50 top Aussie teachers revealed

50 top Aussie teachers revealed

These are just some of the selfless, motivational, kind and life changing teachers who have been nominated in our Australia’s Best Teacher campaign. Here’s 50 who have gone above and beyond.

These are just some of the words commonly used to describe the incredible teachers who are inspiring our next generations in classrooms across the nation.

Thousands of educators spark curiosity and wonder in students as they learn the curriculum every day.

But there are always others – who take extra steps, work extra hours, use innovative teaching methods, show additional care, or find ingenious ways to make our kids feel like they belong – who have moved Australians to nominate them in our Australia’s Best Teachers campaign.

These are just some of the faces of Australia’s best teachers.

In just its second year, the campaign, which recognises and honours teachers while raising their profile and acknowledging their profound influence on both students and the wider community, has seen more than 1320 teachers nominated by peers, students and parents.

In partnership with Officeworks, Melbourne Archdiocese Catholic Schools and Teachers Mutual Bank, the campaign has uncovered the heroic actions of some of our most humble teachers.

Their stories include those who keep cups of instant noodles in drawers to feed hungry students, to those running multicultural music, drama and sports programs to inspire inclusivity and others who work with at-risk children to ensure they are safe, happy and can learn at school and open up a brighter future for themselves.

It is clear from the thousands of comments received, that teaching is so much more than just imparting knowledge around reading, writing, maths or other subjects. It is a calling, a passion, and a profession that can have an immensely positive and long-lasting impact on our youngest citizens.

Our teachers truly care, actively inspire, and change lives.

Today’s feature recognises 50 of those teachers who go above and beyond, but is a tribute to every educator across Australia.



Mabel Park High School, Slacks Creek

An English, drama, and dance teacher who channels her own childhood challenges against racism into running a hugely successful multicultural program that unites 300 students from diverse backgrounds and helps them feel accepted.

Nominated by Department of Education,

Angelina Chol is a drama and English teacher at Mabel Park State High School. Picture: David Kelly


Bayview State School, Thornlands

Your heart is so big and you give so much to the students in your care, teaching them with passion. You see the potential in all students and help them to grow into confident young people who remember you long after they leave your classroom.

Nominated by Robert Brown


Kulpi State School, Kulpi 

An exceptional teacher who puts 100 per cent into her teaching. Works hard to ensure all her students reach their potential through guidance, support and positive encouragement. Her lessons are interesting and engaging.

Nominated by Tammy Doudle


Oakey State School, Oakey

An exceptional teacher. Her lessons are engaging and fun. She supports each individual child and differentiates accordingly. A worthy recipient of this award. We love you Miss Chalker!

Nominated by Michelle Fahey


Birkdale Primary School, Birkdale

Supports students both current and past. She teaches each as individuals and makes sure she knows not just where they are at academically but emotionally and socially. Amazing teacher and all-round human.

Nominated by Katrina Dennis


Corinda State High School, Corinda

A multi-instrumentalist and educator with a focus on mentoring young musicians. His innovative teaching methods are tailored to students’ interests, fostering creativity and growth.

Nominated by Annie Buick

Jacob Hicks, Brisbane-based multi-instrumentalist and educator. Picture: Steve Pohlner


Elanora State School, Elanora

His exceptional teaching skills and kind, gentle nature facilitated a smooth transition for my son to a new school. His dedication to students’ wellbeing and development truly deserves recognition.

Nominated by Beth Peck


St Catherine’s Catholic College, Proserpine

An inspiration to students who want to follow a career in primary industry. Her passion for working with local agribusiness to create meaningful post-school employment pathways is outstanding.

Nominated by Steve Harrison


Broadbeach State Primary, Broadbeach

So passionate about teaching. Always volunteering personal time so generously to the school and kids. Genuine love
and care.

Nominated by Katie Veivers


Everton Park State School, Kedron

Aminta leads our school with courage and kindness. She has transformed the school into a place where students, families and staff feel valued and strive to be the best they can be. She is a leader who is there for every single person.

Nominated by Graham Nunn



Sacred Heart School, Fitzroy

Under Matthew’s leadership, staff helped an Afghan refugee family secure a home, work and learn English so the four children could be enrolled in their school. Compassion, care and a community-first approach are at the heart of everything this school does.

Nominated by Melbourne Archdiocese Catholic Schools

Principal Matthew Shawcross was instrumental in helping student Hewad Wali and his family who escaped from Afghanistan to start a new life in Australia. Picture: David Caird


Aquinas College, Ringwood

Kelly (Coach) is caring, kind and smart. She has “muffin Fridays” where she buys muffins for the homeroom. When she returns from her yearly America trip, she brings souvenirs for the class. Finally, she has a great Christmas party where she buys 100 gifts for kids to choose from. The remainder are donated to the Kmart Wishing Tree for less privileged children.

Nominated by Zac Parker


St Mary’s Primary School, Ascot Vale

Very good at engaging his students with humour. Always doing little things outside his regular hours to make the school a better place, like tending the memorial rose garden for one of the teachers we lost, feeding the chickens or helping mow lawns.

