reach a value of $30 billion by 2030. This National Technology Day, we at byteXL celebrate India’s journey towards a brighter future powered by innovation. With our youthful population, we are on a steadfast path to building a technologically advanced society that embraces progress and opportunity at every turn.”

Srinath Reddy, Managing Director, Raminfo Limited

“Raminfo has always believed that empowering local governments through e-governance tech solutions is not just about digitizing processes; it’s about democratizing access to governance and fostering inclusive development. Over the years we have witnessed from ground zero this country’s rapid and complete embrace of technology. We have seen firsthand lives of Indians changing for the better. This national technology day we are excited to expand our horizons and reach new frontiers.”

Sooraj Balakrishnan, Associate Director and Head of Marketing, Acer India

“In today’s dynamic digital world, Acer recognizes that innovation acts as the driving force propelling endless possibilities forward. From advancements in AI to the realm of cloud computing, technology illuminates our journey, guiding us toward greater connectivity, creativity, and a brighter future. Amidst the challenges we face, Acer places a strong emphasis on sustainability, echoing this sentiment through this year’s theme: ‘School to Startups – Igniting Young Minds to Innovate.’ Acer embarks on an inspiring journey to motivate and empower young minds to embrace technology, cultivating an innovative spirit that resonates from classrooms to professional settings. As we celebrate National Technology Day, let’s reaffirm our dedication to progress, innovation, and the transformative power of technology to instigate positive change.”             

Ram Meenakshisundaram, Chief Technology Officer, Virtusa Corporation

“As technology continues to redefine the landscape of progress, National Technology Day serves as a beacon of inspiration, reminding us of its transformative power. At Virtusa, through our Jatayu initiatives, we empower young minds to innovate and drive meaningful change. By providing mentorship and guidance, we fuel the spirit of creativity, paving the way for a future where innovation knows no bounds. This year’s theme, ‘From Schools to Startups: Igniting Young Minds to Innovate,’ encapsulates our commitment to nurturing the next generation of tech leaders, fostering a culture of sustainability and innovation that paves the path to a brighter tomorrow.”

Prem Kumar Vislawath – CEO and Co-Founder, Marut Drones

Drone technology has quickly gained new ground in Indian agriculture, revolutionizing traditional farming practices, and significantly reducing costs.

With the government’s push for embracing drone technology, farmers have been using ‘Kisan Drones’, optimizing the efficiency and effectiveness of seed-sowing processes, and fostering a more economically viable and sustainable cultivation ecosystem. Drone technology has helped in securing pioneering patents like the direct-seeding system, which enables the aerial dispersion of diverse rice seeds through a multi-nozzle mechanism, addressing pressing issues like shortage of labour in India.

With training programs to encourage technical expertise in drones, no farmers will be able to agriculture without the use of drone technology in the next three to five years.       

Saurabh Marda, Managing Director – Freyr Energy

Technology has played a significant role in the widespread adoption of solar energy, especially in a developing country like India which leap-frogs in the renewable energy sector to make up for the infrastructural gaps. Innovations like advanced solar panels, AI forecasting and IoT monitoring are making solar more efficient and reliable, paving the way for achieving sustainable energy goals at scale.

Satyendra Prasad Narala, Managing Director, Regency Ceramics

Cool roof technology has emerged as a promising solution to combat the escalating challenges posed by climate change, particularly in regions like India where heatwaves are becoming increasingly frequent and severe. The adaption of cool roof technology can foster sustainable development for a country which is leading a surge in energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions.

BY 2037, the demand for cooling is expected to increase by 700 percent, which creates a high demand for cool roof technology, which employs reflective materials that can maintain temperatures significantly lower than conventional roofs. Cool roof technology can enhance the efficiency of air conditioning systems, thereby lowering electricity bills and carbon footprints, and provide a tangible means to enhance comfort and safety, especially in urban areas where the urban heat island effect exacerbates temperature extremes. 

Prerna Kalra, Co-founder & CEO of Daalchini Technologies Ltd.

Technology has revolutionized retail, empowering women entrepreneurs to thrive in an increasingly digital world. On National Tech Day, we celebrate this transformative force, recognizing its pivotal role in shaping the future of business. At our brand, we embrace innovation, leveraging tech to enhance customer experiences, provide a platform for brands, and drive growth. To aspiring entrepreneurs, remember: in the digital age, opportunities abound for those bold enough to seize them. Harness the power of technology, foster diversity, and unleash your potential to create positive change. Happy National Tech Day!”

