20 professional organizations focused on diversity in tech

20 professional organizations focused on diversity in tech

Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers (SHPE)

The Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers (SHPE) was started in a garage in 1974 by a group of Hispanic engineers who experienced the barriers the Hispanic community face when embarking on career path in tech spaces that lack diversity. Rodrigo Garcia started the organization after realizing that at work, he found himself as “a brown face in a sea of white,” and noticed the stark contrast in diversity to his own Los Angeles neighborhood. The organization has since grown into a nationwide professional association boasting more than 11,000 members and 375 college and university chapters.


Trans*H4ck was launched as a “response to the growing social and economic barriers that plague the trans community,” including an unemployment rate that is twice the national average, an average annual income of less than $10,000 per year, higher rates of homelessness, and discrimination with health care, level services, and housing. Trans*H4ck promises to tackle these social issues by “developing new and useful open-source tech products that benefit the trans and gender nonconforming communities” to promote economic advancement, improved services, more safety, and better support for the trans community.

Wonder Women Tech

The mission of Wonder Women Tech is to “highlight, celebrate, educate and amplify” women, BIPOC and underrepresented groups in high-tech fields. The nonprofit organization offers programs, conferences, workshops, career fairs and a robust online community for networking and mentorship opportunities. Wonder Women Tech aims to highlight women and underrepresented communities who make an impact in STEM and the arts. They also offer a series of inclusive and accessible workshops and camps for deaf, disabled, seniors and underserved youth.

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