Nominated by Warren Caspersz


Flemington Co-operative, Flemington

Bush kinder, excursions to make recycling donations, cooking, yoga and Harmony Day where staff prepared an exhibition representing their own cultures – my son and the other students are thriving with Jennifer’s leadership and programming. My son is more worldly, confident and empathetic.

Nominated by Anna Crameri


St Joseph’s, Yarra Junction

The second I met Mrs B I knew she was the prep teacher for my daughter. Her passion for our children is unmeasurable, often working out of hours/weekends to give our kids a learning experience like no other. Our school wellbeing lead and Indigenous expert, you can tell how much she genuinely loves her role.

Nominated by Hayley Fox


Thornbury High School, Thornbury

Very passionate about what he does, and is able to not only push his students, but also create meaningful bonds through time and care. I think he’s is an inspiration.

Nominated by Abigail Wallace


Narre Warren South P-12, Narre Warren

Mirella demonstrated genuine care and compassion to help my daughter with social and emotional challenges, and ensuring meaningful extension work.
Her classroom felt calm, safe and purposeful. My daughter speaks of her with the highest regard.

Nominated by Hannah Groenewegen


Academy of Mary Immaculate, Fitzroy

The embodiment of a strong role model. Bold, impassioned and inspiring. Challenging girls to think and do. Her students cannot wait to get to her class.

Nominated by Joshua Cowie

Fitzroy teacher Fiona Tassone.


Mt Dandenong Primary School, Mt Dandenong

A teacher for 30 years who still has the magic! Has a beautiful ability to connect to our daughter and help her with strategies to succeed socially emotionally and academically. It’s amazing the impact one teacher can have on a family.

Nominated by Olivia Lyon


Ferny Creek Primary School, Ferny Creek

Supports all students through his fairness, does not treat any kids differently from others, excellent literacy and numeracy teacher. Our daughter says he makes every day happy.

Nominated by Julian Hill


Loyola Collage, Watsonia

Ms Gartland rocks as our hospitality teacher! She’s super fair and kind to everyone, making learning awesome for all students. Her support boosts our grades and makes school a better place. Plus, she volunteers her own time to help out at the school restaurant.

Nominated by Damien Minutolo


Aquinas College, Ringwood 

The beacon of brilliance in education! He’s the math magician, chemistry connoisseur, and physics phenomenon all rolled into one. His passion illuminates minds, guiding students through the complex universe of numbers, elements, and forces.

Nominated by Joshua Steen


Pomonal Primary School, Pomonal

Cat had only moved to the school 17 days before a raging bushfire closed it temporarily. She used her performing arts background to help her young students recover and build resilience. Her care and positivity is a beacon at the country school.

Nominated by Department of Education.

Pomonal teacher Catriona Fleming.


St Brigid’s Primary School, Gisborne

An amazing educator. Her nurturing and kind nature with students is just beautiful. She ensures they feel safe and secure.

Nominated by Taliah De Beer



Northern Beaches Secondary College, Curl Curl

Eliza-Jane believes wellness is as important as education. She is a passionate advocate for at-risk students, offering emotional and social support. Physical activity, including a special running group, plays a crucial role in her wellness strategy to help students develop teamwork and leadership skills outside the classroom.

Nominated by Department of Education


Hastings Secondary College, Port Macquarie

Has thrown herself into supporting students in hospitality by establishing a student-led coffee club for staff. Supports the next wave of beginning teachers as they refine their classroom practice while on university practicum placement.

Nominated by Karen Noble


Portland Central School, Portland

John is an exemplary visual arts teacher who provides differentiated instruction to all students in order to achieve significant outcomes.

Nominated by Debbie-Lee Hughes

John Bawden, art teacher at Portland Central School, NSW


Warilla Public School, Warilla

Absolutely amazing. Knows, cares and loves every student in her class. Student growth in the 12 months in her class is phenomenal.

Nominated by Michelle Fay


Thirlmere Public School, Thirlmere

Exceptional dedication to student success. She demonstrates exemplary instructional leadership, using innovative, engaging teaching methods catering to diverse learning styles. 

Nominated by Melinda Brady


Bathurst High School, Bathurst

Ken ran away from home at 11 to escape domestic violence before a local family took him in so he could continue his schooling. He vowed to return to that same school as principal one day – and he did. Now he inspires all his students to stay positive and build resilience.

Nominated by Department of Education

Principal Ken Barwick pictured on the grounds of Denison College, Bathurst High Campus. Picture: Justin Sanson


Oak Flats High School, Oak Flats 

Mentors our most complex students to improve their attendance and behaviour, and build their confidence and aspirations. Sends parents daily texts, always finding something positive to say about each student. Without Mr Steel many of these students would have left school.

Nominated by Angela Byron


Berridale Public School, Berridale

As a specialist science teacher at our small rural school, she tirelessly pursues her own growth to elevate student learning outcomes. She organises STEM events that engage both students and the wider community. Her leadership in professional development enriches our staff, all while overcoming financial constraints and geographical challenges.

