Artisans build more complete picture of China

Artisans build more complete picture of China

An exhibition titled
Beyond the Mountain: Ceramic, Textile and Silver at China Garden, a London-based platform showcasing Chinese crafts, during the 10th London Craft Week from May 13 to May 19, features a
qipao featuring phoenix motifs. A branch draped in lace, a
qipao made with recycled PET fabric simulating silk texture, and round fans that blend the techniques of Chinese and French embroidery are also on display.[Photos provided to China Daily]

And somehow, surprisingly, a significant portion of these unofficial cultural exchange ambassadors are young people, with many of them having spent time living or studying in the West, Zhang said.

“Stepping out often makes it easier for us to reflect on our cultural background and roots,” she said.

At this year”s London Craft Week, China Garden staged an exhibition showcasing the talents of eight esteemed makers and artists in ceramics, textiles and silverware, and was by no means the only Chinese contributor to the event.

The 10th edition of London Craft Week, held from May 13 to May 19, witnessed the largest-ever participation from Chinese artists, with a total of four organizations involved, supported by the Cultural Section of China’s Embassy in the UK.

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