Katsuhisa Asari, Managing Director, Konica Minolta India

In the realm of technology, achieving success transcends mere efficiency; it now entails the development of scalable and enduring solutions. The printing industry stands at the forefront, championing environmental stewardship in tandem with pioneering approaches. By melding conventional printing techniques with state-of-the-art technologies, a realm of new possibilities emerges. Respected luminaries within the industry are poised to navigate a future where premium printed materials seamlessly blend with a reduced ecological footprint. This aspirational goal is within reach, with Technology Day underscoring how innovation fueled by sustainability fosters businesses that not only prosper in the long term but also safeguard the planet for generations to come“.

Amit Luthra, Managing Director – India, Lenovo ISG

“As we commemorate National Technology Day, we celebrate India’s resilience and adaptability in the face of challenges, particularly evident in the surge of digitalization among startups and SMEs. A recent INDIAai report underscores AI’s pivotal role in India’s digital economy, projecting a staggering USD 967 billion boost by 2035. The Government of India’s proactive efforts to promote responsible AI adoption and foster public trust reflect a commitment to ‘AI for All’, signaling a transformative approach to inclusive progress. Lenovo ISG aligns with this vision by providing purpose-built AI-ready infrastructure extending from the data center to the edge, empowering businesses to harness the full potential of their data.

Lenovo and IDC’s CIO playbook further highlights India’s leadership in embracing next-gen AI technologies, with over 95% of Indian CIOs recognizing AI’s indispensable role in shaping business strategies. Today, AI isn’t just a buzzword; it’s a transformative force driving operational excellence and strategic decision-making. From enhancing cybersecurity to streamlining business processes through intelligent automation, it is reshaping the landscape of possibilities. At Lenovo ISG, we’re not just embracing AI; we’re shaping its trajectory. Our commitment to Smarter AI ensures accessibility and efficiency, whether at the edge or in the cloud. As we celebrate this day, it is imperative to reaffirm our collective dedication to fostering innovation and creating an inclusive digital future.”

Ajeya Motaganahalli, VP Engineering & Managing Director, India R&D, Pure Storage

Technology is a tool for progress — a catalyst for positive change that improves human lives by levelling the field of opportunities. Today, technology influences every facet of our lives, from communication and healthcare to transportation and entertainment. Take for instance the pivotal role technology played in accelerating recovery during the COVID-19 pandemic by leaps and bounds. Going forward, technological advancements promise to further bolster our resilience. This National Technology Day, we welcome a transformative era driven by AI, quantum computing, and big data, poised to transform the world and improve our lives.

Pure Storage honors the contributions of scientists, engineers, innovators, and researchers from the science and technology community in shaping a sustainable future. Together, let’s continue to push the boundaries of what’s possible and harness the full potential of technology for the betterment of society.”

P Saravanan, Vice President, Cloud Engineering, Oracle India

“The time has never been better for us to focus on developing technology that can have impact at a massive scale. Be it AI, ML, drones, IoT – these innovations should find opportunity to help uplift an economy and create a sustainable future. Oracle’s culture has always provided a canvas of diversity, engineering excellence, collaboration, creativity, ownership and a determination to continuously learn and share knowledge for the greater good. In today’s rapidly evolving digital landscape, the journey from academia to entrepreneurship has never been more exciting and challenging. Nurturing this talent is a very responsible and gratifying experience.  We can all come together to help India achieve its goal of becoming a knowledge economy and AI capital.”

Karthik Rajaram, Area Vice President, India, Elastic

“Government efforts in promoting innovation and R&D, complemented by the rapid adoption of emerging technologies such as generative AI across sectors, are poised to contribute to a 20% growth in India’s GDP by 2026, further cementing the country’s position as a global technology hub,” says Karthik Rajaram, Area Vice President and General Manager, Elastic, India. “Indian organizations recognize generative AI’s value and its potential to enhance productivity and operational efficiencies. A recent Elastic report also confirmed this, revealing that 81% of Indian organizations have already implemented generative AI, the highest globally. We at Elastic are committed to a continued collaboration with Indian organizations to offer search-powered AI, data management, and observability capabilities, empowering them to deliver transformative impact.”

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