Nominated by Kim Whitehead


Lake Heights Primary School, Lake Heights

An exceptional educator. Dedicates herself to Aboriginal education and tirelessly supports at-risk children and their families. Jenny’s impact enriches the lives of students, families, and the community.

Nominated by Michael Cassel


Cobbitty Public School, Cobbitty

Outstanding classroom practitioner. Committed to sharing expertise and working collaboratively with colleagues to support ongoing growth in teaching expertise. Student-centred in an inclusive and supportive classroom. Positive and morale boosting!

Nominated by Dawn Dallas


Windang Public School, Windang

A kind-hearted teacher who sets high expectations for all students. Has mentored students to participate in public speaking events and debates and invests time into our school library.

Nominated by Ashley Davies


Camden High School, Camden

Has worked tirelessly to provide individualised and targeted small group tutoring to First Nations students and established trusting relationships with
local elders, primary schools, universities, NGOs and mentors to provide opportunities for students to connect with country and culture.

Nominated by Jo Bui


Stanwell Park Public School, Stanwell Park

Mrs Gripton is amongst the kindest, most caring humans on Earth. Our son Odin is autistic and she ensures the classroom is inclusive and everyone’s strengths are explored, supported and celebrated.

Nominated by Odin Russell



Hahndorf Primary School, Hahndorf

A caring, selfless, driven and extremely passionate Reception teacher. He strives to individualise learning for all abilities. He excels in his teaching of synthetic phonics and has created a vibrant group of eager learners and readers. He is dynamic and innovative in his teaching approach. He is a lifelong teacher and learner – bravo!

Nominated by Abby Blowes

Hahndorf Primary School reception teacher Ryan Bubner. Picture: Brenton Edwards


Nazareth College, Flinders Park

The creme de la creme of PE teachers. Practical and no-nonsense, she achieved a miracle with my son with autism who used to hide before PE and not participate. She went out of her way to mentor a year 12 student with additional needs. The outcome was incredible – he participated fully and felt included. At Christmas he said all he wanted was Ms Palasis for PE!

Nominated by Annabel Mansfield


St Raphael’s School, Parkside

Exceptional dedication to teaching. Consistently goes above and beyond for every student, tirelessly addressing their diverse needs with a kind and caring approach. His leadership in extra-curricular activities like debating and STEM has enhanced our students’ educational experiences.

Nominated by Emma Fowler


Seaview High School, Seacombe Heights

A shining example of personalised instruction, tailoring health curriculum and PE programs to suit each student’s unique needs and abilities. She creates a welcoming space where every student, regardless of their fitness level, feels valued and included.

Nominated by Morgan Collett


Seacliff Primary School, Seacliff

Has multiple excursions that he invites all parents to attend. This gives parents the opportunity to foster a sense of community – reducing anxiety and social isolation during the difficult transition of starting a new school.

Nominated by Rebecca Methven


Gawler & District College B-12, Evanston

One of the kindest, most caring and hardest working teachers. Always goes above and beyond for her students’ learning, wellbeing, friendships and puts everyone else first. She has shown me so much as a developing teacher

Nominated by Ayden Roberts


Mercedes College, Springfield

Rachel’s ability to get the kids engaged and pushed outside their comfort zone whilst having them laugh and have fun is amazing! All her students (and parents) love her.

Nominated by Gemma Davies

Mercedes College teacher Rachel Muncaster. Picture: Brett Hartwig


Pooraka Primary School, Pooraka

Passionate about making a difference both academically and through wellbeing in the students she teaches. She volunteers for so many different aspects of school life. A great mentor to younger teachers.

Nominated by Michelle Parkes


Cowandilla Primary School, Cowandilla

Such a dedicated teacher, always extending herself and her students to their fullest potential. She is a creative talent and directs incredible class performances.

Nominated by Stacey Capuano


Stella Maris Parish School, Seacombe Gardens

Renowned for his unwavering commitment to fostering inclusion for neurodiverse children. His passion shines through in the personalised attention and care he devotes to ensuring every child feels supported.

Nominated by Jaimi-lee Muir



St Aloysius, Kingston

Natasha has an ability to engage and inspire her students, preparing them for their future lives. Her work gives her students opportunities to experience real-life work and education choices. Has a wonderful rapport with her students.

Nominated by Kirsten Bacon

Anika de Kramer, 16, and Natasha Harris of Kingston at the St Aloysius school art exhibition in Mawson Place. Picture: Matthew Farrell


Penguin District School, Ulverstone

I had Miss Beard as my teacher from grades 4-6. She helped me move from being a student who was lost in the system to actually enjoy learning, and that paved my way into the arts, computers, cooking, and inspired me to start my own business.

Nominated by Aaron Allen



Como Primary School, Como

An exceptional teacher whose classroom is enriched with quality learning experiences that are fostered through play and exploration. Tracey is knowledgeable and caring. Her classroom feels like a second home full of love, support and encouragement.

Nominated by Jaimi-Lee Iddon

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